Bulletin No. 07 6 August 2010 Europa Nostra-Turkey to be established

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No.07 6 August 2010

Europa Nostra-Turkey to be established
The process of establishing the Turkish unit of Europa Nostra gained momentum in the aftermath of the Istanbul 2010 European Cultural Heritage Summit. The organizing committee, having met with 31 participants on June 23rd at the Taşkışla Campus of Istanbul Technical University, selected its Founding Board members for the first 6-month period. Orhan Silier (President), Asu Aksoy (Vice President), Burçin Altınsay (Vice President), Feyza Cansever (Vice President), Güzin Konuk (Treasurer), Barış Altan (Executive Secretary), Zeynep Ahunbay, İclal Dinçer, and Nuran Zeren Gülersoy have been assigned as Board members, whereas Pınar Akgün, Gizem Gürsoy, Hatice Karakaya, Arzu Kocabaş, Hadice Nalçabatmaz, Derya Nüket Özer, Ege Uluca Tümer, Gökçe Ürk, and Ahmet Yaraş will act as alternate members. The EN-Turkey Board held two meetings on 30 June and 29 July in order to finalize the organization of its working groups. The scope of activities for each group has been defined as follows:

  1. Communication and relations with Europa Nostra (B. Altınsay – E. U. Tümer)

  2. Relations with members and volunteers (F. Cansever)

  3. Relations with NGOs on cultural heritage in Turkey (A. Aksoy – G. Gürsoy)

  4. Fund raising, financial management and The National Lottery Funding for Cultural Heritage Project (G. Konuk – A. Kocabaş – G. Ürk)

  5. The 2010 Cultural Heritage Report for Turkey (Z. Ahunbay – D.N.Özer – G.Gürsoy)

  6. Coordination of relations between the central/ local governments and cultural heritage organisations in Turkey (İ.Dinçer – P. Akgün)

  7. International and national campaigns on heritage in danger (İ. Dinçer – A. Yaraş)

  8. International and national heritage awards programs (N. Z. Gülersoy –H. Karakaya)

  9. Cultural heritage education (Z. Ahunbay – E. U. Tümer – G. Ürk)

  10. Strategy planning and finalisation of 2011 Annual Program (A. Aksoy – B. Altan)

Please contact the EN Istanbul Office if you want to join us in founding Europa Nostra-Turkey and give support for our group activities.
UNESCO gives Istanbul another chance until February 2011
During the 34th session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) held in Brasilia between 25 July and 3 August 2010, UNESCO decided not to exclude Istanbul from the World Heritage List. However, the decision has to be interpreted as a warning rather than good news as the cultural heritage circles point out.

For the UNESCO decision dated 29 July 2010 regarding the preservation of the cultural heritage sites in Istanbul, please click.

The cultural heritage circles in Turkey have made a common declaration about the recent UNESCO decision. For the English translation of the declaration please click.
Europa Nostra-Turkey endorses the Istanbul S.O.S movement
The Istanbul S.O.S, a civil initiative group recently organized in order to act against the arbitrary urban projects increasingly threatening the historical texture of the Istanbul city, held its first formal meeting on 5 July 2010 at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. The S.O.S group convened on 24 and 31 July for street protest at Galatasaray Meydanı.
European Manifesto for Multiple Cultural Affiliation published in Turkish
The Turkish edition of the European Manifesto for Multiple Cultural Affiliation, a document that laid the conceptual groundwork for the EN 2010 Forum, was published in Turkish by the Europa Nostra Istanbul office.
Europa Nostra İstanbul Ofisi

İnönü Cad. İndigo Apt. No: 41/5 34437 Gümüşsuyu / Beyoğlu İstanbul

T: 0212 244 89 33, F: 0212 244 96 03, E: info@europanostraistanbul2010.org

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