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Catalogue January 2011

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Our mature lilies are grown in 9” round baskets, packed in a heavy gauge polythene bag and come complete with label and carry handle. We have a number of lilies not listed - please ask for availability. Loose lilies are also available, prices on request.







































Achillea Ptarmica Sneezwort

Dark green foliage with masses of white flowers

Acorus Calamus Sweet scented rush

Iris like foliage with a small green horn shaped bloom

Acorus Calamus Variegata Scented striped rush

Vividly striped green and white foliage

Acorus Gramineus Ohgon Striped dwarf rush

Green and golden yellow vertically striped foliage

Acorus Gramineus Variegatus Variegated dwarf rush

Green and pale cream vertically striped foliage

Alisima Parviflorum American water plantain

Strong oval leaves with tall white flowers

Alisima Plantago Water plantain

Robust plant with large stalked leaves. Clusters of delicate pink white flowers above

Bletilla Striata Japanese water orchid

A showy plant with striking lilac-pink blooms

Butomus Umbellatus Flowering rush

Triangular sword shaped leaves with pink flowers

Calla Palustris Bog arumite arum like flowers followed by bright red seed heads
Callitriche Verna Starwort

Oxygenating plant with masses of small bright green star shaped leaves

Caltha Palustris Marsh marigold (Kingcup)

Round serrated foliage with golden yellow flowers

Caltha Palustris Alba White himalayan marigold

Round serrated foliage with white flowers

Caltha Palustris Flore Plena Double marsh marigold

Round serrated foliage with double yellow flowers

Caltha Polypetala Giant marsh marigold

Large round serrated dark green foliage with single yellow flowers

Carex Muskingumensis Umbrella flat sedge

Tall slender clumps of bright green foliage

Carex Pendula Pendulous sedge

Coarse grassy foliage with tall weeping flower spikelets

Carex Pseudocyperus Cyperus sedge

Bright green grassy leaves with drooping flower spikelets

Carex Riparia Greater pond sedge

Strong, erect slender foliage with dark fluffy spikelets

Cotula Coronopifolia Golden buttons

Fern like green foliage covered with small yellow flowers

Cyperus Alternifolius Umbrella palm

Pale green foliage fanned out like an umbrella

Cyperus Longus Sweet galingale

Strong tall foliage with brown flowered spike lets

Cyperus Papyrus Egyptian paper grass

Tall stem with greenish brown mop head flowers

Darmera Peltata

Large round leaves with clusters of pink/white flowers

Eleocharis Acicularis Hair grass

Oxygenating plant with grass like foliage

Equisetum Hyemale

Thick bamboo type stems with black rings

Equisetum Scirpoides Bushy horsetail Clumps of small dark green leaves with black rings
Eriphorum Angustifolium Cotton grass

Grass like foliage topped with white cotton tufts

Euphorbia Palustris Bog spurge

Lush green foliage with large flat yellow flower heads

Filipendula Ulmaria Queen of the meadows

Serrated green foliage with creamy white blossoms

Geum Rivali Water avens

Strawberry like leaves with purple-pink flowers

Glyceria Maxima Reed sweet grass

Stout reed like leaves with flowering blooms

Glyceria Maxima Variegata Striped reed sweet grass

Vertically striped green and cream foliage

Gratiola Officinalis Alba Summer snowflake

Bright green foliage with dainty white flowers

Gunnera Manicata

Available on request
Hipperus Vulgaris Mares tail

Oxygenating plant. Cylindrical stems with thin feathery leaves

Hottonia Palustris Water Voilet

Oxygenating plant. Soft feathery leaves with pale mauve flower above the water

Houttuynia Cordata Plena Orange peel plant

Heart shaped scented blue-green leaves with small double white flower

Houttuynia Cordata Variegata Chameleon plant

Heart shaped leaves are green splashed with yellow pink and red. Small single white flowers

Hydrocotyle Vulgaris Marsh pennywort

Creeping bog plant with small flowers

Hypericum Elodes Marsh St Johns wort

Creeping plant with delicate yellow flowers

Iris Kaempfrei (Ensata) Japanese clematis flowered iris

Thin foliage with large flat assorted blooms

Iris Laevigata Japanese water iris

Strong iris foliage with deep blue/purple flowers

Iris Laevigata Snowdrift White Japanese water iris

Six petalled variety in white occasionally spotted with purple

Iris Laevigata Variegata Variegated water iris

Green and white variegated foliage with blue flowers

Iris Pseudacorus Yellow water iris

Tall broad iris leaves with rich yellow flowers

Iris Pseudacorus Variegata Variegated yellow iris

Creamy yellow and green striped foliage with yellow flowers

Iris Setosa Miniature blue iris

A smaller iris with lilac / lavender / purple flowers

Iris Sibirica Bog iris

Thin iris foliage with mainly blue flowers

Iris Versicolor American water iris

Board iris foliage. Flowers are rich mauve with white throat

Juncus Effusus Common rush

Dark green stems with brown flowers

Juncus Effusus Sprialis Corkscrew rush

Stems which corkscrew and intertwine with each other

Juncus Ensifolius Green rush

Clumps of light green foliage topped with brown flower balls

Juncus Inflexus Hard rush

Clumps of slender green stems with brown flowers

Jussieua Grandiflora Primrose willow

Green pointed leaves with striking yellow flowers

Lobelia Cardinalis Red lobelia

Purple red foliage with scarlet flowers

Lobelia Sessilifolia Purple lobelia

Dark green foliage with purple blooms

Lobelia Syphilitica Blue cardinal flower

Light green leafy foliage with bright blue flowers

Lobelia Syphilitica Alba White lobelia Light green leafy foliage with white flowers
Louisana Iris American hybrid water iris

Slender iris foliage with long petalled delicate flowers

Lychnis Flos Cuculi Ragged robin

Short slender leaves with clusters of small pink flowers on long stems

Lychnis Flos Cuculi Alba White ragged robin

Short slender leaves with clusters of small white flowers on long stems

Lysichiton Americanus

Large oval foliage with large yellow arum shaped flowers

Lysichiton Camtschatcense

Large oval foliage with large white arum shaped flowers

Lysimachia Nummularia Aurea Golden creeping jenny

Creeping golden foliage with bright yellow flowers

Lysimachia Nummularia Creeping jenny

Creeping green foliage with bright yellow flowers

Lysimachia Punctata

Strong, light green foliage with bright yellow cup shaped flowers up the stem

Lysimachia Punctata Variegata

Green leaves edged with white. Mass of yellow flowers born up the stem

Lysimachia Thrysiflora Tufted loosestrife

Pale green leaves with dense heads of golden flowers

Lythrum Salicaria Purple loosestrife

Strong growing plant with reddish purple blooms

Mazus Reptans Blue mazus

Creeping plant with pretty blue flowers

Mazus Reptans Alba White mazus

Creeping plant with pretty white flowers

Mentha Aquatica Water mint

Creeping plant with aromatic leaves and lilac flowers

Mentha Pulegium Penny royal

A dwarf member of mint family with masses of mauve-pink flowers

Menyanthes Trifoliata Bog bean

Olive green foliage with delicate white flowers

Mimulus Bonfire

Rich green foliage with brilliant red flowers

Mimulus Cardinalis

Tall bushy variety with striking scarlet flowers

Mimulus Guttatus Yellow musk

Fleshy serrated foliage with bright yellow flowers

Mimulus Luteus

Tall plant with yellow flowers spotted red at the throat

Mimulus Queens Prize

Rich green foliage produces masses of yellow flowers with scarlet speckles

Mimulus Ringens Lavender Musk

Long narrow serrated leaves with voilet-blue flowers

Myosotis Palustris Water forget-me-not

Bright green leaves with masses of tiny blue flowers

Myosotis Palustris Alba White water forget-me-not

Bright green leaves with delicate white flowers

Myosotis Variegata Maytime Variegated water forget-me-not

Variegated leaves with delicate blue flowers
Myriophyllum Proserpinacoides Parrots feather

Oxygenating plant bearing feathery green leaves

Nasturtium Aquaticum Watercress

Creeping plant with clusters of round leaves

Oenanthe Flamingo Variegated water dropwort

Pale green with white and pink margins to leaves

Orontium Aquaticum Golden club

Velvety blue-green with silver underneath. Yellow flowers on white stems

Phalaris Arundinacea Picta Gardeners garter

Spreading grass with broad, white striped leaves

Phragnites Australis

Strong growing grass with broad glossy leaves. Purple, violet plumes

Pilularia Globulifera Pepper grass

Oxygenating plant with short, bristle-shaped leaves

Pontederia Cordata Pickerel plant

Rich green heart shaped leaves with poker heads of small blue flowers

Potentilla Palustris Purple marshlocks

Strawberry like leaves with large clingy purple flowers

Preslia Cervina Water spearmint

Creeping plant with small green leaves on erect stems. Lilac flowers

Preslia Cervina Alba White water spearmint

Creeping plant with small green leaves on erect stems. White flowers

Primula Bulleyana Candelabra Primula

Oval shaped leaves producing deep yellow flowers

Primula Rosea

Attractive display of rose-pink flower heads above new leaves

Primula Vialli

Crimson-mauve poker type flower heads

Ranunculus Flammula Dwarf spearwort

Short slender leaves with yellow flowers

Ranunculus Lingua Great spearwort

Large pointed oval leaves with yellow buttercup type flowers

Rumex Sanguinea Red veined dock

Green leaves with striking red veins. Large red flower spike

Sagittaria Sagittifolia Arrowhead

Broad arrow shaped leaves. White flowers with black centre

Saurus Cernus Lizards tail

Green heart shaped leaves with drooping fragrant white flowers

Schizostylis Coccinea Kaffir lily

Blade shaped leaves with sprays of red flowers in Autumn

Schizostylis Mrs Hegarty (Pink) Pink kaffir lily

Blade shaped leaves with sprays of pink flowers in Autumn

Scizostylus Alba White kaffir lily

Blade shaped leaves with sprays of white flowers in Autumn

Scirpus Albascens

Green and white vertically striped stems. Brown burr flowers

Scirpus Angustifolius

Grass type foliage. Fluffy heads of white flowers on tall stems

Scirpus Cernus Slender club rush

Oxygenating plant. Clumps of bright green slender leaves with white/brown flower heads

Scirpus Lacustris True bulrush

Cylindrical dark green stems with brown burr flowers

Scirpus Zebrinus Zebra rush

Tall, thin stems, green and white striped horizontally

Sisyrinchium Alba White satin flower

Clumps of thin iris type leaves tipped with small white flowers

Sisyrinchium Angustifolia Blue satin flower

Clumps of thin iris type leaves tipped with small blue flowers

Sisyrinchium Bellum

Clumps of thin iris type leaves tipped with small pale blue flowers

Sisyrinchium Californicum Satin flower

Clumps of thin iris type leaves tipped with small yellow flowers

Sparganum Erectum Branched bur-reed

Thick clumps of sword shaped leaves. Spikey, round seed heads in Autumn

Stachys Palustris Marsh woundwort

Pointed leaves on tall stems bearing pink-red blooms

Tulbaghia Violacea

Narrow leaves with umbels of lilac flowers

Typha Angustifolia Small reed mace

Long narrow leaves with brown poker type flower

Typha Latifolia Great reed mace

Long broad leaves with large brown poker flower

Typha Minima Miniature reed mace

Fine erect leaves with small brown poker flower

Valeriana Officianalis Common Valerian

Clusters of white/pink flowers borne on tall stems above leaves

Veronica Beccabunga Brooklime

Small round leaves on creeping stem with small blue flowers

Zantadeschia Aethiopica Arum lily

Glossy arrow shaped leaves with large white spathe flowers

Contour Baskets

Mixed marginal plant selection

Oxygenating and Floating Plants & Snails
Elodea Crispa (100 in a bag)

Egeria Densa (5 in a bunch)


Curly Pond Weed

Myriophyllum - Parrots Feather

Water Lettuce - Pista Stratiotes

Water Hyacinth - Eichornia Crasspipes

Salvinia (in small square pots)

Frog bit (in small square pots)


1.5 Litre pot

Aponogeton Distachyos - 1 Litre

Ramshorns - loose

Ramshorns - 5 in small square pot

We can also supply plant tables, bags and bag stands.

Please enquire for details.

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