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Caprice Gray

6 Liberty Ave. Apt. 1

Somerville, MA 02144

Ph: (617) 875-8845


Tufts University 9/2003 – 5/2005 Medford, MA

Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.8/4.0

Thesis: Instantaneous Imaging of the Slurry Layer under Patterned Wafers during Chemical Mechanical Polishing

  • Graduate Coursework: Robotics, Data Acquisition, Molecular Dynamics, Power Plant Engineering, Controls

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 9/1996 – 6/2000 Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Minor in Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences (EAPS). GPA: 4.2/5.0

  • Undergraduate Coursework: Physical, Inorganic, Atmospheric Chemistry. Environmental Earth Sciences. Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Physics.

  • Continuing Education: Statistical Experimental Design and Quality Control. Nanoparticle Synthesis.

Computer Software:

  • JMP: Statistical Quality Control and Design of Experiments.

  • Labview: A visual programming language for data acquisition, processing, and automation.

  • Dreamweaver: Web site development.

  • SolidWorks: Mechanical Design Programs.


  • Thin Film Patterning: Spin Coating, Thermal Vapor Deposition, Photolithography, Screen Printing

  • Spectroscopy: UV-Vis, Fluorescence, GC, NMR, IR

  • Synthesis: Ag/Au Nanoparticle, Surface Charging/Functionalization

  • General: Clean Room, Laser Safety, Controlled Environment Glove Boxes

Professional experience
E Ink Corporation. Scientist/Engineer, 6/2000-5/2002 Cambridge, MA

  • Discovered how to make a flexible, organic thin film transistor (OTFTs) stack. Studied OTFT lifetime.

  • Explored methods for producing color shift by exploiting quantum properties of nanoparticles. Team member that developed a mathematical model for a color filter over E Ink displays.

  • Defined operating conditions for lamination of front plane, internal phase, and backplane for Ink-In-Motion displays using JMP statistical analysis. Explored display flexibility and durability and lifetime under environmental stresses.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Research and Teaching Assistant, 2/1998-6/2000 Cambridge, MA

  • Biochemistry (Chemistry Department). Investigated structure and function of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase (CODH) enzyme. Prepared protein crystals for X-ray crystallography analysis.

  • Geochemistry (EAPS Department). Collected historical data on water pollution in Eastern Massachusetts for heavy metal contamination. Prepared samples for mass spectrometry using ion exchange columns.

Carnegie Institution of Washington. Summer Intern, Summer 1998 Washington, DC

  • Analyzed magnesium isotope ratios in meteorites that formed during the birth of our solar system. Enabled my advisor to make estimates of the gas/dust ratio in the early solar system. Presented results to collegues.

United States Naval Observatory. Summer Intern, Summer 1996 and 1997 Washington, DC

  • Wrote UNIX script to predict the orbital components of Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellites. Proposed that Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) satellite data be used to determine the effect of reflected and emitted radiation on GPS satellites. Presented findings to colleagues.

Other experience
Museum of Science. Camp-In Instructor, 9/2002-present Boston, MA

  • Lead students through interactive, hands-on activities that help teach the concepts of science and engineering. Guide students in the exploration of the exhibits.

  • Handle animals such as the Milk Snake and Kestrel while educating students about the animals.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Fencing Referee, 9/2001 – present Various Locations

  • Study and Apply the rules of fencing during intercollegiate competitions. Maintain standards of order and etiquette between fencers, coaches and spectators for the fencing strips to which I am assigned.

Charlestown Catholic Elementary School. Science Teacher, 9/2002-6/2003 Charlestown, MA

  • Teach fourth and fifth grade general science; sixth grade physical sciences; seventh grade life sciences; and eighth grade Earth Science. Attend school faculty meetings, evaluate students.

Bunker Hill Community College. Computer Instructor/Consultant, summer 2003 Charlestown, MA

  • Designed a curriculum to teach Microsoft Office to disadvantaged incoming college students in the “Jump Start” program. Instructed eight 2 hour sessions on word processing, internet, spreadsheets, and presentation. Taught Microsoft Excel and Outlook to office assistants/program secretaries.

Commonwealth High School. Assistant Fencing Coach, 9/2002-6/2003 Boston, MA

Tufts University. Assistant Fencing Coach, 10/2001-6/2003 Medford, MA

  • Teach high school and college undergraduate students how to fence saber. Provide individual and group instruction. Give constructive criticism at fencing competition and in practice. Improve my coaching skills be taking lessons from and observing more experienced coaches.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Teaching Assistant, 2/1998-6/2000 Cambridge, MA

  • Introductory Chemistry (Course # 5.11). Conducted interactive classes for 2-5 college freshmen, wrote and graded homework and tests, helped students with homework outside of class.

  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics (Course # 5.60). Conducted weekly course review sessions, graded problem sets, helped students with homework outside of class.

publications and patents

  • Screen Printed Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs) on a Flexible Substrate. C. Gray, J. Wang, G. Duthaler, A. Ritenour, P. Drzaic. SPIE Proceedings, Vol. 4466, San Diego, CA, 29 July 2001.

  • Paper-like Color Displays Using Electrophoretic Ink and Color Filters. G. Duthaler, M. Davis, E. Pratt, C. Gray, K. Suzuki. Proceedings of the 8th International Display Workshop, Nagoya, Japan, 16-19 October 2001.

  • Electrophoretic Displays Using Nanoparticles. J. Jacobson, I Morrison, J. Wang, A. Pullen, R. Zehner, G. Duthaler, E. Pratt, C. Gray, M. McCreary. US Patent Office, 2004, first submitted 2001.

  • In-Situ Friction and Pad Topography Measurements During CMP. C. Gray, D. Apone, C. Barns, M. Monsour, S. Anjur, V. Manno, and C. Rogers. MRS Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Spring 2004.

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Essay Competition (2002) – Honorable Mention.

Published in internationally recognized journals: SPIE Proceedings and IDW Proceedings (2001).

Fiekowsky Award for Community Service and Teaching (2000).

MIT “Straight T” athletic excellence award (2000); Div 2 Summer Nationals Fencing 3rd place (2002), 13th at Fencing NCAA Nationals (2000).

Boston Ski and Sports Club Soccer Div II Champions and Div I 2nd place.

Sports: Fencing, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, MIT Mascot (1999).

Volunteer: E Ink “Ad-Hoc Philanthropic Committee”, Museum of Science, Boston, Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk

Music: MIT Symphony Orchestra, Principal Violist and Librarian
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