Chants du Voyageur,Op. Humoresques de concert,Op. 14. Miscellanea,O

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Chants du Voyageur,Op. 8. Humoresques de concert,Op. 14. Miscellanea,Op. 16.
Jonathan Plowright pf

Master Musicians CD     ESCD004 (66 minutes : DDD)

 Reviewed: Gramophone 2/1999, Tim Parry


Jonathan Plowright has a remarkable sympathy for the nostalgic charm of Paderewski’s music; these performances are fresh and imaginative, emotionally involved yet never overindulgent. Plowright’s musical judgement is exemplary, with exquisite shaping of phrases and range of colour. From the fleetness of the Caprice from Op. 14 to the lingering tenderness of the Nocturne from Op. 16 (one of Paderewski’s most achingly beautiful creations), the playing is superb. The recorded sound slightly lacks focus; nevertheless, do track this one down.'

Tim Parry 


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