Chapter 1 The Provincial Health Situation introduction

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9. Aparri Community Hospital







Training of Hospital Staff














10. Sta. Ana Community Hospital







Training of Personnel







Milk Code Implementation














11. Nuestra Seňora De Piat District Hospital







12. Abulug Community Hospital







Training of Hospital Staff














13. Tuao District Hospital







Training of Hospital Staff














14. Lasam District Hospital







Training of Hospital Staff





















LGU Scorecard Implementation







IEC / Advocacy







• Production & distribution of LGU Scorecards Standard Sets of Performance Indicators







• Brgy. Meetings/Consultation







Capability Building







• Orientation/Training of Public & Hospital Health Personnel on LGU Scorecards







• Orientation of BHW Officers







• Orientation of LCE/ Vice Mayor/SB or any representative







Program Management







• Provision of reporting forms & supplies for 30 RHU's







• Networking/Collaboration with NGA'a/NGO's







• Conduct Monitoring & Supervision







Conduct Semi-annual PIR







• Maintenance & updating data of LGU scorecard














Local Health Information System Development







Capability Building







FHSIS Refresher Course for health workers







Training on FHSIS for new Health personnel







Orientation of health workers on CBMIS







Computerization Training on International Classification of Diseases







Program Management







Reproduction and provision of forms







Procurement of TCL







Purchase of ICD Book







Purchase of Copier







Purchase of computer with complete accessories







Installation of internet connection







Conduct of Service Delivery Implementation Review







Monitoring and Evaluation







Procurement of LCD and Laptop







Conduct of Planning Workshop














Internal Management







Public Finance Management







• Review/Updating of Present Rates, Fees, etc. • Enhancement of the revenue generating capacity of health facilities.







• Conduct Annual Review














Procurement Management







• Advocate to LCE's the early processing of PR's for the BAC to act on time and for faster procurement







• Conduct training or workshop course in procurement







• Activation of Drugs & Therapeutics Committee for a rational logistic mgt / regular meeting quarterly







• Conduct annual Review using harmonized- LGU score card tool














Logistics Management







Internal Audit







• Development of Software -Inventory System







• Operationalization of Supply Inventory System







• Conduct annual Review







• Conduct of a regular review of financial operation














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