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Please complete all section in IKEA BUSINESS account application form and provide a copy of Business Registration & Financial Report return to IKEA BUSINESS Department.

Tel: 2648-9488 Fax: 2191-2861 email:

Your Business Details

Business Name:

Business Address:

Telephone No.: Email Address:

Facsimile No.: Website Address:

Business Registration No : / Date Registered:

Contact Name: Position:

Contact Tel No.: Email Address:

Invoice Address:

(If different from above)

Business Category

 Airlines  Apparel

 Banking & Finance  Beauty & Healthcare

 Bookshop  Caterings

 Design & Construction Service  Education & Training

 Government & Related Organization  Hospital

 Hotel & Hostel  Insurance

 Media  Property & Real Estate

 Retail  Tourism / Travel

 Telecommunication services  Others

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E-mail address:

Data protection for business account holders

IKEA will hold and process your personal data and will not release it outside the IKEA group. From time to time we may wish to contact you with more information and offers from IKEA.

General Sales Conditions – IKEA BUSINESS Credit Account


The IKEA BUSINESS Account is only available to businesses ( that is companies which are registered as companies, companies based overseas which have a registered office in HK , partnerships , sole traders and government bodies and agencies ) ( “ Business “ ) who wish to purchase IKEA goods for their business.

    1. Ordering at IKEA ( IDS )

  • A customer can place an order remotely by fax at 2191 2861 or e-mail at

  • For further information of ordering you can contact us on 2648 9488

  • All orders are subject to availability of goods and acceptance of the orders by IKEA

    1. Payment Conditions

  • IKEA will submit an invoice to you for all purchase made through an IKEA BUSINESS Account for every purchase.

  • Invoice must be settled in one payment within 30 days from the date shown on the invoice .IKEA reserves the right to charge interest on late payment at the statutory rate in force on the due date of payment.

  • You are not entitled to withhold wholly or in part on the grounds of a complaint or product return.

  • Credit limit

    1. Credit limit

  • IKEA will set an credit, which may be reviewed from time to time. You may not exceed the credit limit without the prior authorization of IKEA .If your limit is exceeded, you must settle the outstanding amount immediately.

  • When a credit limit has not yet been assigned, the customer may submit a payment in advance.

  • We will only process an order if you are up to date on all payment due on your business account and if that order will not cause the credit limit of your Business Account to be exceeded.

    1. IKEA’s Liability

  • Except as expressly set out in writing IKEA accepts no liability whatsoever to you for any direct , indirect , special , consequential losses , suffered or incurred by you ( whether arising in contract , tort or otherwise ) Nothing in this paragraph 1.4 excludes IKEA`s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence .

    1. After Sales Support

  • For any query regarding the status of an order, delivery, account or any other queries regarding the IKEA Business Services, the customer can contact us on 2648 9488.

    1. Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation of purchase orders must be notified to IKEA within 24 hours, after this time, a handling fee of $500 will be charged to cover our administration costs on all orders that are cancelled. Please note the special orders cannot be cancelled at any time. This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.

    1. General

  • We will send any information relating to the account and any written notice or demand to the Business’s last-know address. We will always treat the notice of demand as having been received at the relevant address.

  • If the business changes name , address or other contact details , you must notify us immediately.

  • We can delay enforcing our right under this agreement without losing them.

  • If we cannot enforce any term or condition of this agreement, it will not affect any of the other terms or conditions in this agreement.

  • We may change these terms and conditions at any time by giving you notice in writing

    1. Returns Policy

  • Return unused and unpacked items within 30 days, with your paid invoice, for a full refund. ( transportation fee will be charged )

  • Please note: this policy does not apply to mattresses (unless unused and unpacked), cut fabric or goods ordered to your specifications (such as custom-made worktops or sofas). This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights and does not affect your ability to return products that are defective or do not correspond to their description.

    1. Reservation of title

    • The title to the goods delivered or sold to you will remain property of IKEA until payment in full in cleared funds has been received. However, the risk of loss of or damage to the goods passes to you when delivery takes place. Until the point at which we receive payment in full in cleared funds from you, you must keep the goods marked, as the property of IKEA and you will hold the goods as IKEA`s fiduciary agent and bailey. IKEA may at any point until ownership passes demand that you deliver up the goods to IKEA and if you fail to do this, IKEA (or its nominated representative) shall be entitled to enter onto your premises any premises where the goods are stored and reclaim them.


The information contained in this form is true and correct. I authorize IKEA to make credit enquiries and take out reference as it so wishes to assess the credit worthiness of my /our business. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms of this contract.

I confirm that I have the authority to make purchase on behalf of the named business.

Authority signature with company chops:




For IKEA Account Use Only :

Credit Limited : HK$

Approval by : Head of Finance

Approval by : Head of Business Development

Effective Date:

IDS Account Number : IDS

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