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Colt LE6940 Monolithic M4 LE Carbine “BRAND NEW FROM COLT”


(In Stock, Ready to Sell!!)
BRAND NEW RIFLE FROM COLT!!!! FACTORY SEALED !!! You are looking at the best of the best!! This is the new limited production Colt LE6940, "NOT LE6920" Law Enforcement Carbine. Gas impingement platform, features 1-peice monolithic upper receiver, full rail platforms, flip up front sight gas block and 600meter rear flip combat sight. Collapsable stock, bayonet lug, all COLT nothing aftermarket. Includes box, manual, sling, cleaning kit, 2-20rd mags. This is the newest in a line of tactical rifles from Colt. This rifle has just been released and you could be the first to have one. We were lucky to get a few now. These are brand new and this is in stock right now, ready to ship. Be one of the elite few to own this majestic rifle while you have the chance. Credit cards accepted please add 3%. Shipping $25 to your FFL. Feel free to email with any questions. Thanks. All state laws apply.

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