Can I continue to publish in Elsevier titles and comply with the nih policy? Yes

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Q1. Can I continue to publish in Elsevier titles and comply with the NIH policy?
Yes. Elsevier has a longstanding policy of helping authors comply with the NIH public access policy. In May 2005 Elsevier began depositing author manuscripts to PubMed Central (PMC) on behalf of authors who were reporting NIH funded research. Today, we deposit over 1,000 manuscripts a month to PubMed Central.
Q2. I have seen a list of journals on PubMed Central – do I have to publish in these titles to comply with the NIH policy?
No. The NIH maintains a list of journals on PubMed Central that have an agreement for entire journals to appear on PubMed Central. This list should not be mistaken as a list of journals where authors must publish to comply with the NIH policy. We have requested that the NIH clarify this point, as it has resulted in considerable confusion for authors and editors.
Q3. What do you deposit to PubMed Central, what happens after you deposit, and when will the manuscript appear on PubMed Central?
Elsevier has agreed with NIH that it will deposit on behalf of NIH authors the final peer-reviewed manuscript files in the NIH Manuscript Submission system. (see C.1.II.c of the NIH FAQ document available at Authors will receive an email message from PMC, requesting them to verify and approve the final peer-reviewed manuscript personally. Elsevier currently deposits the manuscript at the time of publication, and PMC will make it publicly available after 12 months.
Q4. The policy requires that the manuscript be deposited upon acceptance. Does Elsevier provide this service?
Elsevier is revising our production system so that as of July we will be depositing the author manuscript upon manuscript acceptance. We have been in consultation with the NIH regarding this change and they have confirmed that this will be consistent with the NIH public access policy. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted in May or June 2008 and wish to deposit their manuscript upon acceptance to PubMed Central, may do so. Elsevier will subsequently redeposit the manuscript upon publication.
Q5. How will I get the PMC-ID number?
NIH–funded authors can locate the PMCID reference numbers by doing a search of their publication in PubMed. ( The PMCID displays on the abstract page on the lower right side of the page (see the following figure). The ID number will be posted as soon as a manuscript has been successfully submitted to PMC.

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