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Open Palm 5

Cash Magnet 6

Increase Money 7

Bounty Granting 8

Great Success 9

Wonderment of Joy 10

Power of Cash 11

Gambler’s Luck 12

Financial Power 13

Money Return 14

Raise of Money 15

Greater Refund 16

Love 17

Intimacy for Lovers 18

Send Back 19

Fidelity 20

Sexual Satisfaction 21

Love’s Thread 22

Sex Lived 24

Blessed Heart 25

Reconcile 26

Prowl 27

Obsession 28

Necromancer’s Vision 31

Seeing Eye 32

Astral Door 33

Astral Mirror 34

Control of Powers 35

Curtain of Power 36

Gold Casting 37

Truth be Told 38

Invocation 39

Find Lost Objects 40

Absorb the Magic of a Vessel 42

Conjure Creature 43

Conjure Immortal 44

Sleep in Absence of Dream 45

Bind Two Spirits 46

Power of the North Star 47

Mystic Granting 48

Cast of Enemy 49

Alteration of Magic 50

Mark 51

Create Triad 52

Day Awakening 55

See Future 56

Once Lived 57

Pandora’s Warning 58

Visions in Manifestation 59

Psychic Showing 60

Power of Charm 64

Forget Something 65

Aura Boost 66

Communion with Spirits 69

Communion with Presence 70

Grim Reaper 71

Trap 72

United 73

Daily Blessing 74

Fires of Igmartum 75

Waters of the Eden 76

Diminish Burden 77

Achilles’ Heel 78

Earth Grounding 79

Pact-Making 80

Inner Peace 81

Glory 82

Relief 83

Reveal Beauty 84

Aura Cleanse 85

Ethereal Joy 86

Illusions to Others 87

Remove Curse 88

Protect Spirit 89

Good Luck 90

Smiles of Fortune 91

Luck of Life 92

Surprises! 93

Luck in Games of Chance 94

Wheel of Fortune 95

Amazing Stirring 96

Wish Granting 97

Gifted Hands of Allah 98

Granting of Seven Sisters 99

Wishes of Love 100

Grant Wish of Life’s Dreams 101

Conjure of Wish 102

Wish-Granting 103

Health & Well-Being 104

Washing of Soils 105

Infusion 106

Banish 107

Impenetrable Armor 108

Immune System Boost 109

Mood Lift 110

Energy Tap 111

Muscle Relax 112

Strengthen Body Part 113

Refresh Body 114

Wealth, Prosperity & Success

Open Palm

Read, write the day of ages has come

Let the flow and ebb of time rest

Pool and encircle with its golden grasp

The vintage of coin and paper dollar

Burning is the time of money

Spark and fan the flames of wealth’s power

Bring and show the way to greater finance

Through all open doors to my palms rest the magic

To draw and keep that wealth of all ages.

Cash Magnet

The gold and riches of Napoleon

The velvet drapery of the royal blood

The night and day’s own powers developed

The sun and moon pause in glory
Draw, attract, bestow all coin

Hungry are the fingers to make money

To feel the slip of cash between their prints

Through welcome surprise or venue established

As a magnet draws its match so should I draw money!

Increase Money

Through cash and coin, through property owned, through work being done

The dollars I have now open the pathway to grow more

To plant and yield a crop of cash in harvest plenty

I am humbled and vow that all increase be spent or saved wisely

That I am not of a greedy heart and wish for more than I am destined

I should not look to make a profit for my own selfish glory
But rather I find that the wealth given me is a blessing

It is a gift that should not be pushed away lightly

I will accept and use this gift of fortune

Bounty Granting

Sweet low and blessed high

Round the clock hands move

Creeping closely ever moving

Comes the sound of coin and cash carry
Blessing greater still

The money in my hands

The gift of giving greater

For a better life for all whom I love.

Great Success

I venture this new road

Open all its paths to victory

To find and bring success

That all I touch be gold!

Wonderment of Joy

For all I find favor make it joyful

Bring the great treasured sight

The mighty see the meek

Make me the victor always!
This I ask you bring me success in!

(Ask aloud what you want)

Power of Cash

All roads lead to the coin and dollar

Bring to me the greater of the wealth

That I can find the way to financial gain

Make, keep, find and grow my estate!

Gambler’s Luck

Lady Luck kiss me today

Bring me the gold is what I pray

Roll the dice, deal the cards

To win the pot – no longer hard!

Lady Luck smile on me

And I will praise you as long as I be!
(A prayer said by cowboy’s circa 1838)

Financial Power

Money, money, money

Find it for me all ways

Through gift, surprise, work and play

Wow me with the dollar

Pleasure me with the coin

Let me gain standing and influence

By what I gain in wealth and power!

Money Return

Borrowed money return to me now

Make the borrower repay his lender

Through origin or new source

Bring back the money owed to me!

And do so with haste!

Raise of Money

I work hard for the meager pay I receive

I want to be compensated correctly for my labors

Grant me the giving of a raise

That the dollars I receive reflect my dedication

Influence the mind of the deciding minds to give me what I deserve!

Greater Refund

Pay me the greater dollar and coin

I have paid my dues and deserve greater

Return my money to me!

Give me a reward of double or triple my refund!


Intimacy for Lovers

Sweet love of mine a child at play

Be us ever lovers closely wound together

Sharing our lives, hopes, wishes and dreams

Treasured to each other we are destined

Lovers always we will be for eternity!

Send Back

A love lost yesterday bring back to me

I miss you and wish to have you in my life again

Come back so that we can rekindle what we once shared

Through any means return yourself to me

I wait for you!


Keep your eyes at home

You will find all you need from me

There is no need to look further

I am the light of your eyes!

No other will make you happy

I am the only spirit you are betrothed to!

Sexual Satisfaction

Passionate bodies sweat into each other

Heightened senses make me ethereal
Romping, playing, exchanging

The sexual pleasure greater

Never feeling this amazing before

The inner sanctum of my body screaming

Bestow this gift of sexual satisfaction

Let the earth breathe and shake beneath me!

Love’s Thread

My love we two are lovers many years

We have found a comfortable place with each other

Sweet and kindly love is what we’ve found

I want to rekindle the days of youth

When we burned for each other

Each kiss electricity, each touch a melting sensation

Make our love eternal and great!

Lover’s Wake
Onto my lover’s eyes make me gentle

The sleeping cat waiting to be awakened

Enlivened to a frenzied feline

Full of pleasure and unfettered passion

The two of us intertwined with fires awakened

The pressure and weight of our bodies mingling

To bring the greatest ecstasy one can ever know
The true and pure form of unbridled love

Great are the moments we share

That we two can only know true intimacy

The kind shared between great lovers.

Sex Lived

Tender throws between the sheets

Sweet whispers, calls of passion

Moans and squeals of ecstasy

Intimate vows between lovers

Wriggle with pleasure!

Make my sex life burst with pleasure and life!

Blessed Heart

For all those whom I give my love

Shower a blessing upon them today

Open their minds and hearts to our kindred love

For those I consider my lover, my family and my friends
For all the wrongdoings they feel I have done

Please give them the ability to forgive

For those who feel I am difficult

Please give them the ability to overlook my flaws

Bring us ever closer to each other

I will do my best to show and give my love

To not waste a day or moment of time

All that is granted me is precious and I find it a blessing

Strengthen the love relationships in my life

So those I consider beloved will always be

That we may grow and keep our binding love anew

For eternity bind us in love and let none falter.


Bring back the love I lost

I wish to make amends for all wrong-doings and start anew!

Bring back (speak name of person)

On the wings of Adello!


Send that lover to me

Who is the one needed now

That will give me all I am asking

For my body is as needful as my heart.


Think of me, pine for me

Yearn for me, burn for me

Want me, fantasize of me

Feel anxious for my presence

Die for thoughts of me

My love is your desire

You are desperate for me!


Reveal Magic
Tell your secrets

Show your manner

What business you carry

Be it revealed unto me now.

Necromancer’s Vision

Winds carry the magic of lore

Visions able to waken the beast

The powers of the realm alive!

Swiftly carry the powers of magic to me

My castings and conjures are empowered

Stronger and deeper in rooting!

Find that the spirits and enchantments attached

Wake and stretch to greater domains

Their purpose and intent magnified!

Seeing Eye

Reveal the spirit inside this object

Show them to me through their choice

Be it manifestation, vision or dream

Show the spirit to me!

Astral Door

I open this portal for the white spirits only

Bar and block the black energy

I open this portal to travel to the astral planes

That I can revel in the company of great beings

Show me the gifts of the astral domain

That I can be in greater knowing

My knowledge and intellect expand

My spirit grows and becomes stronger!

Astral Mirror

Mirror to me this astral being (speak the name of the astral being)

For the hour after this incantation let me absorb and have use of their great power

Let me find a binding tie with them

Show me what they know and allow them to see my spirit

Only white and positive light can come through

All negative and dark arts are verboten.

Control of Powers

In this vessel you will find

The enchantments and powers of casting

Allow me to direct and amplify their purpose

Allow me to tell when and where it is to be done

I will speak instruction of this vessel

And it is to do exactly as I command

(Speak the power you wish to use from the vessel you own and how you want its powers to be used)

Curtain of Power

Blanketed through the moon

Surround me with the power of the ages

Wrap its arms round me

Protection from the magic seeking harm

Those casts known into the darkness

The spells laced with unmerciful intentions
Cast off and repel their purpose

Keep safe my spirit and aura

Rallied in power reject their intrusion!

Gold Casting

The words I speak at end will be my asking

Grant the purpose of the words to be a casting

The spell they carry increase ten fold

The earnings of the spell be faster and power yielding

Increase the power, increase the fruits

I speak now the spell I wish amplified

(Recite a spell you want to be stronger)

Truth be Told

No longer are the lies hidden by your lips

For your secrets will be uncovered!

Through the gateway to your soul

Your lies will diminish and I will know them!

Your lips will now speak the truth

Though you will not know why they betray you!


The powers that lie within this vessel

I want to use at my discretion

I invoke this power to come to life

And let me use it at my will!
Power of (say power inside vessel)

You are at my beckon call

You will obey my instruction

You are to (speak instruction for power)

Find Lost Objects

(Reading of the Third Orb)

Circle, circle mind and space

Out the webs and dust of memory

To find the lost and forgotten place

To spark the seeker of my spirit

Round and find that which I've lost

To see the last of its face

Keep the bindings that I've crossed

To find the treasure I've misplaced

Transmute Magic
From this vessel (place both hands on vessel)

Take the enchantments inside

And move them without loss of power

To this new home (place both hands on new vessel)

Forever binding them to their new domain

And no longer an attachment to the old.

Absorb the Magic of a Vessel

I will absorb the enchantments and magic of this vessel

The powers of magic become mine and are stronger in me

The use of these magic absorptions are at my discretion!

I will be granted their use in no less than half power for my own gain!

Conjure Creature

To me you are bound

I call you with the fires of Pantheon behind me!

Come to me the great (name of creature)

You are in everlasting tie to me! I am your master and you are my to govern!

Conjure Immortal

It is with the binding of the fourth orb of Galie I call you!

You are forever a part of this by which I call you (lift vessel for binding)

I call you that you may sense a loyal thread

We are connected evermore between the realms of physical and astral consciousness!

Come now (speak Immortal name) and know your powers are bound with me for eternity!

Sleep in Absence of Dream

A full rest is what I wish

That I sleep without dream

So that my physical body may recover

And be refreshed at daybreak!

Bind Two Spirits

It is my wish that a binding thread be cast for (say name) and (say name)

That these two spirits be steadfast and loyal to each other for as many days as (say number of days or eternity)

The common bond be unbroken unless I will it to be

These two shall be beholden to each other

They are a rock and shelter as two bound spiritual twins!

Power of the North Star

The powers of the North Star come through my window

Illuminate and broaden the powers of all magic objects within my walls

That they be charged with your eternal energy

That you are the greatest cosmos

Use the power granted to you by the ancients

To shine and energize the magic and enchantments in my home!

Mystic Granting

The only bonding between physical and spiritual realm

Knowing the immortal and mortal

The Mystic connection that binds forever

That can only bring the greater plane of consciousness

Find the mystic bond and grant it to me

So I can be a greater spirit and have a higher place!

Cast of Enemy

There is someone who wishes me ill-will

Find and return three fold their malign source

Show them the true power of the universe!

Let not their evil deed succeed in effecting my life!

Cast away their curse and let it bounce back to them!

Alteration of Magic

The power of transcending power and time

The granting of enchantments one to another

Change the power I ask into an Alteration

The higher power of magic

The spell of (say name of power) inside this vessel

Is offered and transformed!


I mark this vessel that it may be the ending source of my casting

The spell that I speak will be forever bound to this object

Its casting will be connected at third tier

And its powers be used at the discretion of (say name of person)

Create Triad

The power of three is strongest!

Create a share of power and magic between the spirits of these three vessels!

(splash distilled water lightly on all three objects)

Bound you are each to another

I will benefit as each of your powers will grow!

Psychic Ability

Vision of the Third Eye
The secret lying between my eyes

Knows the realms of the spirits

Seeing always into the future

Known to myself and the spirits surrounding

Magic and power reside between them

Only my third eye can share their powers

Open the doors, open the realms

Share the powers, share the magic

Show me through this portal what lies within

My purpose, my destiny, my divination.

Day Awakening

Burst forth the sun, her billowing rays

Send her blessing of revealing

The day and its secrets uncovered through her

The visions of what once has happened

Of what will come to pass

For myself and those whom I seek divination for
Grant me the visions of day

Through waking dream show me

The past, present and future.

See Future

That awaits me reveal to me now!

Show me what lies ahead so I can make ready

Reveal the destined path of my life

So I know what comes!

Once Lived

This spirit passed

I wish to see their life

I want to see what others could not

Use the portals of the spirits

To open this gateway

Let no other pass than (say name of spirit)

I want to experience their life for myself!

Grant me the day or sleep visions of this asking!

Pandora’s Warning

All that escaped

I wish to use the powers of their enchantments

Show me what I will to know

Passage through time and immortal portals

I want to see this for my own eyes

Show it to me now!

(Speak a time you wish to see)

Elapse a sand count of 3,000

For the vision to subside at the last grain’s fall.

Visions in Manifestation

Show me a vision in every day

Miracles manifest in all that around me

I watch with amazed eyes as the powers of the universe develop

I would love to see a miracle reveal itself to me!

Psychic Showing

Universe open the portals to show me the visions of future life

Show me the events that will come to pass for (say yourself or person’s name)

I want to see what will transpire within destiny’s scroll

Reveal the future to me through your appropriate venue!
Mind, Body & Spirit

Chakra Circle
Grasp with hands the greater centres

The seven known in binding spirit

Those in need of mending, fixing

Cleanse and align the chakras

Expand the reaches of my mind

Allow me to take in greater meanings

Retain and learn new knowledge

Greater power through intelligence

I will gain a greater place in the spirit realm

Secrets and ancient knowing can be revealed to me

And I will be able to decipher its meaning!

Power of Charm

They will see my sweet charm and nothing more

I will be able to influence their decisions by my grace

They will think me a wonderful person

And I will be able to leave a lasting mark on them!

They will think I am great!

Forget Something

I have retained knowledge I no longer want to bear!

Erase the lasting impressions of this forever!

Be it information, secret, or intelligence

Remove it from the realms of my mind everlasting!

Aura Boost

Surge of power and energy!

Send a burst of positive light through my aura!

Lift and empower my aura!

It will bring me a rush of energy and spiritual gain!

Dream Interpretation
Last night I had a dream

I do not know the meaning

I wish it be revealed to me

I feel it had a greater intention

Show me what the dream was for

And what impact it means to my life!

Remove Obstacles
There is something blocking my path

Be it a spirit, spell, curse or wish

Remove it and keep it from hindering

My destined path to be

Allow me to accomplish what I deside

Without the ill-fated troll.

Communion with Spirits

Wake the passed spirit!

Show yourself to me!

Shake the bones of rattling corpses

Open thine eyes of spirit be!
Round the realm of forgotten morrows

Through the depths of pass

Light the abyss of greater purpose

Here to me come at last!

(Speak the name of the spirit you are trying to contact – full name is best if known otherwise speak the part of the name you know and try to mention a relative of the person, a place known to them, etc. to ensure you call the proper spirit).

Communion with Presence

(This is used for contact with creatures, spirits, immortals, and all other entities who are not human spirits)
Verily the time has come

To meet and make merry

The scent of orchids passes over

And I call to wake you

In white light and good heart I summon

To speak to you on my own behalf

A friendship and kindred binding

Between the two of us will last

Come to me and you will know

My intentions are for good

That I will not put asunder this great blessing

And will respect you greatly for it

(Speak the name of the entity you are calling)

Grim Reaper

That soul which you have taken

Please transport their spirit to me

I wish to converse with the lost

I want to have a moment

Their presence is requested

Bring no other to me

For no other spirit shall pass

Only who I speak their name

(Say name of passed human)

You are welcome to my home

Please let us enjoy each other’s company

I will not keep you any longer than you can stay.


I see a spirit I must have

I call them to this vessel

(Hold vessel with both hands)

Your new home is with me

You are bound to this home forever

You will find a sanctuary and safety

I offer you eternal binding

I call you into this home now!


Body and soul wrap each other

Stretch and tender the muscles

Power and self unite!

Make my reach farther

Make my grasp tighter

Make my step faster

Make my endurance stronger

Sound is the body that is cared for

Through muscle, flesh, bone and body

For none of these will exist without spirit

And my physical reward is greater.

Daily Blessing

This day was cast for me

To grant and receive the blessings of all

To have a day unlike any other

Rescued from the mundane

Grant to me the blessings and riches

So I may enjoy and share them!

Fires of Igmartum

The persuasion of the moon is mine!

Her influence readily stares

The night and day are at her call

Grant me the power to impress

That which my mind deems worthy

Others will be swept away by my ideas
Not knowing the origin of their epiphany

Keeping my ability to persuade a secret

But my will is what is done!

Waters of the Eden

Spirit weary of the day and power

Find rest and solace in this cast

That your energy and gifts be recharged

And stronger for your every need!

Diminish Burden

Lighten the woes and worries of the days

Those that plague me cast them off

Relieve the tensions, ease the mind

(If you are casting this for someone else say this after “I speak this for – say the name)

Achilles’ Heel

I say this to reveal the weakness of (say name)

Show me their tender under belly

Reveal the way to influence their life

Show the way to make my impact stronger!

Earth Grounding

Move the dirt of the core

Into my flesh and spirit
Waken the passage of soil and time

To ground and bind me as the vine

Powers of the earth’s laden fires

Stir and passionately kiss me

Ashes and dust comprise me

So they will bind me for greater powers!


For these two (speak names of both – can be any combination of humans, creatures, entities, spirits) will be bound forever

Through earth, water, wind, spirit and astral binding

Forever will they be unto each other

An unbreakable unwavering bond!

Inner Peace

Instill the sound joy

Wash the spirit of transgressions

Lighten the mind, body and spirit

So that I may achieve pure peace.


That which I am about to embark grant me glory

Showcase my greatest attributes and show me victory!


I am softened by the relief of day’s end

To the moon I pronounce this spell

That she find me in her favor

And wash my body with her rays while I slumber

To awake a fresh spirit and body!

Reveal Beauty

Draw out and display my greatest beauty inside and out

That which lies on me physically magnify as true beauty

Let others see that which is perfect of me

Reveal my inner beauty and the sweetness of my spirit!

So others will know I am a sincere and pure person!

Aura Cleanse

Wash my aura of all negative things

Cleanse each darkened spot

Make it so I am unchanged

Block all evil and negative intrusions

Start my aura at its natural state

Clean and ready for life!

Ethereal Joy

Sweet wonderment of astral realm

Shower your blessings and gifts!

Lift me higher into the new sovereign

Show me the path to channels

That will inspire and show me

The best ways to life’s rewards!

Illusions to Others

Project my wanting to others

Show them only what I want them to see

Let them see nothing more than what I desire

And make my illusion appear as truth to them!

Remove Curse

Take and cast away the curse befallen me

Remove it so it leaves no scars

Let there be no residual effect of this evil

Protect me from future curses and evil eyes!

Protect Spirit

Allow no evil aim to find my spirit

Cast away their fingers of bad will

Keep my spirit safe from their entry

So they cannot effect my life!

Good Luck

Smiles of Fortune

Light the pathway of my feet

With the golden luck

In all I tread let me find glory

Feats great and small send me the blessing

So that I may always come out full-handed

Luck of Life

Clover blossom within me

Spirits comfort me

Give me the little things

That make my life supreme!


Happy are the days when the universe sends me the unexpected!

I love the signs in clouds, the surprise coin, the friendly gesture, and the extra days of summer!
Bring to me the great gifts of the luck!

Luck in Games of Chance

The prowl of luck encompasses me

The show of the hand, spin of the wheel, tumble of the dice

Magic and enchantment wrap around me

Give me the greater chance above all others!

The house diminishes in my reign of Lady Luck!

Wheel of Fortune

Rally round me all tokens of luck

Charm the odds in my favor

That games of chance will become

Games yielding greater coin

Amazing Stirring

To know only the great things

To find only the fruitful treasure
Little seeking and greater eyes

Find me the way to future fame

Riches and luck follow me

That no matter what I may do

I will find the best of those around me

And will have a better life for it.

Wish Granting

Gifted Hands of Allah

To you always I know will bring

The marked hand of good-will

You can gift me that which I ask

For the wishes in my heart to come true

No folly will you find with me

I ask only what is deserved

Grant me the wish I speak from my lips

And I will always return your gift with humility

(Speak aloud the wish you want to come true)

Granting of Seven Sisters

They who gave their lives for the better of Allah

Listen to me now and hear that I may ask you

For your lives hold the stars and the stars do thy will

Your asking is but their granting and I need of your power

To know the wind-swept hands that you carry

Is to know that what I ask will come to me on Allah’s wings
I speak not of greed or hasty heart but of truth

For what I ask is heartfelt and true

I know that I must have that which I desire
Sisters I ask you to each extend your hand

Exert the powers that you hold

Grant me this wish and I offer you my humbled heart.
(Speak your wish three times)

Wishes of Love

Hear my plea Aphrodite and grant me my wish of Love’s still waters

I ask you that you listen with intent and tender ears so that you will understand my asking

It is a wish of amazing love’s life that I ask of you

Please bestow this wish upon me, grant me my heart’s desire!
(Speak your wish)
Thank you Aphrodite, I am humbled by your greatness!

Grant Wish of Life’s Dreams

Hear my dream Allah and know it is my true heart’s desire

I have a wish inside of my heart that grows with each passing day!

Please grant me my heart’s desire and make it a dream come true

It is a pure and loving wish that I ask be granted!
(Speak your wish)

Conjure of Wish

See the power of my magic

Grant this wish I hold up to you!

It is the wish that will circle the realm and return fulfilled!

(Speak your wish 3 times)

I will hold you to this wish that it be granted!


This wish is asked upon the request of another (speak name of person you are asking wish for)

I come on their behalf to show their true and noble heart

Grant this wish that they may be enriched and enlivened by its prophetic fulfillment

Open the doors so it may become a part and ever-growing event of their life

I ask this wish be granted Allah because my heart and intentions are pure!

(Speak wish)

Health & Well-Being

Washing of Soils

Take this heavy burden of illness

Wash away that which I know is poison

The bad energies circle me and prey on me

Wash them away so that I may find inner peace.


Release! Remove the plagues of this body!

No more suffer the pain and ache of sickness!

Snake the enemy from this body and make it clean

No more will the infiltrating intruders feed upon me

Cleanse, heal and replenish that which they have taken!


No longer welcome are the evil sprites

Cast away the feeders on this flesh and bone
You will find no refuge here!

Be gone and take your troubles with you!

Restore this body to what it was before

And dispel the granular evil is has caused!

Impenetrable Armor

Raise the walls of the guard

Create a field of unwavering energy

Refuse entrance to any questionable character

For my protection is your certain task

Keep me safe from all entity searching for no good

Keep me safe from those wishing ill-will for me

Immune System Boost

Guard from the germs that seek haven in my body

Boost and amplify the power of my immune system

Knowing this will be in effect for 24 hours!

Mood Lift

I am irritated today

And it is affecting my life’s outcome

Lighten the weight of anger and disruption

Give me a positive gain

So that I can feel a lesser sense of irritability

Energy Tap

I am lacking in motivation

It is difficult to succeed in any task

I need a shot of adrenaline

So that I can complete my projects

Give me a tap of great energy

So I feel more alive and productive!

Muscle Relax

I can feel the strong fingers penetrating my muscles

Round and round the burn of glorious relief!

With each passing my tension lessens

I feel flexibility and warm joy

Each pressing dissolves the stiff nature

And gives me the gift of movement!

Strengthen Body Part

I wish the abilities of (speak body part name) be fortified

That I can flex and use my (speak body part name)

With a renewed sense of purpose and ability

Make my (speak body part name) a tool of reckoning!

Refresh Body

Ah to feel the cool waters of the Nile

Wash over my body and refresh its physical domain

It is a great and wonderful gift that you send

And I relish in knowing I am stronger for it!

Refresh the energy, strength and endurance of the earthly shell!

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