By: Witney Anderson

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The Rose
By: Witney Anderson

A rose is one of the most widely recognized flowers in the US. It is used for many occasions or just to show ones feelings. However, when people do think of a rose, most of the time a simple red rose comes to mind. Many people do not know how many different kinds of roses there are or how many colors a rose can come in. The rose is a member of the genus Rosa (Rosaceae) and the family consists of about 100 genera and over 3000 species. The rose is then divided into 3 subfamilies called the rosoideae, amygdaloidea, and the maloideae. All together the rose has more than 14,000 varieties. Each color that the rose comes in is supposed to mean something different. Listed below are some of the colors a rose comes in and what it means.

• Red: Love and Respect
• Yellow: Joy or Gladness
• White: Innocence, Purity, Reverence or Humility
• Light Pink: Grace, Admiration or Sympathy
• Deep Pink: Gratitude and Appreciation
• Orange: Enthusiasm or Desire
• White with Red Edges: Unity
• Red and Yellow Blend: Joviality
• Pale Colors: Friendship

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