Bird Flu Forces London's Beloved Ravens Indoors

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Bird Flu Forces London's Beloved Ravens Indoors

The Tower of London today is principally a tourist attraction. Besides the buildings themselves, the British Crown Jewels, a fine armour collection from the Royal Armouries, and a remnant of the wall of the Roman fortress are on display.

The tower is manned by the Yeomen Warders, who act as tour guides, provide discreet security and are something of a tourist attraction. Every evening, the warders participate in the Ceremony of the Keys, as the Tower is secured for the night.

In deference to an ancient legend, a number of ravens are fed at the Tower at government expense; so long as the ravens remain at the Tower (which is ensured by trimming the flight feathers of the ravens) Britain is safe from invasion. Legend also says that should the ravens leave the Tower of London, the White Tower will crumble and the Monarch will fall.. The names of the eight ravens currently in the tower are Gwylum, Thor, Hugine, Munin, Branwen, Bran, Gundulf, and Baldrick. In 2006 ahead of the H5N1 avian flu scare, the ravens were moved indoors. Normally they are free to hop around on the lawns outside the castle, but they are now in cages in one of its towers. Yeoman Raven Master Derrick Coyle talks with Melissa Block about the decision.

Now, listen to the talk.

Text from Wikipedia:

and National Public Radio
Listen to the talk from National Public Radio about bird flu and the ravens in the Tower of London.
Questions 1-8: True or False?

  1. Bird flu had already arrived in the UK at the time of the recording

  1. The man being interviewed has held his job for two years.

  1. The ravens are normally free to move around different parts of the tower.

  1. According to the speaker, Derrick Coyle, the yeomen clip the wings of the ravens

  1. The birds have been upset by the move.

  1. Thor, the talking raven, has not spoken to the speaker since the move.

  1. The raven master thinks the birds will be kept in for three months.

  1. Members of the public are able to see the ravens at present.

Questions 9– 10: Multiple Choice
Which TWO of the following are NOT part of the raven’s normal diet?

  1. Biscuit soaked in blood

  2. Fresh meat

  3. Grapes

  4. Boiled eggs

  5. Vitamins

Questions 11—12: Short Answer

    1. According to tradition, what will happen if all the ravens die or leave the tower?


    1. Who will decide when the ravens will be allowed outside?


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