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By: Oliveira H.R. No. 243


WHEREAS, The Texas House of Representatives is pleased to recognize the boys soccer team of Lopes High School in Brownsville, which recently won the Class 4A state championship title; and

WHEREAS, The Lopez Lobos traveled to Corpus Christi on Saturday, April 17, 2004 to capture the Class 4A state soccer championship title against the Brenham Cubs; and

WHEREAS, The Lopez Lobos played before a standing room only crowd where 1,800 fans gathered to view and cheer the team to victory; and

WHEREAS, The Lopez Lobos finished the season with a 25 4 1 and brought the Rio Grande Valley its first UIL state soccer title; and

WHEREAS, The Lopez Lobos, a team from Brownsville Texas has made the city and fans proud by succeeding to capture the victory, and team members Emmanuel Jaramillo, Alberto Garcia, Edgar Garcia, Armando Lopez, Enrique Velez, Jose Carlos Guevara, Jose Lopez, Ivan Morales, Roberto Galvan, Jose Ramos, Jr., Enrique Rivera, Marco Ramirez, Omar Pineda, Alejandro Longoria, Luis Salazar, Victor Cavazos, Jose Ramos, Victor Maldonado, Roberto Guerra, Andres Cabrera, Omar Esparza and Rodolfo Noriega should be commended for their outstanding achievement; and

WHEREAS, under the leadership of head coach Amadeo Escandon, with the assistance of Ian Fero and Dolores Rodriguez, and with the support of athletic coordinator Valentin Montemayor, and athletic director Joe A. Rodriguez, the Lopez Lopez have exhibited superior teamwork and discipline; and

RESOLVED, That the Lopez Lobos from Lopez High School be extended deep appreciation and congratulations for their tremendous victory in capturing the title of the State Class 4A Soccer Champions; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution is prepared for the team as an expression of esteem from the Texas House of Representatives.

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