Carnivora Cabins

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Carnivora Cabins

Carnivora lovers from around the world will be excited beyond belief with our new Carnivora Cabin time share properties soon to be located in perfect “get away from it all” places all around the globe. They will be the optimal learning experience in respect to the different families in the order of Carnivora.
Each Cabin will be designed to represent individual species of Carnivora in a specific family group. Patrons can make reservations for the Canidae, Felidae, Herpestidae, Hyaenidae, Mustelidae, Odobenidae/Otariidae, Phocidae, Procyonidae, Ursidae, or Viverridae Cabins. Each one of these cabins will have 10 representative species portrayed throughout the individual time share. Each will be unique and an enjoyable, relaxing get away experience.
Every location in the world where our time shares are built will be unique and no two cabins will be alike. If you choose the Felidae cabin in the Cascade Mountains of Washington you will experience a total different variety of Felidae then that of the Felidae cabin located in Bern Switzerland.
Imagine a vast array of locations and new information and scenery with every new vacation. Even if you choose to return to the same location, you can choose a different cabin to lodge in and learn about 10 different species of Carnivora.
We are in need of researchers and designers to make our Carnivora time share Cabins a success. If you are interested in a chance to create and relate Carnivora information for the purpose of entertaining, relaxing and educating weary vacationers please submit the following:
1. Research a specific species in a family of Carnivora
a) Then relate at least 5 interesting facts about your species in first person

b) All summarized facts must contain at least 10 words

c) All summarized facts must be typed, numbered and labeled vertically. (Numbers 1-5)

d) Cite where you got your information in the footer
2. Hand draw a picture of the Carnivora family species item you have chosen for your Carnivora Cabin.
a) Each item must be hand illustrated

b) Each item must be colored with colored pencil

*Do Not use crayons or markers

c) Make sure the Family name of the cabin is typed on the top left side of the paper

d) Make sure the common name and the scientific name of the Carnivora is typed at the top of the page with the object it represents in the cabin, along with a color picture of the specific animal in the right hand corner, cite picture directly underneath it.

e) Bind your 10 pictures and researched information together with a cover page and table of contents.
**Follow the example on the back side of this paper


Animal fact file, card 221

Fennec Fox

Vulpes zerda

Heating Lamp

1. I have acute hearing and the largest ears in proportion to my size than any other desert dwelling animal.

2. I am very fast at digging through the sand and live in a series of tunnels that I usually dig at the base of a sand dune.

3. I am more social than most all other foxes and live with up to 10 other fennec foxes in our burrow.

4. Unfortunately, the people of the Sahara desert hunt us for food, however some train us for pets because we are easy to domesticate.

5. I eat small rodents, lizards, plants and fruits, but especially enjoy desert locusts and dates.

Created by Debbie Farnsworth

Vancouver, Washington

January 28, 2006

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