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MAY, JUNE, JULY 2013 List #72 --------- “Something for Everyone”
18th Century “CONDER” TOKENS-------17TH Century tokens—19th Century tokens

Evasions, Unofficial Farthings, Medals, medalets, unusual historical items----

Hi Folks, ----Don't know about you, but I am sure glad to see Spring. For my wife, it is when the flowers come out, for me, when my antique cars come out. Planning a great summer. As for the tokens and medals, once again a nice selection to choose from. The demand is stiff in the higher grades, with prices rising on both sides of the pond. We seem to be emerging from the economic downturn, and the requests for good material just keeps coming.

As to the CTCC, the web site is in an early form, but not up for lack of content. As President, guess it is up to me to get something started, so a history and an introduction to the club will be the first item up, when I can get to it. Hopefully in a week or so. We do want it to be there as a resource for collectors, to let them know what is available, give historical background on individual tokens or on the series, and a good bibliography. Also just in the dreaming stage is reworking and uploading the back issues of the CTCC Journal. The CTCC annual meeting will be August 15 at the ANA convention, Rosemont, Illinois. Plan on attending if you can, the time and place will be on the ANA schedule. Enjoy the list, Bill
Have a look at this FIRST ITEM FOR SALE----$18 each, we shall get no more of them------

Conder Token Prints, suitable for framing----Some years ago, James Roberts painted some Conder Token art, each painting of an interesting token. From time to time I have had a print or two, here I have several, these are NOT framed, the image over 7" and round, the paper it is on around 11" by 8 3/4". Limited numbers, as you would expect, and I think the only ones left. A great addition to your wall, add some for even more token enjoyment. Available, The Bull token, Hereford 4, obverse only. Basingstoke Hampshire 1, the canal token, ship Obverse only. Lord George Gordon, Middlesex 775, obverse only. Rooster, London Corresponding Society, Middlesex 203, obverse only. George Washington--Lancashire 116, (1791) obverse only. Swan token, Middlesex 174, obverse only. George III/Visited St Pauls, Middlesex 177--arms of London (pair) obverse and reverse, priced per each. These well accomplished prints are $18 each, plus post, the pair above is $35. There are a total of 8 different prints, no more than 2 of each. Will sell a full set for $120, be quick!! Roberts planned for 100 of each, but no more than 5 of each were done.
18th Century Token Coinage as Catalogued by Dalton and Hamer.


PLYMOUTH 6 1796 Woman at Spinning Wheel/Man in loom. VF+, $38.


POOLE 6 1795 Hope, anchor/Arms of Poole. some fading red, lightly double struck,

1 spot by anchor--luster, UNC. Another, mostly red, both of these UNC, your choice $110.

SHERBORNE 7 1793 Beehive, PP&W/2 headed eagle. All brown on a nice flan, very light

rub, the feathers still on the eagle's breast, AU, certainly better than usual. Scarce, $145.


STOCKTON 9a 1794 Sir Bevois/Ship. Most of these have blundered edges, this one does not.

All of it is readable, graded GVF on this always weak and erratic issue, Scarce, $75.


CHELMSFORD 7 1794 King and Constitution/Hope standing. minor spot rev, AU $85.

COLCHESTER 10 1794 Colchester Castle/Loom. Sharp UNC with 1 rev scratch, $75.

DUNMOW 12 1793 Arms of Dunmow/Hendon Church. RARE, luster, UNC nice $285.

HORNCHURCH 33 ND King Edward IV/ Crown over arms of the city. Bronzed, very nice

UNC, $145. Another, luster, full UNC, some red, gemmy and super. $165.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE PAGE TWO Mintage, Badminton, 150 each.

BADMINTON 40 ND Wheat Sheaf/Plough. Brown, luster, AU 2 tiny spots, $75.

Another, with tiny spot at the bottom of the wheat sheaf, UNC, luster net AU $95.

BADMINTON 43 1796 Plough/Scales, 6 1/2 LB UNC, small flan void under scale, net $75.


EMSWORTH 10 1794 Female, globe, anchor/ Ship. cpl mks, full PL Luster, net AU $65.

EMSWORTH 20c 1794 Earl Howe/King and Constitution. R&B AU-UNC $65.

EMSWORTH 21 1795 Earl Howe/Britannia. Luster, fading red, AU $95.

EMSWORTH 35a 1794 Earl Howe/Anchor. RARE, VF, mark on cheek, $55.

PORTSMOUTH 56 1794 John Howard/Commerce Standing. A mule of the Talbot,

Allum, and Lee American tokens. Nice VF, $325.


APPLEDORE 3 1794 Windmill, &c/Lion, Lamb. Bronzed, perfect surfaces, and a very decent

strike makes this a superb UNC with great color and flash--- $325.

CANTERBURY 7 1794 Arms/Canterbury Cathedral. UNC, nice surfaces and luster, $135.

DEPTFORD 13a 1795 Kentish men greet Wm III/The Royal George. A bit stronger strike than often seen on the 13, but still a bit weak, a nice piece---EF, priced VF+ $45.

GOUDHURST 28b 1794 Kentish Horse/Arms. RARE, choice GVF $55.

GOUDHURST 28b 1794 Another, this with an "F" counterstamp, ---Mr. Fuggles and Mr. Mynd

chose the same design, & not wanting error when redeeming, stamped their tokens. AVF, RARE $55.

MAIDSTONE 36 1794 Arms of Maidstone/Justice Standing. Luster, sharp GEF $65.


LANCASTER 41 1794 John of Gaunt/Arms. Luster, very nice AU $45.

MANCHESTER 127 1792 Arms/E. India Company building. Fielding's Edge, GVF/EF $55.

MANCHESTER 138 1793 Duke of York/Bricklayer's Arms. Only token in D&H with the

Bricklayer's arms, and very scarce. This one the strongest strike seen in a long time, EF $75.

ROCHDALE 147 1792 Man in Loom/Arms. Scarce, this with super prooflike luster,

nice color, seldom found this sharp and this nice, $265.

ROCHDALE 148 1792 Arms of Rochdale/Beehive, Bees, this Scarce, AU & nice $120.

ROCHDALE 149 1792 Arms of Rochdale/Man in loom. R&B UNC, nice $95.

MIDDLESEX Penny tokens---- A few from the Architecture listing will follow this time

London and Wesminster---84 1797 Trinity House Arms. Weak in centers, cud, usual die breaks,

the die did not hold up well---it has super luster, and nice surfaces. UNC $375.

London and Westminster 102 1797 Haberdasher's Hall/Arms of London. Underlying red over all,

with minor tone spots, luster, pretty $375.

Clerkenwell-----162 ND South Seas House/Arms. Nice original R&B UNC, underlying luster $325.

MIDDLESEX halfpenny tokens

ANDERSON'S 248 1795. AR Cypher/Arms of London. Full luster prooflike UNC, RARE with

only 72 struck. Minor obverse flaw, not important, only detraction at all. This is one of my favorite tokens, for the artistry and simplicity. When this nice it is a joy to behold. Gemmy, $675.

BLACKFRIAR'S 257a ND Figure of a Friar/Arms, dragon supporters, nice UNC, $85

BURCHELL'S 273 ND Sugar Plums/Anodyne Necklace. Scarce, hfs, nice EF $45.

CARTER'S 276 1795 Lady's slipper/Shoe Manufacturer. Nice strike, UNC $95.

CHELSEA 277 1795 Sailor with wooden leg petitions Britannia/Hope, Anchor. Chelsea

hospital took the wounded military, a plea for funds, tad weak but a nice token, UNC $145.

Coventry Street 293 1795 A Filtering Stone/Warehouse, &c. UNC-AU $95, nice one.

FOWLER'S 306 1794 Neptune, Trident/Whale, whalers in boat. These usually have strike

issues, this one nearly a full strike, red in the devices, and a super example. UNC, $165.

GUESTS 308b 1795 Royal Arms/Boot, shoe. Luster, very nice strike, no mks, $125.

BUTLER'S 312b ND Paint Pot, cask/Monogram. Luster, very scarce, flan crack, UNC $295.
Middlesex, Continued PAGE THREE

HANCOCK'S` 320 1796 Umbrella over a shop front/JH Cypher. Very pretty, lightly applied

lacquer, in this case just makes it nice. Choice UNC $295.

HATFIELD'S 323 1795 Leg in a Circle/Boot and Shoe Mfgr, &c. AU $65.

HENDON'S 325 1794 A Church/David Garrick. AU luster $85. cpl flaws but UNC $95.

IBBERSON'S 442 ND St George, Dragon/Mail coaches. Bronzed Proof, choice UNC $375.

KELLY'S 345 ND Man with horse/Saddle, Spurs &c. Nice surfaces, nice UNC $110.

KILVINGTON 347 1795 Bust Kilvington/Britannia Seated. Some red, luster AU++ $85.

LYCEUM 362a ND Rider standing on horse/Man on his head balancing on sword point,

from the Lyceum Theatre, this a very nice UNC $135.

MOORE'S 389 1795 Girl making lace/Scroll. some red, luster, AU nice $95.

NEETON'S 390 1795 A Saracen's Head/Barrel. Nearly full strike, nice AU $95.

NEWGATE 393 1794 Newgate Prison/4 inmates. Satirical. AU+, good strike $110.

ORCHARD'S 407 ND Bust Orchard/Cypher, "Cork or Dublin" Choice brown UNC $240.

ORCHARDS 413 1795 Female, anchor/ Orchard's arms. no rub, bag mks net AU, $115.

PIDCOCK'S 422 ND Elephant/Two Headed Cow. Choice, luster UNC $210

PIDCOCK'S 434 ND Lion and Dog/A Cockatoo. few mks, tad rub, EF+ $155.

RATLEY'S 465 1795 Tired Boy and the Connesieur/sea shells, &c. Bronzed proof, couple of tiny digs in the reverse field, not easily noticed, amazing color & super eye appeal, UNC $495.

RICHARDSON'S 467 1795 Lady Luck, lottery wheels/Goodluck&c. AU, price EF $45.

RUPERT STREET 472a ND A Plough/Arms, stag and goat--nice EF, $38.

SCHOOLINGS 474 1795 Justice Standing/Tea Kettle, stove. minor flan void, R&B UNC $85.

SHACKLETON'S 476 1794 Royal Arms/Candle Mould. mostly red, tad rub net AU, $75.

SHACKLETON'S 477a 1794 As the last, this R&B, RARE variety, nice AU $95.

SKIDMORE 522a 1795 St Paul's, Covent Garden, Built/Burnt. 50% red, nice UNC $165.

SPENCE 676 1775 Scales, cornucopia, /Rays, Spence legends. On a small flan, with a

weak strike from less metal to strike, 1 spot, no marks, and super surfaces. nice look--GEF, $185.

SPENCE 686c 1794 Bust Spence/Heads of Man and Ass. Large spread flan, with striking

cracks dramatically spread out, causing some strike weakness, net is EF $175

SPENCE 719 ND Ass, with panniers/An Indian. Nice surfaces, some wear to go along

with a tad light strike, a much looked for design, EF-AU overall, $375.

SPENCE 780a 1791 Lord George Gordon/Old Bailey. Mostly red Choice UNC $375.

SPENCE 842a ND A Pig trampling the crown/3 Thomas's. luster, this showing on a pebbly

flan, this piece essentially as made and fully UNC $275..

SPENCE 857 ND A Sailor/Anchor, hearts. Nice surfaces, but some wear, GVF $165.

STINTIONS 904 1795 A Grasshopper/Stinton's &c. minor mks, full strike, tad red UNC $135.

WILLIAMS 916 1795 Prince of Wale's crest/Arms of London. Choice UNC, RARE, $135.

London and Westm. 929 1792 John Howard/Cypher, Westminster &c. Scarce, very nice EF $65.

NATIONAL 932 1789 George III/"Lost to Hope" &c. Copper, nice AU+ $85.

NATIONAL 938 1789 George III/"Restored to health", &c. 90% gilt, net AEF $55.

NATIONAL 952 ND Prince of Wales/His Crest. Luster, choice UNC $95.

NATIONAL 969 1789 Prince of Wales/Crown "Prince Regent"---nice luster, UNC $110.

NATIONAL 977 1795 Princess of Wales/Portcullis. Choice AU, $75. Super solid UNC $95.

NATIONAL 984 ND Duke of York/Female, pillar. Luster, super, well struck--net AU $125.

ERSKINE 1010 ND Bust Erskine/"A friend to freedom", sharp, some red, AU net $75.

INDUSTRY 1029 1801 Beehive, Shield. RARE, this GVF and strong for issue, $95

STAG 1041e 1796 A Stag/A Plough. Brown, some luster AU $75. Luster, R&B UNC $95.

TOM TACKLE 1048 ND Tom Tackle, with sword, ready for war/Tom Tackle on crutches, back from war--(Rich/Poor)--a very interesting statement, but a Lutwych production, always with weak

strikes. This better than most, has a bit of luster and some red, is about as made. RARE thus, $165

Middlesex, farthings----- PAGE FOUR

ORCHARD 1063 1804 Bust Orchard/Building. UNC, brown, nice luster, UNC $95.

PIDCOCK'S 1066 ND Elephant/two headed cow. tad red, nice strike, UNC $155.

SPENCE 1085 ND Adam & Eve/Bull, with head of an ass. Weak on Adam, AU $125.

SPENCE 1088 ND Adam & Eve/ A Pig. Brown UNC $155.

SPENCE 1117 1795 3 Thomas's/A Pig. Super color and strike, Very choice UNC $235.


NORWICH 22 1794 Muff and Tippet/Umbrella .Luster, a choice brown UNC $125.

NORWICH 23b ND A Bottle/Hope standing. fading rose, cpl marks, EF-AU $38.

NARWICH 28 1792 Arms/Shop front. Fading red, really pretty UNC $125.

NORWICH 32 1793 Arms/ an Eagle. Net AU $65.

NORWICH 47a 1793 Mounted Dragoon/Barracks. AU, $55.


ARNOLD 4 1791 Hanging Fleece, Tree/Fasces. Farthing, nice EF/GVF. $120.

DONALD 6 1792 Donald and Co/ Beehive, Bees. The least common 1/2d, AU $85.

DONALD 7 1792 Donald and Co/Beehive, Bees. Very nice EF $45.


Coalbrook DALE 10 1792 The Iron Bridge/Inclined Plane. R&B AU, luster $95.

Coalbrook DALE 13 1792 The Iron Bridge/Inclined Plane. RR. Very rare variety that has had

an old cleaning, R&B but not a natural red, partially retoned. VF+ net, $65.

SHREWSBURY 20 1793 Arms of Shrewsbury/Woolpack. nice EF, strong strike, $65.

SHREWSBURY 25d 1794 Arms of ShrewsburyWoolpack- EF+, red, $65.

SHREWSBURY 25h 1794 Arms of Shrewsbury/Woolpack. RR, VF+ net, ex Brown $75.


BATH 26 1794 Garden Gate/Tree. 80% red, usual strike on tree, UNC $75.

BATH 34 1794 Arms of Bath/Woman, boy, key to prison, luster, tad rub AU $75.

BATH 36d ND John Howard/Woman, boy, key to prison. R&B UNC/AU $75.

BATH 40 1794 Bust Blaudud/New Pump Room. AU, $55. UNC $85, Ch UNC $110.

BATH 45 1796 Walcott Turnpike/Blaudud. no mks, luster, sharp strike, Ch AU $245.

BATH 50 1794 Camel/India House. RARE BRASS, Ch VF+, $95.

BRISTOL 89 1797 Church Spire/India House. Nearly full luster R&B UNC $125.

BRISTOL 102 1795 2 men talking/Bridge. Slight weakness, better than usual, has a look of

a GVF-EF, but is about UNC. Hard surfaces, just a nice example of this issue. Net AEF, $135.

YEOVIL 110 1797 Man in Loom/Yeovil.. All readable, strong for issue, ch. GVF $110.

Another, a tad weaker with a few marks but also a look of GVF, $55.


STAFFORD 4 1801. Arms of Stafford/Cypher. Penny. R&B, Luster, nice UNC $165.

LEEK 1/2 d. 13a 1793 Bale of Goods/Caduceus. Large flan, lists RR but is not. nice UNC $95.

STAFFORD 20 1797 Arms of Stafford /WH Cypher. Ton of luster, minor tics, UNC $85


BUNGAY 1. 1794 Bigod's Castle/Justice Standing. A "Double token", for one penny,

double thick, struck with halfpenny dies. Scarce, this a nice one, trace red, AU, no mks, $245.

WOODBRIDGE 15 1796 Bust Sekford/Arms. small mark, tad rub on nose, but nice AU $110.

BLYTHING 19 1794 Mounted Yeoman/Castle in Garter. 100% red, minor tiny stain, UNC

and $120. Another, faded red to brown, nice surfaces, UNC $105.

BUNGAY 22 1794 Bigod's Castle/Justice Stands 1/2d. tad red, full strike super UNC $125.

BUNGAY 23b ND Bigod's Castle/Justice on pedestal. R&B obv, Brn rev, UNC $110.

BURY 26 ND Arms/Monogram, Crown. 50% red, die cracks, sharp UNC/AU $75.

BURY 28 ND Arms of Bury/Teakettle, stove. Super surfaces and full luster, this is

a choice token in every respect. $125. .
SUFFOLK, continued PAGE FIVE next piece out of numerical order

MILLER'S 20. ND Bust T. Miller/ blank, with reverse image sunken in to rough surface.

This piece is either a trial, a workman's freak, or the obverse section of a planned but not finished electrotype. The obverse is the same as that on the finished token, 20 reported struck before the dies broke, with no more produced. This piece with a perfect obverse, other than being a tad mushy. The reverse is sunken in, with sharp rims, and the obverse figure and even part of the lettering reversed and incuse. This piece unique at the moment, and as its purpose and even its manufacture is not known, it will be sold not at die trial price but as a whatzit, far less expensive than the RR token, at $395.

BURY 29 ND Book, Rackham's/ Abbey Gate. Decent strike for a change, a very

` nice UNC, no marks, and overall with subdued but original luster. $165.

BURY 30 1795 Arm/Hammer/Fame, trumpet. No marks, luster, usual strike UNC $95.

HAVERHILL 32 ND Man in Loom/Plough and Shuttle. EF, $45.

HOXNE 33e 1795 Yeoman, Horse/Castle in garter. RRR, plain edge, GEF $145.


BRIGHTON 2 1794 Prince of Wales/His Crest. Luster, Brown, very nice EF+ $55.

CHICHESTER 15 1794 Queen Elizabeth I/Chichester Cross. Two nice ones, first is early die state, full legends, UNC/AU, second, breaks in the legends, but tad red, nice surfaces. Choice---$115.

FRANT 23 1794 Cypher, Lamb/Arms. Full luster choice UNC, some red, $125.

NORTHIAM 35 1794 Arms/Squirrel over Cypher, tad red AU $75.

WARWICKSHIRE halfcrowns, and pennies ------#1 to #41

WORKHOUSE 1 1788. Man, boy getting Alms/Cypher, 2 shillings Sixpence. Gilt EF, $165. .

KEMPSON'S 6 1796 Caesar's Tower/PK Cypher. Some red, ton of luster, Choice UNC $175.

HOLLAND 41 ND Bust Holland/inside of the Free School. This token would ordinarily run

to $600 or so, but this one has been in a bag and has a ton of bag marks, both sides. With no glass on

it, the piece is not bad at all, but with a glass, a baggy monster. NO rub, but selling VF $225.

WARWICKSHIRE -- halfpennies See web site for Warks building tokens

COUNTY 50 1793 Boy with Tools/Arms, hedgehogs. Handled Gilt proof, net EF, $ 150.

BIRMINGHAM 60c ND Arms, Hedgehogs/Mounted Dragoon. Edge of this piece "we promise

to pay the bearer one cent", which is an American term. Bit mushy, nets AU, RARE, $195.

BARKER 68 1797 Warrior over Arms/Justice in a sunken oval. RARE, and this one with

superb eye appeal, it is a choice Bronzed UNC, full luster and flawless. $435.

BIGG'S 70 1792 General Eliot/Fleur de Lis. weak rev, red in devices Unc, net AU $85.

BIRMINGHAM 76a 1793 Birmingham Co., Woman, fasces/Stork. Counterfeit. AEF, nice $65.

Mining and Copper 82 1791 Woman, Fasces/Stork. a GTT, minor mks on rev, nice luster UNC $110

Mining and Copper 95 1792 As the last, full PL luster, minor marks, sharp strike, UNC $125.

BISSET'S 120 ND Interior of Temple/Artifacts. Luster, nice AU $95.

HALLAN'S 131 1795 Bust Hallan/Tea pot, creamer, &c. This token has luster, and overall

a very nice look, only one detraction, a scratch on the reverse. Other than that, nice UNC, just $125.

LUTWYCH'S 220 ND Geo.III, Charlotte/Moneta Seated. small flan, nice GVF-EF, $45.

COVENTRY 231 1792 Lady Godiva/Castle and Elephant. AEF, $45.

STRATFORD 320a ND Bust Shakespeare/To honor Shakespeare &c. NGC MS 64, this token

slabbed, full luster, cannot find a fault, appears to be a proof, just lovely, UNC $275.

STRATFORD 331 ND Bust Shakespeare/Britannia. Very sharp, luster, UNC $145.

WILKINSON 340 1787 Bust Wilkinson/Man at forge. Luster, very choice UNC $165.

WILKINSON 393 1793 Bust Wilkinson/ Man at forge. Bronzed proof, handled, luster $145.

WILKINSON 443 1791 Bust Wilkinson/Vulcan. RR, a Lutwych counterfeit, nice VF $75.

WILKINSON 451g 1792 Bust Wilkinson/Vulcan, a gemmy UNC, Warley Camp edge, $145.

BIRMINGHAM 478a 1796 Woman, Fasces/ Peace, and a flowing trade, ---this Farthing is

exceptional. No problems, fully UNC and full original luster. Thick flan, gemmy, $255.

BIRMINGHAM 481a 1792 Bust Howard/Cypher. Luster and much red, UNC $75.

KENDAL 4 1794 Cypher, crest a Lion/Justice Standing. Lion fully struck for a change, die polish lines evident, couple die rust lumps, but full luster, GEM Proof bronzed UNC $295.

KENDAL 4a 1794 Cypher, crest a Lion/ Justice Standing. . Nice, minor spot, UNC $95.

KENDAL 5a ND Cypher, lion/A Ship. blundered edge, token R&B and very pretty $135.


DUDLEY PENNY 5 1797 Tower of Dudley Castle/ ED cypher. Minor amount of reverse stain,

this piece an olive color. One of a set of 5, one of only 2 with a date. RARE, Net EF, $225.

WORCESTER 7 1790 Dudley Castle/Shepherd. Full strike UNC, Lacquered, nice $165.

WORCESTER 9 ND Dudley Castle/Three Thomas's &c. Scarce--- Choice UNC $225.

WORCESTER 17 ND Dudley Castle/Man and Mule's heads combined. Obviously intended

to look like a mule--and like George III---nice UNC, these RR $375.

WORCESTER 42 1788 George III/Cornucopia, musical instruments. Silvered, and abt. new,

small scalloped flan. RARE Made in Worcester during the visit of the king on Aug. 6. AU++ $155.

YORKSHIRE A group of Leeds die types, many seldom advertised

BEDALE 9c 1792 View of a street/IOM cypher. Sharp UNC, tad die rust, just $145.

HUDDERSFIELD 15a 1793 India House/Grocer's Arms. nice Luster, sharp, AU+++ $95.

HULL 24 1791 Arms of Hull/Hope standing. Nearly no rub, Scarce, AU $75.

LEEDS 37 1793 Bishop Blaze/Cloth hall. bronzed proof, AU net, $125.

LEEDS 41 1791 Bishop,Lamb/Cloth Hall. mark on rev, some red, UNC $55.

LEEDS 41a 1791 As the last, but RRR plain edge, struck in collar, the strike on this

piece is as good as you will ever get, no problems, luster, superb!! $265.

LEEDS 45 1791 Bishop, lamb/ Arms, Fleece. R&B lustrous UNC $135.

LEEDS 51 1791 Bishop, lamb/Arms, Fleece. R&B EF/AU, $75.

LEEDS 55 1791` Arms of Leeds/John of Gaunt. Choice brown surfaces, UNC $145.

SHEFFIELD 57 1794 Men at Anvil/Arms. Obv strike light as always, strong reverses on

these, couple cuds at the rim from die breaks Very nice surfaces, net then EF $75.

YORK 63a 1795 York Cathedral/Caesar's Tower RARE, strike little weak, EF+ $75.

YORK 69 1796 Bust of Constantine/Arms of York. 200 struck, nice UNC $245.


ANGLESEY 1d 5 1787 Druid/Cypher, date below, D above, 2 edge bumps pattern EF $145.

ANGLESEY 45 1787 Druid/Cypher, date above---Luster, super AU+, $145.

ANGLESEY 47 1787 Druid/Cypher, red in devices, full luster choice UNC $250.

ANGLESEY 1/2d 274 1788 Druid/Cypher. Some red, near UNC, net EF for price $55.

ANGLESEY 277 1788 Druid/Cypher. Some luster, nice AEF, and RR, $125.

ANGLESEY 433a 1791/95 Cypher/Cambridge Druid mule. 70% red, some spots, net GVF $55.

ANGLESEY 449 1794 Druid/Cypher, fully UNC but lacquered, $75. (envelope at $100 att.)

NORTH WALES 6b 1793 Druid/Harp. Edge coarse milled, RARE, nice VF+ $65.

NORTH WALES 8 1793 Druid/Harp/ UNC, slightly flat strike as usual, net AU $75.

CARMARTHEN 5 ND Men at Forge/interior of mill/VF+ net, usual strike, $65.


ANGUSSHIRE 3 ND Ancient Cross/A Highlander. This in copper, and RR+, seldom seen

such. These usually in Silver, and shilling denomination. This, with a two toned blotchy obverse,

where a dark coppering has come off in places leaving the lighter copper. UNC, but net GVF $220.

ANGUSSHIRE 16 1796 Infirmary/Ship. Obv nearly all red, reverse 50% red, and a sharp UNC,

on a token seldom found this way. Original luster. $325.

ANGUSSHIRE 19 1797 Dudhope Castle/Man working Flax. Some red. AU/EF, $95.

FORFAR 23 1797 View of Town/Castle. Luster, Brown UNC/AU $145

DUNDEE 39bis ND Scales, Cypher/A Sentinel on duty. This RR, some red, the strike

a bit soft on the figure, Net EF+ $155.
LANARKSHIRE 2a 1791 Arms/A river god. Silvered, UNC, very nice, $225. GLASGOW.

GLASGOW 4 1791 Arms/A river god. Superb surfaces, nice AU $55.

GLASGOW 35 1791 Farthing, Hamilton's. St Andrew, Cross/Tree &c. for issue, GVF $85.

LOTHIAN 20 1796 Harrison's, HH Cypher/Anchor. Nice AU + $75. EDINBURGH

EDINBURGH 40a 1791 St Andrew, cross/Arms. Ton of original luster, minor metal 2-toning

on the reverse, otherwise a stunning piece, net AU, $135.

EDINBURGH 119 ND Isaac Russell, wine and spirits &c, Farthing, Choice VF $75.

PERTH 1 1797 Man with fishing boat and net/Bridge, Hills. Ch. Bronzed UNC $249.

Stunning piece, very sharply struck, the reverse amazing. Very hard to upgrade this one.

PERTH 11 1798 Farthing. Tower/Woman watering cloth. GEM UNC $375.


CORK 2 1794 Fame Flying/Cypher. VF, just wear, otherwise nice $35.

DUBLIN 4 1804 Penny token. Hibernia, Harp/ WTBC cypher. This is a Dublin

pawnbroker's token, RARE, lots of wear, sadly, but choice VG-Fine, $85.

DUBLIN 58 1792 Female, Harp/Cypher. RR+, choice surfaces, AU+, wow. $245

DUBLIN 170 1792 Female, Harp/Cypher. Camac, &c, RRR, EF+ wow again $250.

DUBLIN 262 1794 Female, Harp/Cypher, Camac &c. RARE, VF/F, $75.

DUBLIN 296 1792 Turner Camac, &c--Hibernia, harp. Bit dirty, but VF+ $85.

DUBLIN 345 1794 Justice Standing/LR cypher. Net EF, tough grade, luster $65.

DUBLIN 352b 1795 Female Seated/Stove. Parker's. rim flaw, some red, UNC nice $95

DUBLIN 377 1804 Hibernia/WTBC cypher, a pawnbroker token Always soft, .AEF, $125

WICKLOW 18 1789 Bishop Blaze/Miner's Arms. Boulton's bronze presentation proof from

his first ever coining contract. Luster, a little handling but no major mks, very nice $235.

BOOKS The Standard References All sent post paid media mail.

Dalton & Hamer--out of print. I do have the on-line 18th Century guide available, it covers all of the D&H listing and is easy to use, photos of course. $75. Ask, and I can set it up for you.

Dr. Sriro's latest CD, with over 4000 photos of tokens and comments, population, ratings, etc.

A great tool to have. For price Contact at

Withers, Paul & Bente—“19th Century Copper Tokens 1811-1820”. Wonderful book--- $143.

R. C. BELL----Copper Commercial Coins, 1811-1819. His 19th C book, no DJ, clean, good copy $32.

R.C. BELL Political tokens, Spence, National, etc, nice clean copy, DJ, F-VF $95.

R. C BELL Tradesmen's Tickets and Private tokens. All the ultra rare pieces discussed, F, DJ $95.

Withers, Paul & Bente---The Token Book--Price guide all British tokens. Available at Charles Davis, ask.

Cobwright--“A Walk in the Monkolokian rainforest in search of the Spiney Fubbaduck”-Evasions, $28

Seaby, 1984 edition (best), British tokens and their values. Not all pieces listed, but handy $25.

Tokens of the Industrial Revolution---Manville. 1787-1828. New, now just-- $65ppd.

Waters, Arthur--Notes on the Silver Tokens of the 19th C. 22 pages, many notes not in the catalogue,

this VF and nice, one small tear to the cover at spine. . $42.

Waters, Arthur----Notes on the 18th C tokens. Bit tough to get, adds nicely to D&H, nice Fine $75.

Waters thought the information in D&H lacking, this card covered booklet has much information.

Mays, James O.," Tokens of those Trying Times", WITH Richard Dalton's catalogue of the silver token series, 248 pages. Mays book, the first 166 pages, gives a fine insight in to the "trying times", and the tokens issued in 1811-12. Many photos, well written. Included from pp 167 onward is the complete reprint of the Dalton catalogue. A wonderful book and reference. This copy as new, with dust jacket, $85.

Wm Irving, "The Mayor of Garratt"-- The story of Jeffery Dunstan, a dwarf pictured on some of Hall's tokens, (see Middlesex 315). a good picture of life at the time of the tokens. One left---- $45.

George Selgin, "Good Money"--our tokens, and how they were used. Super read, SB, new, $28.

These tokens were struck out of necessity for change. They are quite crude, but served the need at the time. They circulated in very small areas and most were struck in very small quantities. They are listed by Williamson numbers, from his book on 17th century tokens. Withers and Dickinson's guides list the prices in Fine, which is considered a normal grade for the 17th c tokens. I try to find at least Fines.

Bedford W28 John Samm/of Clufton. (Draper's Arms) 1664. AVF, nice $145

Buckinghamshire W178 Robert Whitten/of Great Wickham. (A Stag) AEF, wonderful grade $145.

Dorsetshire W155 Sherborn Farthing /for the poor. (A Mitre). 1669. GF, $72.

Hertfordshire W64 Mary Edwards in Bvingford/Her half peny. (A Bell). 1669. Net Fine, $88.

Hertfordshire W117 Thomas Haward/in Hitchin. His Half Peny. Choice VF $145.

Kent W212 Martha Fford/In Dover. female issuer, 1659. Bit porous, AVF, $52.

Lincolnshire W138 Lincoln Citty Halfpenny Chaingd by the Maior 1669. Octagonal, with a bit

of a "rusty" look, rev is the Arms of Lincoln. About Fine, $85.

Lincolnshire W164 Samuell Ridett chandler/in the citty of Lincoln 1666. rev flaw, but AVF $115.

Norfolk W-49 Stephen Freeman/in Harleston, 1666. (Draper's Arms) AVF, nice $95.

Norfolk W-73 Giles Bridgman/in Lyn Regis (arms) 1650. AVG-VG $28.

Oxfordshire W111 Mayor of the/ (an Ox passing a Ford)/Oxford Token, 1652. VF nice $68.

Worcestershire W122 A Worcester Farthing/For Necessarie Chaing. (Falcon, Castle). AF, nice $75.

Yorkshire W367 Iohn Hurd in Whiten/God Save the King. (3 "tuns"), AVF $85.

EVASION TOKENS as in Atkins, Cobwright, prices in the Token book for the most part---

Most of these tokens were made in the late 18th C, many in the last few years of the century, some made later

and a few earlier, but the date on the piece is to be taken with a grain of salt. Many who could not read

accepted these pieces, which were made in worn condition-- to make it look like they had been in circulation

for a good length of time. Avery interesting series, and one that often confuses the new collector.

A-39 C0060/B0680 Claudius Romanus/Britannia's Isle. 1774. F/VF, $45.

A-61 C0200/N0170 Colonel Kirk/Harp, legend worn---net Good/Fair, $15.

A-75 C0240/B0360 Cornwallis Lis Ind/Britan-Nia. 1771. Nice GVF, $75.

A-120 G0080/B0940 George Gordon/Briton's Rule. 1772. Nice VF $65.

A-163 G0290/D0200 George Rules/Britan nia 1771. Rev VERY weak, G/Fair $15.

A-168 G0330/N0090 George Rules/North Wales. J78J. AF, $45.

A-(173) G0305/N0030 George Rules/North Wales, 1760. F+ nice, $45.

A-189 G0430/N0110 George Rules/North Wales 1782. Fine, $45.

A-317 G0990/N0160 God Save the King/North Wales. 1792. Choice EF $95

A-408 L.0030/N0040 ` Long Live the King/North Wales. 17-61. nice VF $85.

A-437 S0090/N0210 ` Sr Bevois Southampton/North Wales. AVF/VF+ nice $65.

A-437 another, Sr Bevois Southampton/North Wales GVF very nice $95.

A-452 no legend/K0010 Bust to R/Ketec Catvc. 17--91, The usual obverse lettering is

"Enona Atkne", this a variation with legend missing.

These are farthings. Though known, it is rare. VF++ $140.

A-454 G0020/P0620 George V. Gordon/Peace and Plenty. VG-VF, $65.


Undated,--- (1770-5) most Fair to GVF, average VF, Many have partial dates, 12 for $50. 25 for $100.

Three Counterfeit farthings, 1 no date, 2 partial (1 probably 1773), $30.

Dated-- Five 1775 halfpennies, G to AVG $8 each. Group $35.

Eleven 1775 Halfpennies, and 3 farthings, all VG to AF, most VG, $15 each, $185 All.

One cast brass 1807 counterfeit halfpenny, VG $35.

1775 Counterfeit Halfpennies and farthings. Group of 8 (1 farthing), F-AVF, $ 160

1775- Group of 9 (2 farthings) all VF- VF+, $225.

1775- Group of 12 Halfpennies, All GVF, $45 each, or all for $500.

also have odd dates, Irish counterfeits, and English 1770-1774. ask----------------

19th CENTURY PENNY & HALFPENNY TOKENS (all pennies unless otherwised listed)

W-51 Staffordshire, Bilston. View of Priest Field Furnace/Fereday. Luster, cpl mks, net AU $145.

W-270 Rose Copper Co, halfpenny. 1811 Value rev, teeny edge tics, so net AU, luster, Ch. eye-- $65.

W-324 Union Copper Co/Clasped Hands, nice color,1812. GVF $32.

W-418 George III/Arms of Bristol. 1811. Gemmy unc with tad cabinet rub, net AU++, luster $135

W-522 Prince of Wales Feathers/Arms of Bristol. Full luster, minor rub, GEF $75

W-540 Prince of Wales Feathers/Arms of Bristol. Luster, gunmetal color, nice EF $42.

W-673 Gloucester, Cheltenham, Church in the trees/Value. GVF $65. Ch EF, $75.

W-729 Worcs, Dudley. Justice Standing, bales of goods/Wallace and Badger. VF $28 AU, $85.

W-837 Warren's Blacking, Bustr R/Bottle. GVF or better, super fields, $36. Halfpenny.

W-845 Stock Exchange/Legends. Luster, AU, super $65. halfpenny. 1811

W-851 Commerce Seated, bales of goods/value. Suffolk, Lowestoft. 1811. GVF, $35.

W-855 George III/Value, J. Forrest, Worcs, Lye. Red in devices, luster, GEF, nice $150.

W905 2 Sheep/Norwich castle. Barker's, nice AEF $95. Super luster choice EF $195.

W910 Arms of Norwich/Shuttle, label. TWOPENCE, VG $15, GVF $55, AEF $75, EF $135.

W-914 Hope Standing, shield, Dunham & Yallop, Norwich 1811. tad weak strike, EF $18.

W-935 W. Barker, Nottingham/Value. 1813. EF, super luster, close to as made, $210.

W-1136 Devon, Tavistock-- Prince of Wales Feathers/Mining engine. Full luster, with minor rub on

the obverse, this piece is RR, and very hard to find this nice. Surfaces prooflike, AU+ $245.

W-1155 Staffordshire, Walsall halfpenny, 1811. Bear, Staff/Walsall. GVF, $45.

W-1713 Eagle/Britannia Seated. Porous VF, 1814. Rare in the UK, $28.

W-2070 Triskeles/Isle of Man Penny bank token. Nice surfaces, 1811. VF, $55.

W-2100 Triskeles/Value, Isle of Man halfpenny token. 1831, GVF $28, nice EF $45.

FUN STUFF, Medals and more, P. 11 for anti slavery items---

Coin--William III 1698. Nice fabric, halfpenny. Obv F, rev VG, $35.

Guinea Counter--Geo III/Fattorini, Harrowgate. Imitation guinea, nice GVF $15.

Maria Theresa Thaler, Proof Restrike of the 1780 original, in Silver. 28+ gms. Blinding proof, $55.

Cob, 8 Real, 1732, strong date. Wreck of the San Jose 1733 Armada, in the Florida Keys, this piece GVF,

very readable for a shipwreck cob coin, no encrustations. Mexico City mint. GVF $475.

Cob, 4 Real, 1651-1652, Mexico City, 4/28/1656 wreck of the Verglude, ledge north of Perth Australia.

Not encrusted, but the silver is dark, edges without legend. Easy ID by type, undated. F+, $150.

Medal----Bust James Watt/Cornwall Polytech institute award medal, to M. W. Wigzell 1863. Ch UNC $95.

US Trade Dollar----1878s, Liberty Seated, Eagle, nice color, solid VF or better, $160.

Suez Canal---The Borel Lavalley Co was instrumental in the French build of the Suez Canal. Tokens issued

by them are rare indeed. Here a 24 sided token, Sailing ship pictorial, brass, 27.2mm, and dated 1865. Value stated is 1 Franc. Short of a couple minor scratches, this super hard to find piece is very nice. $345.

Victoria Jubilee. 1887. A 38mm brown Fibre token, an experimental type. Victoria/Jubilee scene. EF+ $65.

SIEGE OF PARIS--by the Prussian Army, -1870-71. This is an amazing medal, silver, 65mm, in a framed and glazed turned brass holder (over 100mm) allowing viewing of both sides of the medal. It was presented to the Society of English Friends, with the engraved legend, in French, thanking the society for going to the aid with goods to the Commune of Villemomble during the Franco-Prussian war-- with their "profound esteem". Villemomble is about 9 miles to the east of Paris, and it is not known how the English managed to send supplies to the Commune during the Prussian siege!! As to the medal, some inquiry leaves it as expected, most likely UNIQUE--it is unknown by any in the trade in the UK or France, save this one. This EF, in the original box. Medal, all hand engraved on a shaved agricultural piece-- the brass holder about new-- all contained in the box (114mm) is VF+. Rarity, condition, history, it has it all. -- $1125.

A second note on this-- The only one known belonged to the society in England, they disbanded some years ago. The medal made its way to the sale floor-----I could not resist it. This is, of course, a piece with no value at all, except what the owner puts on it. Many thought it worth twice my asking price.


The following entries are coronation and Jubilee medals for George V, and Coronation medals for

George VI, most will have ribbons and pins, and be in excellent condition. the towns, sizes and grades will be listed, they are sold per each. There are also a couple of visitation medals and miscellany.

GEORGE V, CORONATION 1911 All have the King and Queen on the obverse.

AE,. 32mm Pretoria, S. Africa, with ribbon and dated fancy bar. AEF, $24. Gilt BZ, 34mm, Grimsby. Ribbon, no pin.EF, $18. Brass 34mm Most likely London. Super EF++, with ribbon $25.

SILVER 38mm, Royal arms on reverse, likely London, superb piece, heavy, $45. WM, 37mm, with ribbon and pin, Dominion medal, world locations on rev, EF $20 Heavy Bronze, 50mm,. issued for the Coronation by the Bakers, confectioners, etc, traders who held an exhibition in Glasgow in 1911. Presented by T. C. Watson. Possible old cleaning, very scarce, $38. AL 38mm Cliderowe, w ribbon, as new $18.

AL, 38mm Gillingham, Kent. Ch EF, ribbon. $25. 37mm two toned bronze, EF, rev with 3 castles, winged dragons to support shield, Scottish thistle below. $25. Carlisle, 31mm BZm ribbon and pin, VF+ $20.

Borough of Torquay, 37mm AE, no ribbon, AU, $15. Derby, 37mm gilt BZ, part ribbon, VF+ $15.

Borough of Colne, AL 31mm ribbon, pin, EF $22. Chipping Wycombe, 30X39mm, crown shape, GVF, ribbon, $18. London, SILVER, 37mm, Angels rev, GVF $18. Coventry, 31mm BZ, Ribbon, pin EF $18.

Barrow in Furness. AE 38,mm, Walney Bridge rev, no ribbon, VF $18. Presented by Princess Beatrice, a BZ 25mm medal with ribbon and pin, AEF $15. Peterbourough, AL 37mm, no ribbon EF $15. London, AL 35mm, choice EF with ribbon and pin, $15. Daily Dispatch, bz 32mm VF $5. Glossup--Lion on pedestal on reverse, 32mm bz $10. Wimbledon, AE 39mm GVF $12. Shoreditch, brass 31mm Ch UNC $22. Middlesex, WM Octagonal, ribbon,39mm GVF $10. Runcorn, 35mmAL ribbon and pin, $12.
GEORGE V SILVER JUBILEE. 1935. Most have ribbons and pins, a delete will be noted.

1st Group $15 each. AL, 38mm Newcastle Under Lyme. No pin. Bebbington, octagon, 34mm, ornate,

West Bromwich, octagon, 38mm, AU, ribbon and hanging bar, Norwich, AL 31mm fancy hanger,

London, AL 38mm, EF R&P, Salford, AL 38mm, with hanger, Southampton, hanger 30mm Brass.

London, 37mm Silver, rev Lion Guardant---EF $35. Not holed. Middlesex, Octagonal AL 38mm AU $20.

Southampton, gilt BZ 35mm with R, P, Hanger abt new $20. Retford, WM 32mm, ornate hanger, EF $22.

Sutton Coldfield, 32mm silver, $20. Presented by the Daily Mail, hanger, 32mm Silver, $15.

London, w ribbon 38mm WM, AEF $10. Middlesex Council, Hexagon, 33mm WM EF $10.

Ulverton, Bz 38mm, hanger VF+ $10.
MISCELLANEOUS---Edward VIII coronation, uniface with hanger, blue enameled 29mm, AEF $15.

George V visit to Bristol to open infirmary. Gilt BZ, fancy crown hanger June 28 1912. As new, $28.

Another, Visit to Bristol-- no hole, a medal, nice EF $22.

George V visit to Burnley, July 1913, AL 37,mm, no ribbon or pin. VF $10.

George VI and Elizabeth/Visit to Canada. 1939. Pair of AE medals, /map of Canada. EF-25 and 30mm, $5.

Group of 10, miscellaneous coronation medals, mostly GVF, some better, $91 holder, $50 all no returns.


Official bronze medal, Bust George and Elizabeth/Britannia standing. BZ, 44mm, EF, nice $20.

London--Europe, Asia rev, 34mm brass gilt, choice new $15. London, Westminster, 35mm Silver, view of
Westminster Abbey on rev, $20. Bramsgrove, AE 30mm (pig rev), with ribbon and pin, GVF $18.

Isle of Man--31mm WM, with ribbon and hanger, AEF+ $22. Another, frayed ribbon, $12.

Hospital Fund al 39MM fancy hanger, EF $15. Aluminum Corp Ltd, AL 34mm, GVF $20 nice hanger.

Kent, Maidstone Gilt BZ 34mm, ribbon, hanger, EF $18. (RCA VICTOR) 37mm Silver, to "associate your association with "his master's voice" EF, no hole, a medal, nice $28. Dudley, BZ 35mm, no ribbon GVF $15.

Borough of Bridlington, AE 39mm, nice EF $15. Rochester, gilt BZ, 37mm ribbon, pin EF $18. Presented by the Mayfair Hotel, Berkeley Square, AE, 49mm BZ, EF nice $25. Hampstead, 38mm BZ GEF $15.


French Revolution---a 85mm filled copper shell by Andrieu, July 14, 1789, for the Siege of the Bastille.

A view of the people attacking the Bastille, EF and nice $145.

The Battle of Waterloo---a small, 24mm copper medalet, Man on a horse, the "Crowned Prince of Orange", and below, "Holland's Glory"--reverse, "June 18, 1815", Waterloo. Some scratches, RARE, GVF net $45. France, 100th anniversary of the railway system, 50mm AE, 1887. Wonderful view of a early train engine, awarded to "Le Voltaire"---As new, $155. Another, same vignette, part gilt, unawarded, GEF $145. Railroad medal, AE 45mm, 1835, depicted a very early engine, opening of the Paris to St. Germain Railroad. Superb condition, not really any marks at all, choice GEF $95.

Railroad medal--Lead, 47mm, View of a train and cars/Officer reviewing a line of troops. This an original made in 1849 - opening of the Paris to Eperney Railroad. Amazingly nice, and quite RARE, EF $65.

France, Steamship line, 1890's---Silver, hexagonal 40mm, around 3/4 oz of silver. Shield, with steamship, supporters at the side/Compangnie Generale Transatlantique. This line, by a ribbon on the medal, was also the Services Postaux de L'Atlantique et de la Mediterraines. Interesting piece----$55.

WW II, German POW Kamp, Danzig-Kaiserhafen----Zinc oval, 56X37mm, two holes for attachment, listed on the tag as "Prisoner #527". Excellent condition, nets GVF, $92. Rare item.

George Washington/Ship halfpenny, 1793. This piece with some wear, and counterstamps. Nets GF/F, the counterstamps on obverse, very small lettering, w*n* wm* knosf (last letter not clear). on the reverse, the counterstamps are *b*h*. All stamping is in the fields, a decent buy at $275.

Gibraltar---Token for Dos Quartos--James Spittle, British lion holds key/a building. 2 scratches on the reverse, that are not too important, date is 1820, nets about GVF. $55.

Syria--Arab on horse/1936 Damas Exposition. (Damascus)--- Br, 27mm, EF and nice, rare item, $52.

WW II, German ship token, Kreuzer Admiral Hipper, 1943 Kanteen tokens. Three available---in 5, 10 and 20 mark amounts, these are 16, 20, and 29,5mm, silver plated brass, all are EF-AU. $125, $135, $155.

French Shellcard Brothel Tokens----Both with smiling girl on the obverse. #1, for 8-Rue St. Michel, 21mm, there is a punch on the hair, causing slight bend, rare location, VF $65. #2, for 25 Aux Glaces, AEF and in super condition, $95. These are both Paris locations.

French Shellcard Brothel token, 21.5mm, 12 Aux Belles, a Cock pictorial, EF and in super condition, $75.

Denmark--Kopenhagen. Jeweler token, 23mm, Cherub using an Anvil, Brass 23mm. EF, just $25.

France, Moulin de la Galette , Windmill pictorial, 40c value. GVF, 30mm, nice $25.

Britain---early material, Lead token, S/H, 17th Century, perhaps as guess 1620, tiny, Fine $18.

Neat 11.8mm token, Cockerel with spurs/W-TE on reverse, Thames find, super condition, VF+, 1700's $68

A 16mm early 18th Century token, very crude, man standing, /md initials, other things too, Fine $28.

Jeton, England, copper, 22mm, Crowned head--/pattern, beaded boarders, 22mm F-VF. $45.

USA--Bust Washington/Brooklyn Bridge Opening, 1789/1889, BZ, 25.5mm, hfs as made, this piece quite

rare and a full luster UNC. Washington, and NY collectors will like this one, RARE, $139.

Smoking----Thorbeck's Machine Made Cigarettes. 1880's, 30mm bz, & a smoking Bear pictorial! GVF $38.

A Canceled Penny token. Victorian cardboard penny, attached note that this one is cancelled. G/GVF $15.

Germany---Lauer's "Shame Thaler", French soldier abusing a nude German woman/Broken Sword. From the 1923 inflation period, this piece 38mm, silvered bronze, EF+ and very nice. $89.

ANTI- SLAVERY Bust, William Wilberforce/Alligorical scene, "I have heard their cry" &c---Wilberforce pushed through Parliament a bill outlawing slavery in all its forms in the British Empire. This medal was made to celebrate that, in 1807. Very minor rim tics, otherwise EF and beautiful, AE, 53mm, this piece is a very important one, with super surfaces and nice luster, bronzed, great eye appeal. $950.

ANTI- SLAVERY Bz, 51mm, copper, very rare medal with the portrait of Thomas Clarkson on it, the only medal with his portrait, and he was the founder of the Anti Slavery Society. This medal for the Convention held in 1840 in England, to promote Anti Slavery world wide. The reverse of this medal has a slave in chains, "Am I not a man and a brother" legend. Some obv discoloration, allowing it to have a two tone look, some rub on the high points but EF overall. $850. Very rare in this metal.


The Conder Token Collector’s Club invites you to join. Quarterly Journal, professionally produced, and many articles & ads to enjoy. $25 or £22 per year. Contact me if interested---its well worth belonging!


The English grading system is used on all tokens, but the grading abbreviations are USA. A British EF is an American AU, and can be a token with slight rub or as good as MS62. . Scr= scratch. Hfs, =holed for suspension. Rm=rim nick. UNC—no wear. AU—Tad rub. to MS 62. EF— light circulation. VF-Very fine. F-Fine. VG Very good. G-Good. Complete list of American/British differences sent on request.

All tokens guaranteed genuine, and descriptions correct. Tokens may be returned within 30 days of receipt for any reason, and refunds will be prompt. All coins and tokens guaranteed genuine for life. Your satisfaction is far more important than a sale. No discounts will be given for the first 30 days of the sale.

All orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment to Bill McKivor in US funds. Please do not mail cash. Shipment will be held until funds clear if you are unknown to me. All items to the USA sent insured.

Shipping charges-$5 minimum, to $200. $200-$400, $7.50. $400-600 $9. Over $600 registered mail, $18+. BOOKS—most are priced with postage to the USA via Media Mail.

Foreign minimum £10. Foreign orders must be pre-paid before shipping. Insurance is available but at customer’s cost. Uninsured sent at customer’s risk. Ask for details.

Please give the List #, MAJOR HEADING, MINOR HEADING, D&H number, and price when ordering.

By Phone---(206) 244-8345 Daytime hours and evenings until 10PM. Please let it ring----

By E-mail---A great way to order or ask about tokens---

By mail to: Bill McKivor, PO Box 46135, Seattle, WA 98146.


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