By Brianna Carlis

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by Brianna Carlis

There are many types of squid in the world. There are two categories and three interesting squid are the Firefly, Vampire, and Giant squid. They live in many parts of the world. They also vary in size. They live in many different depths of the water.

Squid fall into two categories, Myopsida and Oegopsida. Myopsida lives in shallow water. It is in the class of the mollusks. Mollusks are invertebrates with a soft unsegmented body usually protected by a shell with one, two, or three pieces. Most mollusks live in water or by water. Oegopsida occasionally sit on the sea floor. It is in the cephalopod, and Teuthida class.

Even though squid vary in size, location and characteristics, several things are similar. They are all invertebrates. They both have eight arms. They both move by jet propulsion which is sucking water into a muscular sac in the mantle. They also both have blue blood. They have a parrot like beak that is great for killing their pray.

Squid have been mistaken for octopus, because they have features that look the same they both are invertebrates. They also both have eight arms. Even though they are similar they are different types of creatures. A squid has a triangle head. An octopus has a round head. Octopuses have suckers on their arms. Squids have hooks not suckers.

Squid have three different types of hearts. Two of them pump blood through each of the gills.

Squid move through the water tail first.

Some squid have an ink sack and some have a mucus sack. The two sacks are very different.

Some squid have eight arms and others have ten.

Squid move very fast. They can move fast because they have a jet propulsion. This means that it is sucking water into a muscular sac in the mantle. Tell how.

Three types of squid that vary in size are the Firefly squid, Vampire Squid, and the Giant Squid.

The Firefly squid Tell all about the Firefly squid.

The Vampire Squid Tell all about the Vampire squid.

Giant Squid Tell all about the Giant squid.

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Ideas from Enchanted Learning:


- eight limbs, each of which has two rows of suction cups on the lower side; the arms hold the food while the squid bites it into smaller swallowable pieces.

Beak and mouth

- the parrot-like beak on the mouth is used for biting food into small pieces. The beak and mouth - surrounded by the bases of the arms and tentacles.


(2) - the ends of the tentacles, which have toothed suckers.


- an organ used to see; squids have two, very large eyes (they are large in proportion to the size of the body).

Feeding tentacles

(2) - the two, long tentacles are used for obtaining prey; they have toothed suckers only near the tip.

- two flaps on the mantle - they are used to stabilize the squid during swimming.


- the small part of the body between the mantle and the arms; the head contains the eyes, the brain, and the muscular buccal mass (which crushes the food).


- the large part of the squid in front of the head; inside the mantle are the stomach, gills, ink sac, pen, reproductive organs, and many digestive organs.


- a tube-like organ on the lower side of the head; it expels water forcefully, enabling the squid to propel itself through the sea.

Write about the parts.


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