Celosia Intenz Why we love this new plant

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Celosia Intenz

Why we love this new plant: Color Color Color – we are passionate about the color of this flower! Fuzzy flower spike is unique in the garden!

Where to plant and key care tips: In Patio pots as a ‘Filler’ or in ground beds. Easy grower. You will get more vivid colors if in full sun but it will do ‘ok’ in part sun. Normal care in terms of watering and feed.
Sun to part sun

Height to 15-18” – spread to 12”

Feed: regular plant food as per instructions

Water: keep soil moist

For Facebook/Website/Newsletters: We are suckers for great color – and Celosia Intenz has color to spare – flower color and foliage colors. Flower color shifts depending on the light – a hot pink with purple/ tones and the bright green leaves have large purple centers as they develop.
What is cool about Celosia Intenz is its versatility. We like it on a patio table in a small pot, we like it in a large patio pot as a ‘Filler’ plant (although it is almost tall enough to be a ‘Thriller’) and it looks gets fine as a part of a mixed basket or in landscape bed in a cluster. It is the flower color and flower form that makes Intenz so unusual – so put the plant up close where you can see it.
Not often we recommend a bedding plant annual to be used as ‘potted plant’ but Intenz is great looking in a small pot – so enjoy indoors for a few days before you plant outdoors or plant it in a decorative pot and display Intenz on your patio table.
Not a big grower – gets about 15-18” tall and a spread of around a foot. If you use as a landscape plant put Intenz together in cluster of 3-5 plants to get enough bang. Foliage has some purple blotches on bright green leaves for an attractive plant in every way.

Video for more info: Product video: http://youtu.be/8fwGGXphNKw

Program Details: Celosia Intenz are sold in 4.3” pots/10 pk Plants that Work and 17 cm / 6 pk Plants that Work. Mannequin available for pre-order.
Display Ideas:

  • Endcap noting Celosia Intenz in both pots sizes 4.3” and 17cm. Part of Plants that Work program.

  • Play with great flower color! Love the FUZZY flower spike! Talk about PASSION for color!

  • Cross merchandising with empty patio pots or display in decorative containers on patio tables

POP and Bench Card info: POP

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