Call to Order The dvi executive Board meeting was called to order at 6: 15 pm by President Loana Mason and the agenda was distributed. Adoption of Agenda & Executive Board Motions – Loana Mason

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CEC DVI Executive Board Meeting

2011 Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo

National Harbor, Maryland

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call to Order

The DVI Executive Board meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm by President Loana Mason and the agenda was distributed.

Adoption of Agenda & Executive Board Motions – Loana Mason
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to adopt the agenda.
Nominations for CEC Board of Directors – Ronald Tamura

  • Nominations are being accepted for the CEC Board of Directors.

  • DVI members were encouraged to vote.

Awards Ceremony – Phyllis Simmons

The individuals were honored for serving with excellence, providing leadership and advocacy and contributed to the field through quality research, and readily absorbed knowledge.

  • Virginia Sowell Student of the Year – Tara McCarthy

  • Dissertation of the Year – Tessa Wright

  • Teacher of the Year – Meredith McArdle

  • Exemplary Advocate – Kim Charlson

  • Distinguished Service – Dr. Rona Shaw

Moment of Silence for Dr. Geraldine Scholl

Dr. Geraldine Scholl was honored by a moment of silence during the general business meeting.

Division Officer Reports
President’s Report – Loana Mason

Past President’s Report – Phyllis Simmons

  • Awards Committee is chaired by Phyllis Simmons. Members include: Tina Hertzog, Keri Lohmeier, Tasia Mitchell, Jim Olsen, Diane Pevsner, Carey Phillips, and Megan Starrick.

  • Nominations Committee is chaired by Phyllis Simmons. Members include: Diane Pevsner, Ellyn Ross, Shirley Wilson, and Alana Zambone.

  • Award Nominations are Due October 1, 2011.

  • Newly elected board members are: Treasurer – Susan Brennan; Representative – Keri Lohmeier; Director – Edna Johnson; Director – Deborah Hatton; Director – Meredith McArdle; Director – Richard Jackson; Director – Tiffany Wild

  • Retiring Board Members are: Past-President – Phyllis Simmons; Secretary – Diane Pevsner; Director – Stacy Kelly; Director – Barbara Johnson; Director – Susan Osterhaus; Director – Edna Johnson

  • Vacancies are as follows: President – Elect; Secretary; 4 Directors. Nominations are due October 1, 2011.

President-Elect’s Report – Derrick Smith

  • Program Advisory Committee is chaired by Derrick Smith. Members include: Susan Brennan, Janie Blome, Frances Mary D’Andrea, Stacy Kelly, Bonnie Lawrence, Meredith McArdle, Jim Olson, Diane Pevsner, Carey Phillips, Tiffany Wild, and Alana Zambone.

  • The program for 2011 had 23 proposals submitted to DVI and 2 submitted to other divisions. Nineteen proposals were accepted. Presentations consisted of 10 lectures and 9 poster presentations. The DVI showcase “Following the Instructional Continuum to Service Accountability for the Expanded Core Curriculum” was presented by Dr. Karen Blankenship.

  • Proposals for 2012 CEC Convention are due by May 25, 2011.

Treasure’s Report – Susan Brennan

  • Finance Committee is chaired by Susan Brennan. Members include: Carol Allison, Bonnie Lawrence, Ellyn Ross and Phyllis Simmons.

  • Audit & Oversight Committee is chaired by Nora Griffin Shirley. Members include: Roseanna Davidson, Bonnie Lawrence and Pat Kelley.

A motion was made, seconded and passed accept proposed budget.

Representative’s Report – Derrick Smith

Committee Reports
Constitution & Bylaws – Lou Tutt

  • No amendments at this time.

  • Future considerations

    • Update membership requirement to reflect CEC’s new policy

    • Merging Publications, Professional Standards, DVIQ, and Website Committees into 1 committee called the Communications Committee.

    • Update the list of former presidents.

    • Revise DVI’s purpose statement (vision & mission).

    • Determine the need for a financial officer.

Deafblind – Susan Brennan

  • Conducting an online survey in which 116 people had participated as of 4-21-2011.

  • Conference calls to solicit input were held on April 7 and April 20, in which 6 people participated.

  • Feedback has been positive about DVI providing professionals in the deafblind community with legislative advocacy and opportunities for professional networking and development.

DVIQ – Sheila Amato

  • DVIQ is published in braille, print and online.

  • Each issue contains:

    • President’s message

    • Membership report

    • Student ambassador report

    • CEC-DVI information

    • Articles

    • Updates from AFB, APH, and NFB

    • Advertisements

  • The 4 issues of DVIQ from summer 2010 to spring 2011 totaled 124 pages, 35 articles, 36 ads and $9000 in ad revenue.

  • Sheila Amato retired as the DVIQ editor after 10+ years of service.

  • Loana Mason will assume editorship beginning with the winter 2012 issue.

Governmental Relations – Michael Bina

Helen Keller Art Show – Carol Allison

  • 32 pieces of artwork was submitted and 24 pieces were selected for the show.

  • All students and teachers received a certificate of appreciation.

  • Winners received an award certificate and a copy of the 2011 Helen Keller Art Exhibit booklet with their art work displayed on the cover.

  • Artwork and note cards with individual pictures of the artwork are available at the DVI/Helen Keller Art Show booth.

Membership – Meredith McArdle

  • Membership goal is 555 members.

  • As of March 31, 2011, we had 476 members.

  • Membership Initiatives include:

    • $10 off CEC dues for professional members;

    • Invite specific groups of constituents to join;

    • E-mail new, renewing, and lapsed members;

    • Share DVI resources with other divisions;

    • Conduct a survey to find ways to increase membership benefits;

    • Increase our web and Facebook presence;

    • Rebrand DVI to facilitate better understanding of our mission and vision.

National Agenda Steering Committee – Janie Blome

  • The National Agenda is structured around steering committee representing National stakeholder groups.

  • Two professional co-chairs and 2 family co-chairs.

  • Ten national goal leaders, each with a parent partner.

  • State coordinators.

  • All changes in the ECC flow through the steering committee and are passed on a majority rules basis.

  • Addition of Self-Determination as a stand-alone content area.

  • Renaming of visual efficiency as sensory efficiency thus including auditory, visual and tactual was voted on and passed with a few dissenting votes.

  • Karen Blankenship has been in charge of the NGLs and Steve Goodman in charge of the state coordinators. Steve retired from CSB and have not found new leadership.

  • Phil Hatlen facilitated the 2010 meeting in October in Louisville with assistance from Karen Ross and Kay Ratzlaff.

  • Goal 10 of the NA is co-lead by CEC/DVI and the Association of State Consultants and ensures that all professionals in the field receive disability-specific ongoing professional staff development to acquire new skills or hone existing skills. This goal area has very little movement.

Orientation and Mobility – Bonnie Lawrence

  • ACVREP CEU’s require:

    • An annual application fee of $75;

    • Non-Profit - $500 for 10 or more offerings;

    • For-Profit - $1000 for 10 or more offerings;

    • Required documentation of speakers qualifications, verification of attendance and certificates of completion.

Professional Standards – Alana Zambone

  • CEC Standards and Skills Representative is MJ Sanspree

  • Position papers subcommittee chair is Deborah Hatton

    • DVI position papers are published in AFB Press’s Foundations of Education; AER’s Low Vision Website; Linked to the TSBVI Administrator’s Toolbox.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the following position papers:

    • Assistive Technology for Students with Visual Impairments by Derrick Smith, Stacy Kelly, and Gaylen Kapperman

    • Facilitating Visual Efficiency and Access to Learning for Students with Low Vision by Amanda Lueck, Jane Erin, Anne Corn, and Sharon Sacks

    • Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of Students with Low Vision to Promote Academic Success by Sharon Sacks, Amanda Lueck, Anne Corn and Jane Erin

A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the following position paper with minor changes:

    • Educational Programming for Students who are Deafblind by Amy Parker, Betsy McGinnity and Susan Bruce.

Publications – Loana Mason

  • A partnership between AFB Press and DVI was discussed.

Website – Derrick Smith

  • New and Improved website with launch December 31, 2011. The address is

A motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting.

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