California State University, Long Beach Information About Trademark Licensing

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California State University, Long Beach Information About Trademark Licensing



What’s a Trademark?

Colors & Logos

Program Information



California State University Long Beach was founded in 1949.

Today, the university has an enrollment of more than 37,000

and has been ranked among the “Best in the West” by the

Princeton Review. Long Beach State competes at the NCAA

Division I level as members of the Big West Conference and

fields 14 men’s and women’s varsity sports. Athletic teams are

known as the 49ers and the Dirtbags (baseball only).

The Cal State Long Beach Trademark Licensing Program protects and promotes the

trademarks of the university in a positive manner. Creating and maintaining positive

relationships with manufacturers, retailers and consumers is an integral part of promoting the university, and helps to ensure that all products bearing the marks

of CSULB/Long Beach State are of the highest quality.

What is a Trademark?

All names and visual representations of California State University, Long Beach/Long Beach State is considered its “trademarks.” This includes all word marks, services marks, names, name variants, nicknames, logotypes, logos, insignia, shields, seals, designs, devises or symbols that refer to the university. Also included are any words, phrases or images that imply association with CSULB or Long Beach State.

What are the University’s Trademarks and Colors?

The graphics shown below represent only some of the logos and word marks included in the University’s official graphic standards guide. This is available to all licensed vendors as part of their license agreement.
The University Seal is available for use only with written permission from the University. Artwork must be obtained directly from the 49er Shops, Inc.

California State University Long Beach TM The BeachTM CSULBTM

California State University, Long BeachTM Go BeachTM LBSUTM

Cal State Long BeachTM 49ersTM

Long Beach State UniversityTM DirtbagsTM

Long Beach StateTM The PyramidTM

Beach Gold Long Beach Gold Long Beach Red Long Beach Black

Pantone 109 Pantone 123 Pantone 186 Pantone Process Black
The colors shown on this page have not been evaluated by PANTONE, Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE Publications for accurate color. PANTONE and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. Portions Pantone, Inc., 2000.

Who Needs a License?

Manufacturers, producers and any other entities that plan to use the trademarks of the university must complete the licensing process and carry an agreement prior to producing, distributing, and selling emblematic merchandise. This includes the use of logos and woodmarks on all products intended for retail, promotional use, fund raising, university and student organization use, including give-aways.

What is CSULB’s Royalty Rate?

The royalty rate is 8% which is charged on the wholesale price of each item. The royalty revenue generated from the sale of licensed products is used to support campus groups, departments and athletics. Products purchased by the 49er Shops, Inc. are exempt from royalties. CSULB Campus purchases not intended for resale are also royalty-exempt.

How Can a License Be Obtained?

All products bearing the CSULB/Long Beach State name, logos, and trademarks used in any color, lettering style or combination, must be licensed. Cal State Long Beach has contracted with the Licensing Resource Group, Inc. (LRG) to manage the licensing process on their behalf.
For Manufacturers: Contact LRG directly or long onto to obtain an application for license. The application will need to be completed and returned along with the required elements in order to be considered for a license with Cal State Long Beach.
Once the application has been approved, LRG will send a licensing packet with an agreement along with a list of the elements needed to obtain and sustain a license with the university, Each manufacturer is required to keep their license in good standing in order to produce any products bearing any reference to CSULB/Long Beach State. This includes proper insurance coverage, adherence to all required codes of conduct, design approvals, and remitting quarterly royalty payments.
For CSULB Departments, Organizations, Clubs and Groups: If a department, organization, club, or group plans to have merchandise produced that bears any reference to the university, the manufacturer must be licensed prior to production. If the product produced is for resale (including fund raisers and other for-sale situations), manufacturers are required to collect royalties.

If a department or organization is purchasing products for university use or give-away, the product me be obtained through a licensed manufacturer and the intended design approved by LRG, prior to production; however, these products are royalty-exempt.
To determine if a particular manufacturer is licensed, or to find a licensed vendor to produce your product, visit and click on the “resources” tab. You will find a real-time report under the “licensed vendors” link.

Are There Products That Are Restricted?

Cal State Long Beach will not license alcoholic products, smoking paraphernalia or any product considered dangerous or offensive in any way or that do not represent the quality and integrity associated with CSULB. The university will also not approve any design that is derogatory or offensive.




442 Century Lane, Suite 100

Holland, Michigan 49423

Telephone: 616.395.0676

Fax: 616.395.2517


Attention: Licensing

6049 East Seventh Street

Long Beach, California 90840

Telephone: 562.985.5093

Fax: 562.985.1593


The collegiate Licensed Product Label is the

consumer’s assurance that the products they

purchase are as authentic as their loyalty,

passion and pride for CSULB!

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