Changing your Lotus Notes Full Client and Web password

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Changing your Lotus Notes Full Client and Web password

The problem with lotus notes is that each individual user has actually two passwords associated with them.

  1. The Full Client password (i.e. Located on your machine)

  2. The web mail password (i.e. Located through the internet)

These passwords are not synchronized so if you change one you have to change the other if you want them to be the same. With that being said here are the steps to go about changing you passwords.

To change your Lotus Notes Full Client password

  1. Choose File - Security - User Security.

2. Enter you current Lotus Notes Password.

3. Click Security Basics, and then click "Change Password" under "Your Login and Password Settings."

4. In the "Change Password" dialog box, enter a new password in the "Enter new password" field, and then enter it again in the "Re-enter new password" field.

Note Your new password must differ from a certain number of passwords you have used in the past before you can reuse an old password. The number is set by your administrator and is indicated in the "Change Password" dialog box. For example, if you had set your password to "Hello" at one time, and the dialog box states that your new password must differ from your last 4 passwords, you would have to use 4 new passwords before you could reuse "Hello" again.

5. Click OK and you are done.

To change your Lotus Notes Web mail password

1. Click on the database icon in your bookmark bar.

2. Next click on Workspace.

3. Double click on the University of Nebraska’s address book.

4. Just start typing your name and a search bar will come up. Once you have typed your name click OK and it should find you in the University database.

5. Double click on your name and it will open up all of your information. Under the Basics tab there is a line that says Internet password. Double click on the Internet password line and delete the encrypted text including the parenthesis. Do not however delete the open and close braces outside of the parenthesis. Enter your new password between the braces.

6. Click on the Save & Close button and you are done!

If you have any questions contact: Jim Hines 2-6708

Gregg Hutcheson 2-5436

Mathew VanDerPol 2-8289

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