Caleb Shortt Primary: Team Leader Secondary

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SECAM Team Structure
Each member of the SECAM team has one primary specialty and various secondary specialties. This allows for quick and accurate delegation of tasks when a shift in workflow is required.
The SECAM team consists of:

  • David Cheperdak

    • Primary: Assistant Team Leader

    • Secondary: Webmaster / HCI, Development (SQL, JSP), and Design

  • Moffat Sehudi

    • Primary: Documentation

    • Secondary: Development and Design

  • Tubego Phamphang

  • Vikram Sandhu

    • Primary: Design

    • Secondary: Development and Design

The dynamic nature of the project requires the SECAM team to be agile and efficient. With this structure, the entire SECAM team participates in overall project design discussions. This allows the entire team to have an excellent grasp on what the project is, where it is going, and how we are going to get there. At each step of the process a team member can give his input and ideas and contribute to the direction of the project.

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