Buxton heath wildlife group the latest news from the heath! Issue 29 Dated 03. 03. 99

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The latest news from the heath! Issue 29 Dated 03.03.99

No 532 Sat. 31.10.98 A quite dull day.
Len Wise, Colin Thompson, Kevin Lewis, Hamish Dublon, Phil Davison, Graham French, Janice Carter (Telford), Debbie Jackson, Andy Dolman, Dave Bevan, Stephen Bevan and Colin Penny = 12.

We continued our work in the area adjacent to the Southern Track Arch. This week I brought the chainsaw to bear on the larger trees, whilst the other Group members cleared the smaller scrub. By the end of the day, one could see from our fire site, right through to the eastern boundary trees.

On our arrival, we noticed metal hurdles stacked just inside the entrance grid. This indicated that the farmer, David Baker, had been to "round-up" and remove his herd of grazing cattle.
The contractors had cleared another large area of scrub from east of "The Gap".
Birds: Jack Snipe Lymnocryptes minimus (The B11 pools).

No 533 Sat. 7.11.98 Dry, overcast early, then sunshine !
Colin Thompson, Kevin Lewis, Phil Davison, Hamish Dublon, Doug Arkell, Christian Rottger, Jane Edgar, Graham French, Dave Bevan, Julie Bevan, "little" Lewis Sales, and Colin Penny = 11.5 !

We spent today clearing and burning-up the brash cut in a frenzy last week. In addition to our usual lunchtime crumpets and biscuits, the Bevans supplied 2 Victoria sponge cakes (cooked by Avril Bevan), and the absent Quentin Mair sent us a bottle of his white wine. We'd started the festive season somewhat early !

Birds: Robin Erithacus rubecula D43, Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus (x 10 - D43), Green Woodpecker Picus viridis, Jack Snipe Lymnocryptes minimus (B11 pools).
Water Readings:
1.1 222 3.2 53 6.1 34

2.1 60 4.1 35 6.2 39

2.2 55 4.2 35 7.1 12

2.3 81 5.1 23 7.2 81

3.1 50 5.2 14 (1) 64

  1. 55

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