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Vaibhav Gupta

House No. 8/810 Sadar Bazar,Distillary Road,

Near Shanti Bhawan, Opp. Shiv Mandir,

Karnal, Haryana, India


Career Objective

M. Pharm Project
eeking Suitable position in an esteemed organization to contribute my skills and work sincerely and honestly thereby profiting the organization and satiating my professional appetite.

My thesis entitled “Investigations of Antiarthritic activity of various extracts of Plumeria alba”. I had worked on both prophylactic and therapeutic activity of alcoholic and aqueous extracts of Plumeria alba.

Area of Interest

  • Preclinical Pharmacology

  • P
    Academic Career
    harmacovigilance with special command on pharmacology of drugs


Qualifying Examination




M Pharmacy


Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra



B Pharmacy

I.P.S(K.U, Kurukshetra)

68.96 %


Higher Secondary School

D.P.S (C.B.S.E).

80.6 %



D.P.S (C.B.S.E)

73 %

Work Experience

I am presently working as Lecturer in Pharmacology at Lord Shiva College of Pharmacy for last three years five months and

Doon valley institute of pharmacy and medicine, Karnal for 0ne year and four months.

Computer Proficiency

  • Windows operating system and application software: MS Office, Graph Pad.

  • Scientific data retrieval from various Internet portals like Science direct, Pub med, Google, Highwire , Wiley Interscience , Scirus, Scopus etc.

Conferences Attended

  • Attended seminar on “Recent advances in drug discovery and design”, 6th feb 2008 held at Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana).

  • Attended 60th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held at New Delhi from dec. 12th-14th , 2008

  • Attended 61st Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held at Ahmadabad.

  • Attended National Seminar on Changing Scenario In Drug Regulatory Affairs at P.D.M. College of Pharmacy, Sarai Aurangabad , Bahadurgarh, Haryana

  • Attended seminar on “ Role of clinical research associate (CRA’s) in India” at RPIIT, Karnal on Dec 2009

  • Attended seminar on “New advancement in field of Pharmacy” at Ganpati’s institute of pharmaceutical sciences. Feb 2010.

  • National conference on” Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Education and Research, at Lord Shiva College of Pharmacy , Sirsa (HR.) on 28h April ,2007.

Refresher Course Attended

A seventeen days AICTE sponsored staff development programme attended on Recent Advances in Herbal Drugs Devlopment and Standardization at Rajendra Institute of Technology & Sciences, Sirsa, 30th March – 13th April, 2012.

Publications and presentations

  • Kuldeep malodia, Rahul sharma, Vaibhav gupta, Sunil kumar and Yashpal singh,

Strategies & considerations for bio analytical method development and validation using LCMS/MS :A review, The pharma Research 06(01),Nov 2011, 12-20.

  • Sunil kumar, Anil kumar, Vaibhav gupta, Pankaj Rakha and Kuldeep malodia

Oral extended Release drug delivery system: A promising Approach, Asian journal of pharmaceutical research and dosage form. (Published).

Anti-arthritic activity of Pulemria alba in Formaldehyde Induced Arthritis, The pharma Research (Communicated).

  • Vaibhav Gupta, Gurvirender, Manjusha , Dhirender , poster presented on “Increasing cardiac attacks with modern lifestyle” at Advance college of Pharmacy, Faridabad.

  • Vaibhav gupta, Ashvani, Manjusha, Nitesh, “Antioxidant potential of various extracts of Albizia lebbek L.” poster presentation at 9th annual conference on antioxidant activity of natural products Society for Free Radical Research-India (SFRR-India) , Hyderabad.

Personal Details

Fathers’s Name: Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Satya Gupta

Date of Birth: 1st November, 1985

Marital Status: Single

Languages Known: English, Hindi, and Sanskrit

Hobbies: Playing Chess, Travelling, Reading, Listening Music


Mrs. Manjusha Chaudhary, Lecturer

Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra,


Dr. Surinder Singh, Assistant Professor

All India Institute of Medical Sciences,

New Delhi

I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

(Vaibhav Gupta)

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