Character Critters Program Materials (Bookmarks, Puppets, Masks and Hat patterns) Character Critters Masks and Hats Activity

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Character Critters

Program Materials

(Bookmarks, Puppets, Masks and Hat patterns)

Character Critters Masks and Hats Activity
The Character Critters Masks and Hats Activity can be used as an idea for teachers, childcare providers and 4-H volunteers at Character Critters volunteer trainings. This activity can also be used with children in the classroom, at fairs, festivals, libraries, or at special events at bookstores.
General Information and Instructions:

  • 4 patterns are facemasks for preschoolers (cat, turtle, rabbit, and raccoon); 2 patterns are visor-like hats (crab & frog).

  • All designs need to be printed in different colored cardstock weight paper.

  • Cut out prior to event. For masks pre-cut out eyes.

  • Masks need either an extra long drinking straw or a tongue depressor for each mask. It is recommended if using a tongue depressor, to staple the tongue depressor to the side of the mask for use rather than gluing. Be sure that the staple ends are turned in and will not scratch the child.

  • For the crab and frog visors, cut out two 14-inch strips of paper. Overlap the ends of the two strips of paper and staple twice to form a 25-inch strip (need one long strip per visor).


Animal specific instructions:

Catcut out mask, eyes, and a black paper nose in advance. Kids glue nose on cat, adult/older

4-Her staples tongue depressor on side.

Turtle – cut out mask, eyes, hat in advance. Kids glue hat on turtle, adult/older 4-Her staples

tongue depressor on side.

Rabbit – cut out mask, eyes, ears in advance. Kids glue ears on rabbit, adult/older 4-Her staples tongue depressor on side.
Raccoon – cut out mask, eyes, and black eye pieces in advance. Kids glue black eye pieces on raccoon, adult/older 4-Her staples tongue depressor on side.
Crab – cut out visor and 2 black dots for iris of eyes in advance. Kids glue black irises on crab, adult/older 4-Her staples tongue depressor on side.
Frog – cut out visor and 3/8-inch black dots for iris of eyes, and prepare 25-inch strips in advance. Adult/older 4-Her fits 25-inch strip around kids head and then staples ends to fit.

Instructions for Character Critter Puppets
Basic supplies

* 14" by 12" of fabric for each body. You can use felt, sweat shirt fabric, double knit, or any other suitable fabric that will not unravel (sweat shirt fabric works best). Select colors appropriate for critter.

*matching fabric for facial details

*matching thread

*fabric glue or hot glue

*fabric paint or felt tip markers

*white pipe cleaners for Carrie's whiskers and red pipe cleaners (shaped the ends to look like

small claws) for Cindy's legs

*sew on or glue on eyes (These can be purchased in the doll/craft section of your local discount

or craft store, and they come in several sizes.)

*ribbon for Fran's bow and Roy and Freddy's bow tie

*pom-poms for frog eyes and rabbit nose

How to make puppets

  1. Make a copy of your pattern before you begin. Cut apart facial features from one copy to use as patterns.

  2. Trace around the entire pattern for the body, cutting out two bodies, one for the front and one for the back.

  3. Cut out the facial features using the appropriate colors for the character you are making.

  4. Working on the body front, begin layering the facial features to the body. Glue or sew the

features on.

  1. When all features are attached to the body front, attach the back to the front by placing wrong sides together and stitching around the puppet. You can straight stitch 1/8 of an

inch from the edge, zig-zag, or serge. By stitching wrong sides together, you will not have to turn the puppet inside out. Just be sure you stitch straight.
Use your imagination and be creative. Glue a silk flower to Carry's hand, a crayon to Freddy's hand, or a carrot to Roy's hand. Have fun!

Made available by:

Becky White and Emily Braud

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

The Caring Cat says:

you care

  • Say please and thank you

  • Help others

The Responsible rabbit


to do

  • Keep on trying

  • Always do your best

  • Help friends and family

The Respectful Raccoon


  • Be kind to friends and family

  • Use good manners

  • Not to hit or hurt

  • Talk about problems

The Citizenship Crab


  • Cooperate

  • Obey the rules

  • Respect people in


The Fair Frog says:

  • Know and follow

the rules

  • Share with friends and


  • Do not blame family

and friends

The trustworthy turtle


do not belong to you

  • Do what you say you

will do

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