Cactus – good for acute and chronic heart pathology. This remedy has an affinity for the heart muscle and circular muscle fibres so has a sensation of constriction. The heart feels as if it is being clutched and released alternately

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Cactus, Crataegus and or China in mother tincture or low potency, individually or in combination.
Cactus – good for acute and chronic heart pathology. This remedy has an affinity for the heart muscle and circular muscle fibres so has a sensation of constriction. The heart feels as if it is being clutched and released alternately. So it is to be considered in cases of angina, arteriosclerosis, Tobacco heart, endocarditis with mitral insufficiency, atheromatous arteries and weak heart. Congestions and irregular distribution of the blood it will induce the formation of clots speedily. Pulseless, panting and prostrated characterises the Cactus patient.
Crataegus [Hawthorn] is a general heart tonic used widely as such by the medical profession in the late 19th early 20th century. Will treat dilated heart valves, murmurs, continuous palpitations, dyspnea (shortage of breath) from the slightest exertion. Weakness and faintness. Insomnia with stitches in the heart. It has an amazing restorative effect on those with chronic heart disease.
China (Cinchona Bark) is appropriate where there are irregular, weak rapid beats followed by strong hard beats. So in suffocative attacks and syncope which is a sudden fall in blood pressure or failure of cardiac systole resulting in faints due to loss of blood flow to the brain. Good also for anaemia and dropsy (the oedema caused by poor heart function).
Apocynum Cannabinum (Indian Hemp) is also good for dropsy and ascites (the accumulation of fluid in a cavity, usually the abdomen, as a result of heart disfunction) Apocynum also lowers the pulse and raises the blood pressure. So indications are similar to China; irregular cardiac action, low arterial tension, pulsating jugular veins, cyanosis and oedema.
Adonis vernalis is a remedy which is good where the muscles are in a stage of fatty degeneration it regulates the pulse and increases the power of the contractions of the heart. It is valuable in cardiac dropsy, rheumatic endocarditis, fatty heart pericarditis, myocarditis, irregular cardiac action, with rapid and irregular pulse. Pain, palpitation and dyspnea are the keynotes.
Digitalis is used allopathically to strengthen weak heart contractions and to correct an irregular heart beat. A study in the US and Canada showed that it does not prolong survival but it eases symptoms. Homeopathically it can be used to treat atrial arythmias, angina and fainting, dyspnea and nausea in heart disease patients who feel worse at night during sleep and must sit up. They feel as though the slightest movement will cause their heart to stop. Cardiac asthma and cough. Sudden syncopal episodes (fainting). Patients needing this remedy often are suffering from grief or a romantic disappointment.
Because heart disease is often a result of smoking Lobelia in low potency can be a good support not only to the lungs for which it is well known but to those patients with a ‘cardiac cough’. When indicated Stannum can also be useful for a cardiac cough.

Remedies which are useful in acute situations

The Aconite patient knows the time when he will die and is very anxious. Good remedy whilst waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

Arnica is good for heart failure and cardiac asthma. Especially heart disease in the elderly and in damage to the heart from over exertion as in athletes. An indication for Arnica is if the patient is spitting blood tinged froth. They fear imminent death but will probably say they are OK!

Arsenicum is a good end stage remedy for heart disease sufferers who are weak, restless and debilitated. It is also a good remedy in the early stages of congestive heart failure as heart patients often are anxious, restless and chilly.

Glonoine is a remedy which can be used for a rush of blood to the head or the heart and fainting spells but is thought to have more of an affinity for the nervous system than the circulatory system.
Remedies for chronic cases of heart disease include:
Aurum for congestive heart failure, with continued angina. Painful rheumatic heart disease and valve disease. Dilated weak heart muscles, endocarditis, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, pericarditis. Patients who need Aurum are generally worse at night, with exertion and walking in the open air. They have dyspnea during heart pain and a feeling of stiffness or armoured around the heart. They are serious patients who feel responsibilities heavily.
Natrum mur is a remedy which is useful for patients who suffer from heart disease with or as a result of rheumatic complaints. They are serious patients [like Aurum] and have often suffered bereavement and or disappointment like Digitalis. They suffer from tachycardia (rapid heart beats), a sensation of coldness around the heart, a feeling of constriction in the chest or around the heart. Fluttering, palpitation and intermittent pulse and a feeling the heart’s pulsations shake the body.
Phosphorous can be the remedy for degenerative heart disease with dyspnea, excitement and anxiety. The patient could have a feeling of oppression of the chest and a sensation of heat or hot flushes. They will have a red face during heart symptoms. Phosphorous is to be considered for ‘Tobacco heart’, congestive heart failure and murmurs with a ‘blowing’ sound.
Some snake and spider remedies are useful for patients with heart pathology.

New remedies with an affinity for the Circulatory system are Ayahausca, Bay, Earthworm, Goldfish, Purple, Rose Quartz, Holly and Willow, also any of the green remedies including Emerald, Peridot and the colour Green.
Willow dissolves self created barriers. It is a cure for arthritis and rheumatism which are linked to heart disease. Willow patients are blocking the heart centre whilst feeling deeply within (like Nat mur) the remedy will slowly open a closed down heart centre. Physically they may have fluttering of the heart, fibrillation, oedema, cardiac asthma, Ascites, angina, constriction of the heart and arteries, felt in the throat and left side. They feel uncomfortable, breathless and squashed in the chest area. The circulation may be poor with blueness around the mouth, cold, sweaty feet, air hunger, difficulty breathing. Willow is thought to bring down cholesterol and works well with Crataegus.
Peridot is green so has an affinity for the heart centre. It makes you love. Stops you judging and condemning others. Strengthens the heart and is useful in serious heart pathology, hypertension, sharp pains in the chest, discomfort around the heart and chest. It induces calmness.
Remedies to consider for heart pain: Ayahausca, Chalcancite, Peridot, Rose Quartz and Willow.

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