Cardiff Corinthians V afc porth faw youth cup round 2

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Cardiff Corinthians V AFC Porth FAW youth cup round 2.

 AFC Porth ended their FAW cup run by loosing to a physical Cardiff Corries team 3-1 on penalties.

In the early stages the home side made their intentions known with some late tackles and some physical challenges on the young Porth team. Porth were lucky not to have any injuries as the referee didn’t offer much protection to the visitors all game.

Corries were on top for most of the first half and fully deserved to go a goal in front after some hesitation form the Porth defence and failure to close the ball down.

Zak Philpot made his first appearance of the season replacing Ben Langford on 42 minutes.

Half time 1-0

Zak immediately made an impact and Porth looked a different team after the break. Daniel Evans Replaced Jordan Westcott on 48 minutes after Jordan suffered an injury to his knee.

With the two subs made and a change in formation, Porth were now taking the game to the visitors. The away side were now playing with plenty of width and the big physical Cardiff Corries were unable to cope with the pace of Porth.

The equaliser came on 68 minutes, George Daly crossed the ball form the left hand side which found Zak who brought the ball down with his chest and toe poked the ball into the net with his right foot.

Porth were now searching for a winner but just couldn’t find the back of the net.

Full time 1-1

The game went into extra time and after the superb performance from Porth in the second half, they were confident of beating their opponents.

However with Porth creating all the chances, the home side broke and totally against the run of play went ahead for the second time in the match. Alex Hollard replaced Matthew Bishop in extra time and looked impressive when he came on.

Porth again had to find a way back into this match and they didn’t have to wait long, George Daly was on the edge of the area and scored a superb volley, which he hit across the keeper and straight into the top corner and caused mass celebrations from the Porth dug out.

2-2 after AET

The game then went to penalties which Porth lost 3-1.

A disappointing way to loose the game and Porth will be gutted after giving absolutely everything. A lot of positives can be taking from this fixture, with Porth showing that they can play good football and mix it about a bit when needed. It

was hard to pick a man of the match but Joseph Eason deserved it after an outstanding display.

Porth travel to Risca United next Sunday and hope to get back to winning ways.


Calvin Evans, Ben Langford ( Zak Philpot 42mins) Matthew Bishop ( Alex Hollard extra time) Nathan Wiggins, Corey Lent, Josh Williams, Lewis Pritchard, Joseph Eason, George Daly, Jordan Westcott ( Daniel Evans 48mins) Dale Hughes

 Subs not used

Tom Broadway, Josh Coleman

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