Bright Ophidia are a Polish avant-garde progressive metal band formed in Białystok in 1998 thanks to the initiative of drummer Cezary Mielko, guitarist Mariusz Maciejczuk and vocalist Adam Bogusłowicz

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Bright Ophidia are a Polish avant-garde progressive metal band formed in Białystok in 1998 thanks to the initiative of drummer Cezary Mielko, guitarist Mariusz Maciejczuk and vocalist Adam Bogusłowicz. A few months later Piotr Romaniuk joined in. In December 1998 Bright Ophidia made their debut demo of the same name. That release got local media attention. First compositions were inspired by: Metallica, Danzig, and pioneers of metal - Black Sabbath. The demo received positive reviews in the press. In January 2000 band returned to Hertz studio to work on their next release, another demo called “Spell your God…” and make the sound heavier. The track “Life in Fear” gave the band original progressive thrash metal style. That record was produced independently. The track "NEVER” was included in a compilation by ‘Trash'em All’ magazine. In October 2000 second guitarist Przemek Figiel joined the group. The new line-up released next demo “FIST”, which received many positive reviews in underground zines and from press like: ‘Mystic Art’, ‘Metal Hammer’, ‘Morbid Noizz’, ‘Thrash'em All’. The third demo was another form of artistic expression in metal. In 2001 guitarist Mariusz Maciejczuk and bassist Piotr Romaniuk left the band. In may 2002 new bassist Mariusz Rusiłowicz joined Bright Ophidia. He also played in DOMINIUM – experimental black/death metal band with two other Bright Ophidia members: Adam and Cezary. Few months later the band decided to record and release their debut album called “Coma”. The album was produced by Szymon Czech from Selani Studio in Olsztyn. It was the quintessence of the recent years. “Coma” included: five tracks from previous demos with new arraignment and some new compositions like: "Holocaust", "War is a Blind Falcon", "Ordinary People", "My Dance Said Nothing", "You'll Never Need to Lie". In early 2003 “Coma” was released by Metal Mind Productions. The album received many great reviews. The track “What Have You Done to Me?” debuted at no. 2 on the Norway radio chart, after legendary band Acheron. In February 2003 keyboardist Michał Franczak joined the band which continued their Polish Tour. They started also composing new songs for the next album called “Red Riot”.

In December 2003, Bright Ophidia’s debut album took sixth place in the summary of the year in Polish Radio Bialystok. In January 2004, the band released the second album “Red Riot”. The album was promoted during concerts in Poland. The group also appeared on Metalmania in Katowice. In 2005-2007, Bright Ophidia gave a series of concerts including Kaliningrad, Russia. The band took third place at the rock festival in Płock. They also played at Hunter Fest and many other events in the country.

Unfortunately, the lack of proper promotion by the label forced the band to terminate the contract. Additionally, bassist Mariusz Rusiłowicz left the band. Consequently, Bright Ophidia slowed down, concentrating on composing and producing another material. In the meantime, the band collaborated with two bassists: Jarek Jefimiuk (Via Mistica) and Marek Szerszyński (Kasa Chorych).

In June 6, 2009 the third album “Set Your Madness Free” was released (by the independent Revolution Records), which is considered the most psycho & progressive. One of the songs “Girl Inside” was on the compilation “Verda Disco” in Esperanto language. The band played a concert live on Radio Bialystok. After that, Bright Ophidia suspended their work and its members took up other projects e.g: keyboardist Michał Franczak decided to focus on his electro-synthpop Red Emprez (co-created with vocalist Adam Bogusłowicz) Cezary Mielko joined the rock group Cochise.

The members of Bright Ophidia reactivated the band to play as a support before the American supergroup Adrenaline Mob. The concert was held in June 2012 in Cracow. Enthusiastic welcome inclined the group to resume activities and play a few more shows with new line-up. The bassist Mariusz Rusiłowicz returned and keyboard sections were replaced by the second guitar - initially in the person of Igor Samojlik (Rima, Idee Fixe), and then, by Marek Walczuk.

The current line-up recorded four new tracks in LaGrunge Studio in March 2015, which were placed on EP called "Against The Light." The videoclip of the track “My Lust My Fear” was recorded live from the studio, which had its premiere in May 2015.

At the moment Bright Ophidia is preparing for concerts and working on a full album.

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