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Cessna 172SP Checkout Quiz

What is the maximum takeoff weight for the C172? _______________

What is the horsepower rating? _______________
What is the total usable amount of fuel for the C172? Total unusable? ______________


How many fuel sumps are under each wing? Under the nose? _____________________
What is the minimum amount of oil the plane must contain prior to takeoff? What is the maximum? _____________________________________________________________
What are the V speeds for the C172?

Vne __________

Vso __________

Vs ___________

Vfe __________

Vno __________

Va (range) ____________

Best glide ____________

Vx ___________

Vy ___________

What is the proper sequence of procedures that should follow an engine failure in cruise flight?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What is the proper sequence of procedures that should follow an electrical fire in flight? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What should you do if you are in flight and see that the ammeter is showing an excessive charge? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
How do you recover from a spin?


What is the maximum demonstrated crosswind velocity? _________________
During the magneto check, the RPM drop should not exceed _____RPM on either magneto or show greater than _____RPM differential between magnetos.
Calculate a sample weight and balance.

Basic empty weight: 1650 lbs.

Airplane moment: 60,700 lbs/in.

Fuel: 42 gallons

Pilot and front passenger: 350 lbs.

Rear passenger: 120 lbs.

Baggage area #1: 20 lbs.
What is the center of gravity? ____________
What is the airplane weight? ____________
Is the airplane within weight and balance limits? _______________
Calculate the distances for short field takeoff & landing using maximum gross weight, 4000 feet pressure altitude, and 95 degrees.

Takeoff _____________

Landing _____________
Be familiar with the maneuvers that will be asked of you on the checkout including stalls & recoveries, slow flight, steep turns, emergency procedures, takeoffs & landings, and go-arounds.

Pilot _______________________ Date ________________

Instructor ___________________ Date ________________

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