Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association

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Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association

“Second Life”

33rd Edition – July 2006

CDUPA Mission Statement

Provide a forum for the exchange of technical information,
education, knowledge and professionalism by promoting new ideas to the benefit

of all Caterpillar Used Parts Dealers.

The 11th annual meeting in Birmingham was a huge success! Attendance was outstanding, with 70 members representing 39 dealers! Fifteen members were from outside the US, with ten from Canada, two out of Australia, two from Chile, and one member from Indonesia. We would like to extend a big Thank You to the sponsors; Caterpillar, Allied Information Systems, Rock and Dirt, Netcom, Diesel Cast West/Diesel Cast Weld, Machinery Trader, Netcom Services LLC, Positech, and Premier Casting & Machine. We also would like to show our appreciation to Thompson Tractor Company for hosting the 2006 meeting; the lodging, food and entertainment were top-notch!

Tuesday June 13thThe current board met, discussing membership, attendance, sponsorship and the CDUPA website.
The evening reception was a hit in the warm Alabama weather, and was made especially memorable with a bagpipe serenade.
Wednesday June 14th – After a fine breakfast, the meeting began with opening remarks from Mark Walker, President.
Michael D. Thompson, President of Thompson Tractor Company gave a hearty and entertaining welcome, including facts about the industry and market in Alabama.
Kathy Williams, Secretary/Treasurer, provided a brief report regarding the CDUPA financial statements.
Mike Sisco of Yancey Bros., the 2007 meeting host, presented a PowerPoint showing Savannah and attractions.
After a brief break, Dave Cressy and Sally Sumner each gave a demonstration in regards to the CAT Bargain list.
Brian Butler updated the CDUPA association on CAT Classic and what is has to offer the customer and this expanding market.

Committee updates followed lunch:

  • The committee dealing with the CAT Used website has not had a great deal of information from Caterpillar. The CAT Used administrators indicate that work will commence upon completion of DBSi.

  • The Membership Committee discussed increasing membership from overseas dealers as well as North American dealers.

  • The Website Committee has determined CDUPA will be better served if a dealer within the association hosts the site. Halton Co. will host the site for the first year, to be reviewed in June of 2007.

Mark Walker held nominations for the officer position; President: Mark Walker was reelected. Joel Hillhouse will retain the Vice Presidency, and Kathy Williams continues as Secretary/Treasurer.

The group held nominations for board; Damien Mead, Devon Smith, Darren Mackie, Kent Tedder, Pat Gallagher and Mike Sisco were elected. The continuing board members are Bill Kolb, Mike Barnett and Vic Windham.
Mark Schropp, the Technical Communicator for Thompson Tractor Company, held an open discussion regarding reusability guidelines.
Bill Kolb of Altorfer remarked on reusability guidelines and emphasized that all dealers should be following the same procedures.
The meeting adjourned with an open discussion on topics such as improving communication via more frequent regional meetings, the necessity of input from dealers for news and updates on the newsletter and website, the pros and cons of supplying aftermarket parts vs. used CAT and a brief touch on surplus availability.
A terrific dinner at Thompson Tractor Used Parts was followed by entertainment from a talented local band.
Thursday June 15th
After another great breakfast, the general session reconvened with overseas dealer presentations. Eko Poedjiono of PT Trakindo, Indonesia gave a PowerPoint presentation displaying dealer history and their hold in the heavy equipment industry. Damien Mead of Westrac, Australia gave the group insight of Used Parts business in his home country.
Sponsors presentations:

Carlena Couey with Allied Information Networks gave a presentation on their inventory system and how it works.

Travis Clark with Rock and Dirt gave a PowerPoint presentation on their advertising and online network.

The meeting was adjourned and the new board held its first meeting. The following committees were formed and next years meeting was discussed.

1: membership committee

2: CDPA webpage committee

3: Agenda committee
The afternoon events of Golf and Barber Motor Sports Park and Museum tour were a huge success!
Please inform any board member your ideas to make this association grow. The board would like for all members to give information and updates for the newsletter and web page to Halton Co.
This is your association; please participate!

From Kramer: “To better serve our customers, Regina’s Experienced Parts facility is expanding. One bay and more warehouse space are being added. Construction will begin in mid to late July, said Tim Kramer, President of Kramer Ltd.
Darren Mackie, Manager of Experienced Parts said, “The warehouse space will increase from 3200 square feet to 10500 square feet. Shop space will increase from 1100 square feet to 4500 square feet, four times the shop space. This new space will accommodate most machines, including a 24H Motor Grader and 785 trucks.
The warehouse will be fitted with a Caterpillar “narrow isle” forklift. The warehouse will gain more than 2500 square feet of bin area using this particular forklift.

Notes from the President:

I would like to thank the folks at Thompson Tractor Company for a job well done in hosting the 2006 meeting. I am also looking forward to the 2007 meeting in Savannah, Georgia, hosted by Yancey Brothers. I anticipate another well-planned meeting. They keep getting bigger and bigger every year. This would not be possible without everyone’s involvement.

The newsletter is our trade paper, I keep preaching on it: if you have any items of interest please let one of the board members know or e-mail it directly to Halton Co. It is hard to believe that we don’t have any changes out there in the wide world of Used Parts.

I would like to take a moment and wish all the folks at Mustang Used Parts the best. It has been a pleasure working with them through the last 15 years. They are closing their warehouse operations but will continue to broker parts for their customers. I hope Sam Partain and all his people do well, as I am sure they will, as they pursue other avenues of opportunity with Mustang Cat. I look forward to working with all of you for another year and I hope to see you in 2007.
Mark R. Walker

CDUPA President

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