Canterbury Hospital

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Canterbury Hospital

The High Dependency/Coronary Care Unit known as ‘Grevillea’ is a 12 bed coronary care/high dependency unit. Patients over the age of 16 years are able to be admitted to Grevillea. The unit is designated as a Level 4 Intensive Care Unit and is therefore able to provide continuous invasive and/or non invasive haemodynamic monitoring for all patients. The unit is capable of the high dependency management of all critically ill patients as well as providing ventilation for patients awaiting retrieval to tertiary facilities for ongoing management. Grevillea also manages the operation of the Medical Emergency Team (Clinical Emergency Response Team) and provides nursing staff support for MET 24 hours a day.
Emergency Department

The Emergency Department (ED) at Canterbury functions 24 hours, seven days a week. It services the Local Government Area of Canterbury and surrounding areas, which have a culturally diverse population of 220 000. The ED is accredited by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine for training purposes. It has strong links with the local General Practitioners through the Central Sydney General Practice Network. The ED sees approximately 35,000 patients per year of which approximately 25% of these are children. The ED is supported by the following in-hospital specialties - General Medicine, General Surgery, Anaesthetics, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Palliative Care, Geriatrics and Rehabilitation. As there are no inpatient facilities for neurosurgical, cardiothoracic and dialysis conditions, patients with these conditions are transferred to Concord or Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals who have close links with Canterbury Hospital.

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