Chapter 1 The Provincial Health Situation introduction

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III. Program Management







Purchase of computer and LCD







Networking Meetings







Monitoring and supervision







Conduct semi-annual Program Implementation Review







IV. Case Management







Nutrition (BNC)














e. Newborn Care/Screening














Translation, production and distribution of IEC materials







IEC during brgy assemblies







Tri media campaign







Installation of signage’s billboards etc.







II. Capability Building







Orientation & training of HW on NBs







Training on Specimen collection







III. Program Management







Networking/collaboration w/ NGAs/NGOs/GOs (local midwife ass)







Strict implementation of NBS/care







Provision of logistics







Conduct monthly monitoring & supervision







PIR using harmonized SDIR tool














4. Maternal Care/Safe Motherhood

a. Safe Motherhood







I. IEC/Advocacy







Translation, production of IEC materials







IEC during barangay assemblies







Trimedia campaign







Installation of signage’s, billboards, etc.







II. Capability Building







Training of HWs on maternal care/safe motherhood







Training on Life saving skills for RHMs







Training on BEMOC & CEMONC







Orientation on MDR reporting system







Pregnancy Tracking /Establishment of pregnancy watch board/birthing Plan







Training on Women’s Health Team














Networking/Collaboration W/ NGAs/NGOs/GOs/ (i.e. DSWD)







Organization of WAT







Provision of Logistics







purchase of HBMR form







Purchase of weighing scale







Purchase of BP Apparatus







Purchase of Laptops/LCD projector







Conduct of Supervise/monitoring/evaluation







PIR using harmonized SDIR-LGU scorecard in all municipalities







b.Cotraceptive self reliance







I. IEC/Advocacy







1. IEC Reproduction/Distribution







2. Barangay Assemblies (Forum w/ brgy. Officials)







3. Tri-media







4. Installation of Signage to 12 strategic places







II. Capability Building







1. Training on NFP for MHO, PHN, RHM







2. Training on Basic-Compre on FP for RHM, PHN & MHO. 5 days didactic, 10 days practicum, (6 batches) live-in







3. Competency based training (CBT) for MHO, PHN, RHM, 5 facilitator, support staff, live-in (10batches)







4. Orientation/Training on ICV for MHO, PHN, RHM (10 batches) live-in







5. Training on Pre-marriage counseling







6. Training on Inter-personal Communication skills, live-in







7. Training on Hosp-based MDs on BTL & Non-scalpel vasectomy







8. Training on CBMIS







9. Reorientation/workshop on CSR for MHO, PHN, PHO, live-in







III. Program Management







1. Networking/Collaboration w/ NGAs/NGOs (religious gp & other agencies) meeting with meals & snacks monthly for 5yrs







2. Provision of FP contraceptives







3. IUD kits - 205 PHN, RHM







4. Non-scalpel vasectomy set for trained MDs







5. BTL sets & drugs







6. Gloves - 235RHM x 1box







7. Pap Smear Kits for 30 RHU







8. Establishment of POPSHOP







9. Conduct monthly monitoring/supervision (30 MHO,50 PHN,5 PHO)







10. Conduct semi-annual FP-PIR 40pax (MHO, PHN, PHO-CHD prog. Managers for 2 days x 5yrs






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