Binomial Nomenclature Practice

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Binomial Nomenclature Practice

Biologists use binomial nomenclature to assign a two-part Latin name to each species of living thing. The genus name and the species name often describe something about the organism. The list below shows the meanings of several Latin prefixes, suffixes, or words that are frequently used in species names.

  • alba, white

  • borealis, northern

  • macro,-, large

  • -carpa, seed

  • -phylla, leaf

  • coccinea, scarlet

  • rubra, red

  • suber, cork

1. Using the information about Latin word parts, match the scientific name on the left with the correct common name on the right. Draw lines to match them. Then write each pair of names on a separate sheet of paper.

    1. Betula albe

  1. Basket

  1. Bigleaf magnolia

  1. Cork oak

  1. Cut-leaved toothwort

  1. Largeseed bittercress

    1. Quercus albe

  1. Northern birch

  1. Red oak

    1. Quercus michauxii

  1. Scarlet oak

    1. Quercus rubra

  1. White birch

    1. Quercus suber

  1. White oak

2. André Michaux was a French botanist who spent 12 years collecting plants in North America in the late 1700’s. Which of the species listed above is named for him?

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