Born in 1953 lives and works as a freelancer in Duesseldorf, Germany

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Klaus Kampert,

born in 1953 lives and works as a freelancer in Duesseldorf, Germany.

As a photographer he is self-taught.

After working for many well-known photographers in the advertising field,

he established his own business in 1981 in Duesseldorf.

His main interest is people-photography focussing on beauty, portrait, nudes

and dance.

He works for leading advertising agencies and companies but also indulges

in artistic photography.

Many of his images, especially nudes and ballet-dancers have been printed

in international publications and are very asked for among collectors.
Membership in Bund Freischaffender Foto-Designer, BFF ( leading german

Photographers' association ) since 1984.

Publications e.g. in

Bund Freischaffender Fotodesigner, BFF-Yearbooks since1984

H.E. Hess, Akt Photo International, Verlag Photo Technik Intern. München, 1988

B.M. Pedersen,Graphis Photo 92, Graphis Press Corp., Zürich, 1992

B.M. Pedersen, Nudes, Graphis Press Corp., Zürich, 1992

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B.M. Pedersen, Photography Annual 2010, Graphis Inc., New York, 2010
Single Exhibitions

2009: True Bodies, Oliver Gordon Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2004: Tanz in 13 Akten, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf

Tanz in 13 Akten, Theater der Stadt Duisburg, Duisburg

Group Exhibitions, e.g.

2009: Sichuan – Vier Flüsse, Forum für Fotografie, Köln

2008: A Brave New World,Visual Gallery of Photokina, Köln

2007: Best of BFF,Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

2006: International Photo Festival Xining, China

2005: Selected Characters, BFF, Düsseldorf

2004: CO_OP, Kunstverein Hildesheim, Hildesheim

2002: Die Heilige Kuh, Visuall Gallery of Photokina, Köln

2001: Positiv, Galerie Beethovenstraße, Düsseldorf

2000: Zeit Blicke, Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart, Stuttgart

Ausgezeichnet, Large Format Award 2000, Köln, Rheinauhafen

1998: Zeit Blicke, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, PrivART-Museum, Hamburg

1995: ET HÄNGT!, Landesmuseum Volk u.Wirtschaft, Ehrenhof, Düsseldorf

1988: Schwarz Gesehen, Rheinisches Landesmusum, Bonn


2010: Graphis Photography Annual 2010, Gold Award

Photography Masters Cup 2010,, Merit of Excellence

2011: Prix de la Photographie Paris, PX3, Gold Medal

Photography Masters Cup 2011, Honorable Mention

2012: Graphis, 100 Best in Photography,Gold Medal

Kampert / Statement

My work is mainly concerned with the human body.

Still, I do not consider my images to be classic nudes or erotic

photography, although these genres may have an impact on my work.
I am not interested in showing beauty as an outward phenomenon.

Rather I would like to present the human being as a whole:

Body and mind united.
By picturing nakedness in an image, it is to reveal mind and emotion,

not only showing the body as such.

Among my models especially the ballet dancers are those who succeed in

expressing this wholeness in a particular manner.

Their bodies bespeak the constant pursuit of beauty, grace, achievement

and perfection.

It is my intention and my passion to display this to the viewer.
The series "You Better Not Play with the Earth", my second submission,(please mind the order of the images) was created right after Fukushima. It should be a contribution to further discuss energy sources, supply and consumption. Fukushima shows that answers to the global energy policy are not anymore just a PUBLIC matter but need to be discussed and understood by every person individually and thus are a PRIVATE matter. The future of energy policy needs an ear for an eye, for the obvious.

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