Career Objective

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Stuart L Barnes

206 Tangelwood Drive

Enid, OK 73703

580-548-5116 (w)

405-612-2188 (c)

Career Objective:

Currently seeking career opportunities that will allow me to utilize my academic training in American foreign policy, natural resource exploitation and military experience in a way that is challenging and rewarding and benefits the national security of our nation.


MS in Geology specializing in Petroleum Geology from Oklahoma State University

GPA: 3.24

Tentative Graduation Date: May 2009

MS in International Trade and Development from Oklahoma State University

GPA: 3.139

May 2003

B.S. Political Science specializing in International Relations and Comparative Politics from Oklahoma State University

GPA: 2.653

December 2000

Russian and Arabic foreign language familiarity

Employment Information:

From 2008 to Present: Geologist with Continental Resources, Inc.

Responsible for geo-steering 3 rigs in Richland County, MT. Current experience in horizontal Bakken wells. Preparing well packets/prognoses, coordinating with MT Team to generate AFE's, Drill Schedule, evaluating/pricing acreage for leasing, mapping and evaluating the basin and preparing exhibits for testimony for the board.

From 2006 to 2008: Mobilized with the US Army Reserves in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Ramadi Iraq.

First Lieutenant and Team Leader of a Civil Affairs Team responsible for planning and executing unconventional warfare goals and objectives within Anbar Province.

From 2003 to 2006: Geology Consultant- NWM Operating, Inc.

Re-completion projects and prospect generation for Blaine, Kingfisher and Major Counties in Northwestern Oklahoma

From 1997 to 2002: Instrumentation Manager- Northwest Measurement, LLC

Conducted training and supervision of the Instrumentation Division

responsible for reconditioning and rebuilding oilfield parts

and equipment. Also in charge of all calibration of the measurement equipment (Barton, American, Meri-cal etc.)

From August 1996 to May 1997: Field Technician- Sunrise Environmental Services

Duties included checking, testing and maintaining monitoring wells at

various sites in different cities across Oklahoma. I inspected

groundwater for contamination, then retrieved and disposed of contaminates

Summer 1996: Intern- NGC Inc.

Functioned as a technical team member, responsible for the

operation and maintenance of an oil and natural gas refinery

Skills and Interests:

Geographix Training

Kingdom Suite and Petra Familiarity

Microsoft Office Skills

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