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Euonymus europaeus L.

Spindle N; n

A frequent deciduous shrub or small tree which occurs in hedgerows and woodland, particularly in the north of the county, usually preferring basic soils. It was considered to be rare by Abbot (1798) but by the latter part of the 18th century Saunders (1883a) commented that it was “Abundant in hedges, especially by old bridle-paths, and in thickets; often planted in these.”. Its present day distribution is clearly shaped by these earlier introductions. The map indicates an increase in distribution of some 15% since the first survey. It is likely that many more records than shown on the map are, in fact, of planted specimens as this taxon is still frequently used in new hedging.
183(7): 157 Abbot, C. 1795
1st records: Ampthill, Hazlewood Lane, TL0339, TL03J: Cople, TL14E, CA, 1795, Plantae Bedfordiensis.

Parnassia palustris L.

Grass-of-Parnassus N; n

An extinct perennial herb which occurred in base-rich marshes. It had virtually disappeared from the county by the beginning of the 20th century, most likely on account of drainage, when Hamson (1906) stated it to be “…now limited to marshes in the extreme south,”. However, it did survive on the chalk escarpment near Streatley until 1925,

presumably in the wet flush of a spring. Sadly it

Parnassia palustris Grass-of-Parnassus from Gravenhurst Bogs 1844 (Painting: Caroline Gaye)

was human stupidity which caused it to become extinct in the county. Dony (1953a) states “…all the plants … were uprooted by a misguided ‘naturalist’ in the hope that he would be the last person to see it growing there.”.
0: 0 Parkinson, J. 1640
1st record: Barton Hills, bottom of, TL02Z, JP, 1640, Parkinson (1640) (as Gramen Parnassi vulgare) + Raven (1947) + Dony (1953a).

SP92: Leighton, near, SP92C, v.c. 24 [Beds], JS, c.1880, Druce (1926b): Totternhoe Mead, SP92V, JS, 1887, Saunders (1887b); JS, 1889, Anon. (1892b) + Dony (1953a).

SP95: Turvey, meadows near, SP95L, CA, 1795, Plantae Bedfordiensis + Dony (1953a); CA, 1798, Abbot (1798) + Druce (1904a) + Hamson (1906) + Saunders (1911):

Stevington, SP95W, CA, 1798, Abbot (1798) + Druce (1904a) + Hamson (1906) + Saunders (1911) + Dony (1953a).

TL02: Leagrave Marsh, TL02S, anon., c.1850, Davis (1855) + Davis (1874); JS, 1878, LTN + Dony (1953a); JS, 1880, Lees (ed.) (1882b) + Dony (1953a); anon. c.1880, Ransom (1882); JS, 1883, Saunders (1884a) + Saunders (1885a); JS, c.1900, Saunders (1911); JGD, 1919, Dony (1953a): Limbury Marsh, TL02S, JS, 1880, Lees (ed.) (1882b) + Dony (1953a); JS, 1883, Saunders (1884a) + Saunders (1885a); JS, c.1900, Saunders (1911); anon. c.1880, Ransom (1882): Streatley Hills, TL02U, JS, 1878, LTN; JS, c.1880, LTN; JS, 1883, Saunders (1884a); CC, 1898, Crouch (1898) + Dony & Dony (1986); ASa, c.1900; chalk escarpment, JGD, 1917, Dony (1953a); JGD & MEB, 1917-1925, Dony

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