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Castlemaine North Primary School recognises the research showing students are more motivated and engaged in learning when they have their own computer. Computer use has also been linked to better organisational skills, improved literacy and numeracy, better collaboration and analytical thinking.

To promote learning in and out of school by encouraging:

  1. Anywhere, anytime access to learning (in line with current pedagogy to ensure that all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools that make this possible)

  2. Independent, self-initiated learning

  3. More family involvement in education e.g. through blogs

  4. Collaboration between students in different schools, states and countries.


  1. The netbook is leased by the school, and parents/carers are to make the overall contribution in exchange for school and home access.

  2. To ensure quality of service to all students, privately owned netbooks will not be connected to the school network unless there is special authorisation to do so.

  3. As netbooks are the property of the school they are not to be altered or personalised in any way that is irreversible.

  4. Software installed by the school is subject to licence conditions and must not be distributed or deleted without written permission from the school. Students may only install licensed materials to their netbooks i.e. copyright games, music.

  5. The school will not provide or specifically recommend any additional peripherals. However, parents/carers or students may purchase these outside of the program. Program support and warranty will not apply to peripherals. Peripherals may include: USB backup devices, additional batteries and external DVD drives.


  1. Prior to netbooks being issued to students each netbook must be imaged with the permitted school image for each year level and registered in the school database with a unique identifier against the student’s ID. Parents/carers must attend an information event and agree in writing to the terms and conditions of the program. Students must participate in an induction program to ensure that they are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.

  2. A parent/carer induction program will be offered before the netbooks are sent home. Attendance by parent/s and child will be mandatory if a child is to participate in this program.

Induction programs will cover: educational benefits of the 1-to-1 program, care and maintenance of the netbook, roles and responsibilities, restrictions, policies and procedures for participating in the school’s 1-to-1 program and also the area of liabilities. Financial commitments and payment plans will be discussed at this induction.

  1. Students and parents/carers will be provided with information about the care of netbooks (see Grade 5/6 Student Acceptable Use of 1-to-1 Netbooks Agreement - Part D ‘Guidelines for Students on Care of Netbooks’).

  2. If a netbook is lost, parents/carers will be required to contact the netbook coordinator within the school and complete the appropriate form. If a netbook is stolen, parents/carers will also be required to obtain a police report. The netbook coordinator will lodge appropriate insurance documentation and notify the parents/carers of progress. The lease agreement includes insurance for loss and non-warranty repair. In these cases an excess of $50 (plus GST) will apply, payable by parents/carers for the lease period.

  3. Use of netbooks by students is governed by the Grade 5/6 Student Acceptable Use of 1-to-1 Netbooks Agreement that students and parents/carers agree to. Parents/carers are to familiarise themselves with this document to support their child’s adherence to the policy outside of the school environment.
    Students must abide by the agreement whenever the school equipment or services are involved. This includes the netbook regardless of location. The agreement contains specific responsibilities to ensure student safety:

  1. Students must keep themselves and friends safe by not giving out personal details, including full names, telephone numbers, addresses, images and passwords

  2. Students should be respectful in how they talk to and work with others online, and never participate in online bullying.

  3. Using the technology at school for learning, using the equipment properly and not interfering with the work or data of another student.

Any inappropriate use of the internet is unacceptable and is subject to

disciplinary action and exclusion from the school networks and resources.

  1. Students must use a username and password to access their netbook, to protect information in incidents of loss or theft.

  2. Viruses have the potential to severely damage and disrupt operations within the school and DET’s computer networks. As students have the right to connect to the internet from home, they should take all steps to protect the school and DET’s computer network from virus attacks (see Part D of the agreement: ‘Guidelines for Students on Care of Netbooks’).

  3. Software, including music, movies and games will be allowed for academic and recreational reasons, provided copyright obligations are met. Downloading music, games and videos from the internet during school hours is prohibited except when directed by a staff member. Students are permitted to listen to digital music and/or participate in games on their netbook while at school when given express permission by a teacher for an educational purpose.

  4. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that there is enough hard drive space and memory available to engage in all educational requirements.

  5. All netbooks are to be fully charged at the commencement of every day.

  6. Students will be responsible for their own backup of critical data at all times. This may be through a USB, external drive, or internet-based backup to regularly backup important work.

Please read this policy in conjunction with the following documents: Learning Technologies Policy, Prep-Grade 4 Student Acceptable Use of Computers Agreement, Grade 5/6 Student Acceptable Use of 1-to-1 Netbooks Agreement, Permission to Make/Use Photographs and Film or Video Footage of Students and also Student Code of Conduct.


This policy is to be reviewed triennially as part of the school’s policy review cycle.

This policy was ratified by School Council 2015
(Acting Principal) (President of School Council)
Date: 2015
Review Cycle Date: 2018

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