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LIST #42

October-December 2005 “Something for Everyone”
18th Century “CONDER” TOKENS-------17TH Century tokens—19th Century tokens

Medals, medalets, unusual historical items----

Does your label say “last issue”? If it does, and you still want it, call me.

Hello, everyone---late again, as usual. The Token Congress was not until mid October, so had to rush home and get this in the mail. Anything picked up in England will have to wait until January-----This list has one interesting surprise. Many of you have asked me why I do not have more Washington tokens listed. The answer lies in the fact that they are also collected by the US Colonial collectors, and the prices are very high for most of them, making them nearly impossible to find in the trays of Conder dealers. Some years ago I sold a number of pieces to one customer, who has listed them and others here---so you will find a nice run of pennies and halfpennies with George Washington on the obverse. As well, there are a few Washington pieces that are not in D&H, but have close ties to the group you may wish to look at---they are listed at the beginning of the list, below. As usual, the Washington pieces will be graded by American grading standards, as that is how they are priced, and how I have to buy them. Rather odd situation. Priced below book!!

Coin Ex was held on the 30th and 1st October at the London Docks, a new venue and a bit “out of town”.

I shall have to have a report on the auction scene and London shows in another issue, I am afraid!! Enjoy!!

A few Washington pieces that are not in D&H (US Colonials)

George Washington/Unity States. Bust to left/Unity states legend. 1783. These come with “striations” right in the planchet, and are often weakly struck in the legends. Obverse legends are weak, central figure close to as struck. The reverse is VERY strong, and the piece easily merits an AU. Book $950. Nice, nice. $575.

George Washington—Double head cent. His bust on both sides, a sharp EF. Seldom found this nice $395.

Georgius Triumpho---Bust “Washington”---(it looks like George III)---/ Liberty stands behind screen with 13 bars, fleur de lis at the corners of the screen. The token rather obviously refers to the American victory, but the bust is decidedly George III---a very odd piece indeed. 1783, and struck at the time Scarce----these are listed in Atkins and Cobwright, as an evasion token, and were known to have circulated in England as well as in America. However, it was issued at an earlier time than 1787 so is not in D&H---but it is punch linked to counterfeit halfpennies of the period. Evasion, Colonial, call it what you will. VF+ for this always weak issue, it has hair detail and quite a bit of reverse detail too. With an AU selling recently in a Bowers and Merina auction for $3860, this choice VF, much better than the average VF--- ought to please at $645.

Washington, Large Military Bust---Bust L/Liberty seated. Large button variety. These were struck in or around 1820, though the date is 1783. EF+, very choice on obverse, just a bit flat in face on the reverse. $345.


AYLESBURY 3. 1796. Justice Seated/Arms. EF+, just a bit of wear, bronzed, no marks,

very nice. Ex: R. C. Bell. Scarce. Certainly right at $195.

AYLESBURY 7. 1796. Bust Wm III/Liberty cap on pole. Abolition token, anti slavery legends.

Usual flat centers, but not as flat as usually seen--nice surfaces, Brown UNC nets GEF for price $225.

SLOUGH 27. 1795. Phoenix/Shield. Peckham’s. Scarce, mirror luster, brown UNC $165.


POOLE 10. 1795 Hope Standing, /Arms. Minor spotting, rev double struck UNC $55.


COLCHESTER 10. 1794 Colchester castle/Loom. Tad red AU, $75. Choice superior brn UNC

with perfect surfaces and a dusty look over luster. $125.

HORNCHURCH 33. ND Edward IV/Arms. Brilliant proof, cpl handling marks, nice $135.

MALDON 35 ND. Arms/Watchmaker’s crest. Scarce. Tough to find, this GVF $59.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE PAGE TWO Badminton, 150 of each struck

GLOUCESTER 8. 1797 White Friar’s/Arms of Gloucester. Blinding, lacquered net EF $95.

BADMINTON 24. 1795. George III/Duke of Beaufort, &c. Minor scrape, Bz UNC $75.

BADMINTON 32. 1796 Ship Sailing/Duke of Beaufort, &c. AEF, $45.

BADMINTON 50. 1796. Duke of Beaufort/Scales. Luster, red in devices, nice UNC $125.

Brinscombe PORT 59. 1795 Severn Trow/Sapperton Tunnel. Canal token, VF+ $28.

NEWENT 64 1796 Tree, Shield/Morse & Co legend in a spiral. Very nice EF $65.


EMSWORTH 10 1794 Ship/Female seated. Lots of color, red, bit weak on the strike, EF $39.

EMSWORTH 16. 1794. Earl Howe/Ship. Really a nice one, mostly brown AU $42.

EMSWORTH 30. 1794. Earl Howe/Ship. Wonderful surfaces, EF or better for issue $42.

GOSPORT 44. 1796 Hope Standing/Ship. Scarce, EF, usual weak centers, $42.

NEWPORT 46. 1792 Bust Wilkins/Ancient Ship. GVF/EF, super brown $38.

PORTSMOUTH 55. 1794 John Howard/Castle, sun, moon, etc. Choice, full luster AU $55.

PORTSMOUTH 56. 1794 John Howard/Commerce standing. TAL Mule, Scarce VF+ $165.

PORTSMOUTH 67. 1797. Union Jack/Ships at Cape St. Vincent. Edge “A Valentine for admiral

Jervis”---as the battle was on Valentines day!! Tough find in nice condition. CH VF $95. GVF $115.

PORTSMOUTH 89. 1791. Bust to Right/Shield. R&B UNC, just $55. Bronzed Proof, $110!!!


HEREFORD 1d. 1. 1796 A bull breaking its chains/Apple tree. Scarce, Lustrous UNC $375.

HEREFORD 1d. 2. 1796. A Bull Breaking its chains/Apple tree. Scarce ++, the #2 being one of

the harder pieces to find. Tad red, some luster, blue reverse toning. UNC, $325.

HEREFORD 5. 1794 Apple Tree/Justice standing. These often come with weak strikes on the

“apples”, but this pair are both nice. A 50% red EF, $45. A sharp lustrous UNC, superb $125.


DEAL 11. 1794 Ship sailing/Arms of the Cinque ports. R&B UNC, $110.

DOVER 16. 1794 Bust Pitt/Cinque Ports shield. Couple tics in portrait, Luster UNC $75.

GOUDHURST 28. 1794 Kentish Horse/Shield. RARE---the tokens arrived with “payable by

Friggles”--his name was Fuggles, and he sent them back, but put out a few with “Friggles” erased.

Thus, almost all seen have circulated, are lower grade, and all are rare. Cpl scratches, Fine $35.

LAMBERHURST 35. 1794 Arms of Chichester/Arms of Canterbury. AEF $32. Luster GEF $42.

TENTERDEN 42a. 1796. Horse and Dray/Shield. RARE. Scratches on rev, AEF $48.


LANCASTER 41. 1794 John of Gaunt/Arms. Superb surfaces, EF $32.

LANCASTER 46. 1794. John of Gaunt/Arms. UNC. Sharp and nice $69.

LIVERPOOL 79b. 1791 Ship Sailing/Shield, Liverbird. RARE. Very nice color, EF (+) $55.

LIVERPOOL 79j. 1791. Ship Sailing/Shield, Liverbird. RR. Cpl rev scratches, AEF $45.

MANCHESTER 127 1792 India House/Grocer’s Arms. Far scarcer than the “Scarce” entry in the

book--- this token is a nice EF on top of that. I seldom see these nice---- $55.

MANCHESTER 128. 1793 Grocer’s Arms/E. India Co bale mark. UNC—very scarce thus $75.

ROCHDALE 140. 1791. Man at loom/Hanging fleece. AEF, super $45. Ch Brn UNC $145.

MIDDLESEX Penny tokens

Christ’s HOSPITAL 9. 1800 “CH”, date/”Penny. No reverse ornaments, and this one struck before

the die break as in D&H, quite scarce such. Choice VF, $65.

HACKNEY 17a 1795. Penny token struck from the halfpenny dies of Middlesex 310---

Hackney Church/DAR monogram. RR, about 30 struck, or 24, depending on who you believe. The

halfpenny dies left quite a bit of metal all around on this penny flan. Red in devices, and quite nice.

The plain edge variety has not been in any major auctions in the last 10 years. UNC $745.

KEMPSON’S 58. ND. St James as a Royal Castle/Kempson’s. part red, Choice UNC $79.

KEMPSON’S 76. 1797 Bridge Gate Rebuilt/Justice standing. Brown UNC, tone spot $135.

Middlesex, Continued----- PAGE THREE

London & Westmin. 89. 1797. Tower of London/Arms of London. R&B UNC, lovely luster, with

two-three small marks on the obverse that you cannot really see without searching—just $275.

GLOBE SERIES 127. 1797. Kew Palace/Globe. Nearly all fading red, “Britain” weak. $295.

CLERKENWELL 150 ND Cows Castle/Arms. Mostly red UNC, (60%)—very nice $235.

MISCELLANEOUS 168 1797 Westminster Hall/Portcullis. Mostly red, full luster, cpl mks $250.

NATIONAL 195 1797 George III/Arms over Duncan’s Victories, &c. Fading red UNC $185.

NATIONAL 197. 1797 George III/”Providence this day”—victories of 1797—PL GEF, $135.

NATIONAL 223. ND. Bust Charles Fox/”Resistless Speaker”. Copper, nice EF $85.

POL-SOC---- 243. ND Bust George Washington/Liberty and Security. RARE. Other than one

small scratch in obverse field, and light roughness on the rim, this piece about perfect. Near UNC---

with AU’s selling in slabs at auction for over $2000, this should be a steal at $995.

MIDDLESEX halfpenny tokens-------

BEBINGTON’S 254. ND. Bebbington/POW Feathers, weak as usual. AEF $55. EF+ $85.

BLACKFRIAR’S 257a ND Figure of a bald Friar/Arms. AU, choice $65. Brown UNC $110.

Clark and Harris 283a. 1795. Bust Washington/Register Stove. Full hair “roll”,(the high point on the

token)---and the red in devices---this token is a US UNC!! However, 2 small rim tics and the 4-5

medium scratches in the Stove device on the reverse keep it from the $850 level. Net EF, $295.

Coorespond. Society 286 1795 Four men, Fable/Dove.Usual mushy UNC $69. Sharp, choice UNC $95

DENNIS’ 297. 1794/5. Wheatsheaf/Sunday Baking legend. GEF $42. R&B UNC, sharp $95.

Foundling FIELDS 305 1795 A Lamb/Cypher. Not distressed with the usual die breaks, Ch AU $45.

HALL’S 315c 1795 A deformed Dwarf/Hall’s legend. AEF for issue, nice surfaces $48.

HANCOCK’S 321 1796 Umbrella/Cypher. Full luster UNC- but a scratch or two, EF price $95.

HENDON’S 324 1794 Church/Greyhound. Very nice brown example, EF $45.

HENDON’S 329 1794 Church/George III. Orig. surfaces, slightly weak on George UNC $240

HESLOP’S 336b ND Man and Monkey-“can you do so”/Helsop’s. These have been getting

ever scarcer, and have always been tough UNC—here is one---choice, tad red, lovely--$175.

KELLY’S 345 ND Man holding horse/Saddle, spurs &c. Nice example, UNC $85.

KILVINGTON’S 347 1795 Bust Kilvington/Britannia. Red in devices, superb EF $38.

KILVINGTON’S 350a 1794 Bust Kilvington/Shield of Lancaster. Evasive mule, scarce F+ $18.

MASONIC 370c. 1790. Freemason’s arms/Cherub, Masonic symbols. AU, nice $48.

MOORE’S 389. 1795. Girl making lace/Scroll. GEF, super surfaces $55

NEETON’S 390. 1795 A Saracen’s Head/Barrel. Usual weak strike obverse. EF $46. Another,

nearly full strike, and UNC $95.

NEWGATE 396b. 1795. Newgate Prison/4 prisoners &c. Some red, very nice GEF $35.

ORCHARD’S 400. ND Bust Orchard, Shield. Devices double struck, bluish toned UNC $225.

PIDCOCK’S 414 ND Lion Couchant, shield/Eagle. AU, $95. Partly red UNC $115.

PIDCOCK’S 431 1801 Dog on Lion’s Back/The Wanderow. CH GVF $95.

PIDCOCK’S 447a ND Antelope/Ostrich. UNC—thin flan $110. Thick flan, luster $135.

RICHARDSON’S 471. 1795. Bluecoat Boy, Lottery Wheel/Goodluck Lists R. R&B UNC $125.

Churches and Gates--- VAR VAR LARGE selection of Skidmore’s Churches and Gates, ask if there are any that you need, I might have them. Most UNC, most red, prices from $30 to $85, average $65ask

SPENCE’S 676. 1775 Sun/Cornucopia— His first token. GVF $42. UNC, some red $155. SPENCE’S 681d 1794 Bust Spence/Citizens Armed. 30% red, Luster----$155.

SPENCE’S 698. ND Spence Bookseller/Marine Society Boy. RARE, luster gem UNC $225.

SPENCE’S 724. ND A Scholar/A Collegian. Tad off center, fading red UNC $125.

SPENCE’S 814. ND Cain & Able/End of Opression. Minor spot, R&B, luster, UNC $225.

SPENCE’S 862 ND A Stag/a Snail. This one saw some use—no damage VF, nice $75.

WHITFORD’S 911b 1795 Bust Left” Long live the King”/Cypher. About as made, UNC $125.

MISCELLANEOUS 923 ND May Peace and Plenty” &c. Full luster, mirror (proof?) finish. UNC $85

Middlesex, Continued PAGE FOUR

MISCELLANEOUS 929. 1792. John Howard/Westminster Halfpenny. AEF $38. EF, super $45. .

NATIONAL 977 1795 Princess of Wales/Portcullis. R&B EF $32. Choice PL UNC, $65.

FRANCE 1002 ND Bust R, Crown/”May the Dauphine” &c. RARE. This unusual issue

has weaknesses, but is about as struck. Net for look, EF. $160.

COOPER 1007b ND Bust Cooper/Open Book. One spot, flaw at rim as seen on all, and listed

as scarce. Has to be about RARE--- Nearly never seen---- and nearly all blazing red. $185.

HANDEL 1023 1791 Bust Handel/Choral Society. Double struck, nice for issue AU $55.

Loyal Briton’s Lodge 1030. ND Anchor, cap of Liberty/Crown. RARE variety,. AEF $85.

Loyal Briton’s Lodge 1031 ND Anchor, cap of Liberty/Crown. 50% red, Prooflike UNC nice $145.

POL-SOCIAL 1036. 1795 Bust Romaine/Shield—“I live by the faith”—fading R&B UNC $110.

POL-SOCIAL 1041a 1796 A Stag/a Plow. Net AEF sharp $35.

TOOKE 1045a 1794. Bust Tooke/Aquitted, &c. Ch EF $35. AU $42.

WASHINGTON 1051. 1793 George Washington/Ship. Usual weaknesses, some die buckling,

causing usual weak strike in centers on both sides. Net VF, priced right----$345.

WASHINGTON 1052a 1795 George Washington/Liberty and Security—(Shield of the USA).

Weakly struck on Washington’s head, but the lettering, and shield and eagle on reverse are easily

GVF or better-----Scarce, lovely color, nice piece. $295.

WASHINGTON 1052bis ND Bust Washington/Harp, “North Wales”. A bit beat up, some scratches

on the reverse. Nets Fine, price a reasonable $99. Also an evasion, as listed in Cobwright.


DENTON’S 1053 1795 Facing Busts“We Three Blockheads”/Dentons. Wk strike, nets GVF $48.

SPENCE’S 1077 1794. Bust Spence/Britannia. Some flatness in strike, nice brown UNC $85.

SPENCE’S 1117 ND Pig trampling the crown/Three Thomas’s. Sharp strike, choice AU $85.

NATIONAL 1140a. 1795. Prince of Wales/His crest. Scarce, AU/EF net, abt as struck, sharp $45.

NEWTON 1156. 1793. Bust Newton/Britannia. Crude counterfeit, VF neat $25.

PEACE 1165. ND Bust R/Harp. AEF or better, red tone on reverse. Strong for type $35.


NORWICH 12. 1794. Norwich Castle/Fleece. Fading red PL UNC. Uncommon like this $125

NORWICH 19. 1794. Doorway, Key/Plough, shuttle. Net EF+, brown, faded red, $45.

NORWICH 21. 1794. Stocking, Glove/Female, anchor. Brown UNC with matte finish, there

Are a couple of minor marks, but shall say that this token is seldom found REALLY UNC---$125

NORWICH 38. 1792. Arms of Norwich/Man in loom. Tiny spot, PL UNC, luster $65.

NORWICH 46a 1793 Mounted Dragoon/Norwich barracks. GVF/VF, obverse sharp $25.

YARMOUTH 52. 1792 Ship/Arms, with rose countermark. GVF, very decent $28.


BANBURY 1. ND Bust Wm Rusher/The Sun. Choice EF, $75. V. choice R&B UNC $125.


BATH 5. 1794 Garden Gate/Tree &c. Struck from halfpenny dies on a “double token”

flan. A few contact marks, but better than this Scarce piece usually found, nice brown UNC $120.

BATH 26 1794. Garden Gate/Tree &c. The halfpenny VF, $20----R&B, near UNC $55.

BATH 36c ND John Howard/Woman, boy, prison. Very choice AU---flashy brown $85

BATH 40. 1795 Bust L, Bow, Quiver/ Pump Room. Tad red EF $38. Ch brn UNC $85.

BATH 63c ND Arms of Bath/View of Street. RARE. Bronzed VF or better, $58.

BRIDGEWATER 86. 1794 View of a house/Castle, Bridge. Brown UNC, $85. More luster $95.

BRISTOL 91. 1796. Arms of Bristol/View of the Exchange. Scarce, Brown EF $65.

BATH 111 1794 Tea Chest/India House. Farthing. Fading red UNC, very nice $69.

BATH 115 1794. Bust Blaudud/driving his Swine. Farthing. All red UNC---$125.

BATH 116 1795. Bust Blaudud/New Pump Room. Farthing. AEF $35. Ch red UNC $89


STAFFORD 3. 1801. Arms of Stafford/Cypher, Knot. Penny token, AU or better, some red,

But a bit dull $45. Luster, AU $65. A pair-- in Farnell’s envelopes, where he—in his own hand, pencils in a note that indicates he thought it was a new variety—but is not. VF $28. GVF $35.

LEEK 10 1793 Bale of Goods, Caduceus/Clasped hands. Nice UNC $89.

LEEK 15. 1793 Bale of Goods, Caduceus/Clasped hands. Sharp brown AEF $35.

LITCHFIELD 18. 1796 Dr. Sam’l Johnson/Laurel Wreath &c. Small flan flaw obv, UNC $85.


BUNGAY 3. 1796 Remains of Fortress/Justice. “Double Token” struck from 1/2d die,

scarce penny,. this one with a red obverse, brown reverse, couple handling marks. Net EF $95.

WOODBRIDGE 15. 1796. Bust Thomas Sekford/Arms. Penny token, Brown GEF $65, AU $85.

BECCLES 16 1795. View of a church/A Bridge. 30% Red, bit soft UNC $85.

BUNGAY 21. 1795 Hand holding scroll/Justice. Some red EF $48. UNC, $85.

BURY 29 ND Ancient Gate/Open Book. Soft centers EF $38. Choice UNC $85.

BURY 30. 1795 Auctioneer, Arm with hammer/Fame. Net EF, $45. Some red, GEF $55

HAVERHILL 31. 1794 Man in Loom/Cypher. Ch EF+, $38. R&B AU or better $65.

LOWESTOFT 37. 1795. Bathing Machines/Men in boat. Tad of strike weakness, but this fading

red UNC is something just not found these days. It has always been rare thus, more so now-$245.


BIRMINGHAM 53. 1793/5 Boy with Tools/Britannia Seated. Full luster PL UNC, shrp strike $115.

BIRMINGHAM 59. 1794. Boy with Tools/Ship sailing. Brown UNC/AU, Scarce $45.

ALLIN’S 62. 1796 Man with Flag/Legend. Nice GEF, $59. Another, near gem UNC, $165.

BIGG’S 70. 1792 General Elliot/Fleur De Lis. Choice color, GVF $32.

KEMPSON’S 154. ND. St. Martin’s Church/Rev #3. Nice UNC, red in devices $65.

KEMPSON’S 169. 1790 New Jerusalem Temple/Rev #1. Luster, Choice UNC $85.

KEMPSON’S 257 1797 Remains of Cathedral/Coventry. Bronzed super UNC $85.

KEMPSON’S 291. 1797 Draper’s Hall/Coventry. Scarce. Rim tic, UNC $45. Red tone UNC $85

BIRMINGHAM 481a 1792 John Howard/Cypher. Farthing, GEF net $32. Glossy, luster--UNC $65


COUNTY 1 ND Dove on a Lyre/Cypher. RARE penny, F/VG, Decent, $85.

DUDLEY 8a 1790 Dudley Castle/Shepherd. Choice surfaces, tad weak, Bronzed AU-UNC

This piece with much luster, and scarce---$135.

DUDLEY 8b 1790 As the last, RR plain edge, with NGC label “MS 65”-Brn UNC $235.

KIDDERMINSTER 23. 1791 Woolpack &c/Shield of Arms. Glossy UNC, just $75.

WORCESTER 34. 1788 George III/Shield. Silvered, GVF+, and RARE. Scalloped edge $38.


ANGLESEY 18. 1787. Druid/Cypher. Penny. Lacquer, nets EF $58. Very choice EF+ $95.

ANGLESEY 44. 1797 Druid/Cypher. Penny--- Lacquer, EF or better $58.

ANGLESEY 252c 1790 Druid/Cypher. Penny, one of Boulton’s first dies made for steam

coinage. RR, and on a large flan, tad weak on beard, bit of red on rev. Lovely, and so rare $450.

ANGLESEY 374 1789. Druid/Cypher. Nice surfaces, halfpenny, EF $35.

NORTH WALES 1b 1793 Druid Cypher. Fading red GEF or better, nice piece $48.

NORTH WALES 2b 1793 Druid/Cypher. Scarce---Brown glossy very sharp EF--- $42.

NORTH WALES 12. 1794. Bust L/Harp. Usual weak strike, but RARE grade, trace red UNC $120.


ANGUSSHIRE 5 1797 Buildings on a quay/Public bldg. Penny. GVF $38. GEF $75.

ANGUSSHIRE 22a 1797 St Andrew’s Church/Cowgate Port. RRR variety, NEF--$155!!!

ANGUSSHIRE 33. 1799 Arms and supporters/Lunatic hospital. These nearly always come

VF or so, and though Scarce it is really rare UNC. Planchet two toning, R&B UNC $155.!!!

Scotland, Continued PAGE SIX

FIFESHIRE 2 1797 Cypher, carboy/Vitriol, &c. Tough piece, especially EF $75.

LANARKSHIRE 3e. 1791. Arms of Glasgow/River God. RR variety, AU, sharp minor mk $105.

LANARKSHIRE 22. 1780. James Angus Farthing/Shift, &c. Tiny clip, but AU $55.

LANARKSHIRE 47 ND Symbol of Glasgow/Retailer’s token. Nice VF, $28. Nice VF #48, $28

LOTHIAN 7 1797 New University/Gardner, spade. A few tics on obv, very nice AU $95.

LOTHIAN 20 1796 Anchor/Cypher. Two, one really nice AU $65. Another, UNC $89.


DUBLIN PENNY 4. 1804 Hibernia/WTB & Co. Pawnbroker’s penny, RARE. For issue, F $85.

CORK 14. 1794 Fame Flying, trumpet/Wheatsheaf. About as made, call it AU $95.

DUBLIN 27. ND A Spinning Wheel/Cypher. VF, but very nice. $28.

DUBLIN 228 1792. Shakespeare/Hibernia (as Camac tokens). About as struck, $42.

DUBLIN 231 ND Camac, Kyan, &c/John of Gaunt. Common, but RARE UNC $95.

DUBLIN 309d 1794 Fyan’s---Female anchor/Salt, brandy &c. Net EF+, $55.

DUBLIN 351. 1794 Parker’s. Female, Anchor/Register stove. Brown UNC $85.

DUBLIN 389 1792 Hibernia, harp/Turner Camac, &c. Farthing. Bit off ctr, EF+ $135.

MUNSTER 1a ND Bust Boiroimhe/Wheatsheaf, doves. EF, lovely color, sharp. $55.

WICKLOW 43b 1789 Bishop Blaze/Miner’s Arms. Tiny mark AU $35. AU, choice $45.


These tokens were struck out of necessity for change. They are quite crude, but served the need at the time. Most are quite rare, as they circulated in very small areas—many times only being accepted over a few blocks in the town---and most were struck in very small quantities. As well, when the King’s edict banning them was published, most were melted. They are listed by Williamson numbers, from his book on 17th century tokens, and rarity/pricing based on Dickenson’s updated volume. Most are rare---some more so--

All listed are farthings unless described otherwise.

Bedfordshire 1667 W-40 William Eassey/In Dvnstable. (Swan Pictorial). VG/G, nice swan. $28.

Dorsetshire 1669 W-53 A Dorchester Farthing/The Arms of Dorchester. GVG, decent fabric $32

Dorsetshire 1666 W-198 Iames Bvdd of Weymouth/In Dorchester his halfpenny. (Grocer’s Arms). F $38

Essex 1669 W-351 George Robinson/In Witham. (A Still). AVF, Seaby envelope $85.

Essex 1665 W-85 Beniamin Samsom/in Coggeshall. (Samson with jawbone)—F, wonderful $105

Gloucester 1670 W-20 The Armes of Bristol/A Bristol Farthing. (Ship &c) nice AVF, good detail $35.

Hampshire ND W221 Iohn Lampard/of Winchester. (Grocer’s Arms). Tad porous, F+ $58.

Lincolnshire 1659 W234 Stamford Halfpeny/changed by ye overseers. (Arms of Stamford)/(Woolpack).

Large thin flan, 10 “cheques” on obverse--- nice Fine, $55.

Lincolnshire, 1659 W235 Stamford Halfpeny, as the last, but 11 cheques. Small thick flan, nice Fine $55.

London ND W2716 At the 3 Tunn Taverne/in St. Paul’s Churchyard. RARE. VG, all there $45.

London ND W3011 Charls Stvrton/the Swan in the Strand. (A Swan). Slight crimp, nice fabric,

Really very nice eye appeal. Solid VF, quite high grade---$116.

London ND W3314 Ralph Hvdson/at Wappin Walle. (Grocer’s arms)—Choice VF, $125.

Norfolk 1669 W-27 A Diss Farthing/(Town Arms). AF/F, town issue. $35.

Norfolk 1668 W-63 King’s Lyn Farthing/(Arms). Rose above and below. F/AF $25.

Norfolk 1668 W-64 King’s Lyn Farthing/(Arms). Rose Below only. VG $16. F-- $25

Norfolk 1669 W-65 King’s Lyn Farthing/(Arms). Mullets above and below. AF, $25. VG, $16.

Norfolk 1667 W-225 A Norwich Farthing/(Arms). VF/VG $20. F, $20. VG, $16.

Norfolk 1668 W-256 Francis Howlett/of Thetford. (Woolpack). Nice Fine, $59.

Notts--- 1664 W-116 Gregory Silvester Southwell/William Leaver. RARE and highly unusual two

issuer token!! Holed at top. Initials of both men in center of “Leaver” side. 1/2d. Ex Spencer, and

Ex Cobwright collection. Great find, only $96.

Not Local 1658 W100 Digna Dignis Evenivnt/(Chevron, ostrich feathers). Listed by Williamson, and

By Boyne (1858)---Dickinson has reported it as a school token. Man reaching clouds on obv, VF $20.


As catalogued by Atkins (1892) and Cobwright, 1993. Cobwright’s book available PPD for $25.

A-2 A-0020/B-0920. ND. AL-FRED/Bri Ton’s Glory. (Britannia). F/VG $22.

A-60 C-0020/N-0150 1796 Colonel Kirk/North Wales. (Harp). Minor rim bruises, net VF+ $25.

A-163 G.0290/D-0020 1771 George Rules/Delectan Dus. (Britannia). Fine, very decent $32.

A-333 G-1040/D-0090 1781 Gordious Reys/Delec Tatrus. (Harp). About F, net VG $28.

A-379 G-1240/E-0010 ND Gulielmus Shakespeare/Eng Land’s Glory. (B) EF, rims rolled, VF $20.

A-414 O-0010/S-0040 ND Oliver Cromwell/South Wales. (Harp). G-VG, most there $25.

A-438 S-0100/N0210 ND Sr. Bevois Southampton/North Wales. (Harp). AVF, decent $32.

A-439 T-0010/B-0930 ND Thomas Seymour/Briton’s Happy Isle. (Britannia) F/GF $25.

A-440 T-0010/M.0050 ND Thomas Seymour/Music Charms. (Harp). AF, $29.

A-442 T-0020/S-0030 ND Thomas Seymour/South Wales. (Harp)Grainy F+ $25. AF $25.

A-462 G-070/B-0150 ND (George) Rules/Britan Nia Isles. (Britannia). AG, Farthing, $15.

A-Unl. G-0860/B-0880 (1797) Gloriovs Pe Lew/British Tars. (Britania). VG, $28.

SILVER TOKENS-----as catalogued by Dalton. 19th Century 1811-1813.

This series rather underappreciated in the USA, but since I had a nice run of them that could be made up in advance, decided to list them here----some decent “type” examples, and very interesting tokens----

Devonshire, Barnstaple. 1811. D-13 Prince’s Feathers/Evans, Bowhay &c. Shilling. About Fine, $25.

Dorsetshire, Shaftsbury 1811 D-26 Arms—Shaftsbury 1s. VF-Two scratches reverse, crimped $20.

Gloucs, Gloucester 1811 . D-11 Arms of Gloucester/Whalley’s &c. 1s. Fine, $25.

Gloucs, Cheltenham 1811. D- Church, viewed from treed lane/Wm Bastin. 1s, Fine $25.

Hamps, County 1811 D-5 A sloop sailing/Arms. County issue. 1s. AVF and nice $38.

Leicestershire, Morgan 1811 D-13 Derby, Leicester, &c. 1s. Morgan issue. Many tokens were issued

by Morgan, who insisted he had a license to do so. Many were specious. More below. VF/F $32.

Lincolnshire, Lincoln 1811 D-13 Arms of Lincoln/Milson & Preston. 1s. EF/VF $62.

London, Charing Cross ND D-14. Equestrian statue/Morgan, &c. 1s, RARE, AEF $66.

London, Charing Cross ND D-33 Equestrian Statue/Arms of London. Sixpence. VF, nice $38.

London, Charing Cross ND D-35. Equestrian Statue/Morgan, Royal License &c. Sixpence VF $35.

N’Hampton, Peterbourough 1811 D-3. Cathedral/Peterborough Bank. 1s, 6d (18 pence) Choice VF $72.

N’Umberland Newcastle 1812 D-5 View of a mill/Arms and supporters, Kelty &c. 1s. AVF $35.

Notts, Newark. 1811. D-5 View of the Town Hall/Stansall, Moore. 1s. VF, $35.

Somerset, Bristol 1811. D-21 Arms of Bristol/E. Bryan &c. 1s. VF/AF $22.

Somerset, Bristol 1811 D-23 Arms of Bristol/Garratt, Terrell &c.1s. nice EF, $55.

Somerset, Bristol 1811 D-23 As the last, full blinding luster, gem UNC, amazing piece $110.

Somerset, Bristol 1811 D-25, As the last, but RARE variety, Choice EF $75.

Somerset, Bristol 1811 D-26 As the last, very nice EF luster, $75.

Somerset, Bristol 1811 D-40 Arms of Bristol/Morgan &c, 1s, Specious, RARE, GVF $68.

Somerset, Bristol 1811 D-55 Arms of Bristol/Garratt, &c. Sixpence, Ch GVF luster $52.

Somerset, Bristol 1811 D-64 Bristol Bridge/”6” in circle. Sixpence, view of bridge, F $28.

Somerset, Frome Sellwood 1811 D-71 King Standing/Sinkins &c in cross, radiants 1s. AVF/VF $42.

Staffordshire, Bilston 1811 D-2 Arms of Stafford(castle, lions)/Rushbury &c. 1s, GVF, nice $65

Staffordshire, Bilston 1811 D-3 As the last, but a sixpence. AF, $24.

Staffordshire, Fazeley 1811 D-8 Arms of Fazeley/Wreath, value.1s. VF, nice $38.

Warks, Birmingham. 1812 D-23 View of the Workhouse/Arms. Sixpence. Luster, GEF, $85.

Yorkshire, Hull 1811 D-12 Arms of Hull/Rudston &c. 1s, 6d (18 pence). F+, scarce $75.

Yorkshire, Hull 1811 D-17 Arms of Hull/Rudston, &c. Sixpence. F, $25.

Yorkshire, Leeds 1812 D-32 Arms, owl supporters/Leeds Workhouse, &c. 1s. GF, $34.

Yorkshire, York 1811 D-87. Arms of York/Cattle and Barber. 1s. GF, $34.

Wales, Glamorgan. 1811. D-14 Ancient Tower, Rees &c/Neath token. 1s. VF, RARE $38.


These interesting tokens were not saved by collectors at the time they were issued like their 18th century counterparts. Very high grade pieces are thus all quite scarce. As well, many that were in circulation received edge dings and other scrapes, due to their large size. Issued primarily by large industry, they are a reminder of how industry coped with a lack of change as the industrial revolution gained momentum.

Listed by Withers numbers, from his new book on 19th Century coinage, and by Davis numbers.

Withers, 19th C Tokens with wonderful history of the times and the tokens, is available at $140 PPD.

W 1 D-38 Andover 1812. Arms of Andover (Lion, tree)/Payable, &c. Scarce, obv. cleaned

which is regrettable, reverse nice, seldom seen really---AVF net, $25.

W15 D-74 Somerset, Bath 1811 Arms of Bath/Whitchurch &c. EF and nice, old museum #, $55.

W19a D-69 Somerset, Bath 1811 A Hanging Fleece/Whitchurch-- RR, tough piece GVF/VF $55

W37 D-35 Stafford, Bilston 1812 John of Gaunt/Mounted rider. Beebee issue, Ch GVF $35.

W185 D-88 Birm. & S. Wales 1811 Crest of the Prince of Wales/Horse. Edge tic, choice EF $45.

W216 D-52 Crown Copper Co 1811 A Crown/Value. RARE variety, GVF $36.

W244 D-97 Rose Copper Co 1811 Rose Copper Co/Value. Lovely brown UNC $65.

W315 D-69 Union Copper Co 1812 Clasped Hands/Value. AEF, very strong $28.

W383 D-35 Birm Workhouse 1813 THREEPENCE View of workhouse/Value. F+ $88.

W394 D-37 Birm. Workhouse 1812 View of Workhouse/Shield, value. Old cleaning, AEF $25.

W406 D-44 Birm Workhouse 1814 View of Workhouse/Shield, Value. Fine, $20.

W412 D-50 Bradford Workhouse 1812 Counterstamps over Union Copper. AVF/VG $40. GVF/VF $75

W415 D-75 Somerset, Bristol 1811 George III/Arms of Bristol. Sharp, nice color, AEF $45.

W418 D-78 Somerset, Bristol 1811 George III/Arms—really UNC—but cleaned, net EF and $20.

W430 D-81 Somerset, Bristol 1811 Arms of Bristol/B&B Copper Co. NICE F+ $15. Ch. VF $22.

W453 D-109 Somerset, Bristol 1811 As last, but halfpenny. GVF, dig rev $15. VF, $15.

W463 D-91 Somerset, Bristol 1811 Ship/Value,Guppy &c. Penny Tad luster, EF+, hard to find $95.

W472 D-110 Somerset, Bristol 1811 As last but halfpenny. GVF, $35. EF, $55.

W490 D-119 Somerset, Bristol 1811 as last, but Farthing!! Red in devices, super EF $59.

W522 D-14 Somerset, Bristol 1811 Arms of Bristol/Prince of Wale’s feathers. House of Industry

issue, VF, $15. Choice EF+ $65. UNC, much underlying luster----$85.

W700 D-19 Cornwall Mines 1811 Pumping engine/Fish, tin &c. EF and nice $58.

W720 D-80 Doncaster, Birkinshaw 1812 Commerce standing, bales, scales/Value. Choice EF+ $85.

W725 D-6 Worcs, Dudley 1811 Commerce stancing/Value. A bit like the last—marks, VF+ $25.

W742 D-3 Gateshead, Durham 1814 Tea chest/J. Harrop &c. Farthing. VF(+) $28.

W755 D-82 Yorks, Hull 1812 Value/View of the lead works. Tad corr. In rev legend, AU $60.

W800 D-51 Yorks, Keighley 1812 Keighley ctsp on Union Copper. Some color in ctsp EF $75.

W805 D-53 Yorks, Keighley 1812 Keighley ctsp on Crown Copper, with the “JM” counterstamp

as well---quite RARE. See Withers for information on issuer----VF/F, $110.

W835 D-62 London 1814 Crossed Stockings/Knitting machine. Romanis 1/2d. VF+ $48.

W837 D-63 London ND Bust R., Warren’s Blacking/Bottle. AVF, stain $15, GVF $36

W845 D-65 London 1811 T. Wood, Echange Building/legends. Luster, AU+ super $65.

W855 D-9 Worcs, Lye 1811 Bust L/Value. Nail Trace Mfgr. EF $65. Superb GEF, $125.

W880 D-13 Notts, Newark 1811 Castle/legend. Rather 2 toned on the reverse, but the token is

100% PL, and is never seen thus. Cpl mks, obverse nearly all red, hard surfaces, blinding UNC $225.

W900 D-13 Norfolk, Norwich ND TWOPENCE Shuttle, ribbon/Arms of Norwich. Ch VF $55.

W2012 D--- Not Local ND Irishman, Shillelagh/Pure Copper. GVF/VF, nice $32.

W2020 D---- Wellington 1812 Bust Wellington/Harp,Waterloo. (RR). F-VF $28.

W2070 D-8 Isle of Man 1811 Bank Token/Triune. Penny piece, a bit tough. AVF/GF, $35.

W2080 D--- Isle of Man 1d 1830 Bust to R/For Pub. Accomm. Brass counterfeit, RARE,GF $45.

W2090 D-20 Isle of Man 1/2d 1830 Bust R/For Pub Accom. These are always weak on the reverse,

Picked up a lot of 3 pieces!! VF, rev corrosion $25. F-VF $35. VF or better (close to as made) $45.


Have a book to sell? List it here---FREE service. Take advantage of it—NO cost to you.

NEW PRICING---now includes shipping, via Book Rate class. Ask about first class if desired.

The Standard References”

Dalton & Hamer—“Provisional Token Coinage of the Eighteenth Century”. New, 2004 ed. $185.

Withers, Paul & Bente—“19th Century Copper Tokens 1811-1820”. Wonderful book--- $140.

Bell/Whitmore/Sweeney. “A Supplement to Bell’s Unofficial Farthings”. New, indispensable-- $37. Cobwright----“A Walk In the Monkolokian rainforest in search of the Spiney Fubbaduck”-------Evasion token reference, new $25. Most refreshing title of a numismatic book yet devised—

Atkins---Evasion token reprint of the Atkins listing only, by Paul Withers. 16pp, $7.00 postpaid.

Boyne-----The Token Coinage of the 17th Century---1858 edition (first), re-bound in brown leather.

Quite nice condition. $145. The original “Boyne” has character---wonderful descriptions.

Williamson---the reprint of Boyne, in three volumes, with additional token information, set about as

new---$150. Call for information, it is a “Free” listing by a customer. This won’t last----

18th Century---D&H related--- All books include media mail shipping

R. C. BELL--- “Building Medalets”--- two nice copies, without DJ $42. With DJ, $55.

R. C. BELL---“Tradesmen’s Tickets & Private Tokens”. No DJ, Ex British coin club, $79.

R. C. BELL---“Specious Tokens, and others struck for general Circulation” -- Probably the toughest

of the five Bell tomes------Two, both nice inside, one missing top of DJ $89. One with DJ $99.

18th and 19th Century general offerings

Seaby---Coins and Tokens of Ireland, 1970. Price guide, still useful, and has all series—VF $25.

Waters. Arthur. “Notes on the Silver Token Coinage”---interesting extra information on the series. $37

Pigs Meat” edited by Spokesman Press---selected writings of Thomas Spence—and his biography-$25

One Thousand Guineas”---By W. Bryce Neilson--- Catalogue of imitation Spade Guineas, half guineas, advertisement guineas, and more. First issued in June 2003. Nice addition to your library---- $30

Toy Coins” ---By David Rogers. Fascinating book, containing information on everything from early Jetons, Speil Markes, Patterns, model coins, and medalets, from early times through the present day. Hardbound, Galata Press. Very limited edition, all signed and numbered by the author. New $135.

British Historical Medals, Brown. Volume ONE only---but that’s the one that covers the era of George III.

These have been going crazy for price, this volume running $350 and up. This as new, but with a printing error—8 blank pages, that have been copied and tucked in. Otherwise perfect. With dust jacket $250.

English Silver Coinage, from 1649-----Seaby, Nice copy, used $20. Coins only, but a neat book-------
THE FUN STUFF----- MEDALS AND MORE--------------------------USA items------

Prohibition of Liquor Law, New York----a 27.6mm copper medal, hfs as usual, with a small goblet upside down on the obverse. Commemorating the passage of Prohibition, July 4, 1855. Luster, R&B EF+ $45.

Calendar Medal---a 33.7mm gilt medal, from the USA, issued by publisher J. B. Hyde, Fulton St., NYC, in 1852. A very early (for the USA) calendar medal in nearly new condition. First I’ve seen $75.

STATUE OF LIBERTY---Bust of Bertholdi (the designer of the statue of Liberty), reverse, a view of the statue. Offered at the dedication ceremony 28 Oct, 1886. White metal, a few minor marks but not affecting the look at all—easily AU, luster, simply the best one I have had. Very nice price, too---$85.

NAVAL MEDAL---Bust of Lawrence/Naval Battle. Copper, 66mm, 1813. US mint medal, War of 1812.

A couple of VERY tiny marks in obverse field, but near perfect. Choice UNC, $475.

NAVAL MEDAL---Bust Capt Charles Stewart/Naval battle. February 1815, this one from the 1885 reverse

die. 65mm copper, nearly gem UNC. These naval medals have been going up rapidly--- $575.

COMITAS AMERICANA---Betts 557, Julian MI-2. Bust Gen. Horatio Gates/View of the Surrender at Saratoga, revolutionary war, 1777. A 58mm copper medal, part of the Comitas Americana series of important early American medals. Arrived here as gem mint state, finest known. And it might be--$850.

FUN STUFF---Continued----- PAGE TEN Some British medals & tokens--

Kirk, Medal maker---Kirk sold medals of his own making and toys, scales, weights, and other items, including gold coin. He passed away in 1773. These medals were made around 1760. Small size, Standing female with shield/Kirk legend, some porosity but easily readable and quite scarce, $52. Large size, in brass, obverse a view of the shop, with a woman and child as customers, reverse, legend. These are also quite scarce, and rare above Fine. This piece a choice VF-----$215.

Death Token---engraving on a 1799 penny, reverse of penny as made, obverse planed off and two “weeping willows” and urn, and other ornaments engraved, legend “Carolyn Lewis”. Fine, rev. EF $95.

Covent Garden Theatre----Three items---First, a “Old Price Riots” token, with Kemble in a fools cap, “Oh my Head Aitches”---put out by the rioters who wanted the “old prices” back after a new theatre was built in 1809. This one hfs, and porous, a bit beat up, but cheap at $28. Gilt, VF or better, $55. Great story. Also----Covent Garden Theater tickets---one very scarce Pewter copy, 1809 (the buyer must have paid the new price) for the King’s side of the house, 34mm, Fine---$135. Another, small size, copper (30mm), 1809, for the first gallery, King’s Side, a wonderful example being GVF---- $140.

Thames Tunnel---I have never offered the 38mm WM medals for the Thames Tunnel, as I have never found one that was not rather ugly, or pested. Here I offer two!! Both are nice. Both sides have views of the double tunnel, as seen from different ends, with information about price, length, and more. The first is EF, with a tad of dirt on the rev, $45. The second is EF or better, much luster in devices, $59. Both better than usually found

Charles Fox---Pitt’s rival in parliament, laudatory copper medal, 54mm, tad luster, choice EF, or better. $79.

The Duke of Bedford’s Private Roads----- 1730-1760 (ND). In the days before roads were developed, you could be assured of a horrible trip on rutted, unkempt trails--- with the possibility of highwaymen at every turn. Safety was possible, if one went across lands owned by the King, or another nobleman. This copper pass beard the Duke’s arms and supporters on the obverse, and “9J2” on the reverse. The Duke gave silver passes to nobles and others, his land tenants were given copper passes, as this. VF or better, RARE $220.

Victoria----28mm Silvered WM medal, Coronation, 1838. Bust L/Born, Crowned &c. AEF, $28.

Victoria----39mm WM medal, Busts of Victoria and King Louis Philippe of France. EF or better, $48.

Visit to the USA----by the Prince of Wales, 1860. Bronze, 31mm. Prince of Wales bust, obverse/ Reverse with the Prince’s Feathers. Extremely choice—a 100% red UNC!! Full strike, too---none better!! $125.

Prince and Princess of Wales---Silver anniversary medal, 1863/1888---an unusual one. 39mm WM, busts on the obverse, Rev. legend “Presented by J. W. Palmer Foreign Stamp merchant, Strand”. EF, Choice $35.

Prince and Princess of Wales---Open the Tower Bridge (pictured), 30 June 1894. WM, EF super $45.

Edward VII---Visit to Paris, May 1903, and Loubet’s Visit to London July 1903. Copper, with a bit of a mottled look, but very sharp----Net VF, 31mm, Interesting “dual visit” piece $25.

Edward VII---Visit to Gloucester, 1909. 26mm, WM. Bust R/Legends, Bruton, Mayor. EF $24.

George VI Coronation. Small 19mm Silver medalet, 1937—Busts L/GR rev, hallmarked. EF $25.

Isle of Man----Token---Triune (three legged runner)/ Crown over “D” ---penny, 1858. Denby issue, F $58.

Isle of Man----Token---Triune, 1-D between legs---/Eagle, “Sans Changer” 1733. AVF $58.

Isle of Man----Coin---1786 Halfpenny. Very nice example, AEF $72.

Isle of Man----Coin----1786 Penny. Very nice look, though only GF. Very nice rims, few marks. $85.

MEDAL---Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1807. Issued by Macauley and Babbington, and made by Boulton This example has marks that go along with a grade of GF, but no more—decent look, and just $95.

Ireland----Twopence, (1735)---issued by Thomas Fisher. Obv. with a “Kingfisher” bird, VG-F, decent $95.

Ireland----Voce Populi token, (in US Red Book)---N-4, Z-2A. Bust R/Hibernia seated, 1760. These were made by a Mr. Roche, Dublin. A nice VF, with a neat hole at top---$105 buys.

Lafayette and Rousseau---Two medals made by Boulton at the Soho Mint for Monneron of Paris. These were to be the first in a series of famous Frenchmen---but due to the French revolution they were the only ones in the series!! Both of these are original strikes, with the lettered edge, and were issued in 1791. The Rousseau is toned, all brown, and has a tad of luster. $125. The Lafayette is bright, much original luster, and has mint red in the devices. $165. Both are UNC. Wonderful additions to a Boulton-Soho collection.


Germany---Zepplin medal, Dr Hugo Eckener/Zepplin. Silver Proof---Reverse has the view of the Zepplin and an overview of the “American trip” by the LZ126 in 1924. Interesting and historic---EF or better, $110.

Karl Goetz---A small oval medal made for the Dresden Chamber of Commerce, Man with hammer, EF $65.

Napoleon----The Devil leads Napoleon, who is sitting backward on an ass. “To Elbe”----with the legend also reading “Inseparable Friends”---Napoleon’s first capture, when he was sent to Elbe. 1814. AF $20. VF, $30.

Napoleon----A 41mm Bronze medal struck in 1840 when Napoleon’s body was sent from St. Helena to Paris for re-burial. Bust to R/View of Tomb. Other than minor spot a “m” of Emperor, Superb. Net AEF $85.

Anne Frank----High Relief 39mm gilt Bz medal, issued by the Judaic Heritage Society, 50 years after her birth. Details on the reverse, and a great obverse portrait of this brave girl. 1932-1982. BU, perfect $35.

Isle of Lundy---One Puffin, 1929. Bust of Harman/A Puffin bird. Brown UNC, tad red $42. This “coin” was issued by Harman on his private island of Lundy, and caused a “desist” order from the crown-----

Carter’s Waterproof hats---A “large farthing” size token, late 19th Century, featuring a bust of Carter on the obverse, and a neat pictorial of three men rowing a hat!!! Business est. 1851. EF, original luster, $35.

British Coin Weights-----Various---ornate, heavy 36 shilling weight, VF $32. A 5/8 Weight, GR on either side of a crown, III in center, Dw/Gr above 5-8. Reverse with hallmark and weight. Mint state, as new $55.

Royal Mint weight, Victoria pictured in center, DW 5, gr, 2.5. 1843. Fine, $20. Guinea weight, 5/8, ornate scroll work, EF $32. Ornate half guinea weight, Bust of George II to left, EF $55. Guinea weight, Bust of William III to right, circa 1697---some staining, Fine $27. Guinea weight, 5-8, blank rev, EF $20.

US Colonial---New Jersey 6-D, a common variety, this with superb surfaces and a sharp strike, the planchet being a bit dark. Overall, a great type piece, fairly priced at $695. In a PCGS 35 slab---about right for grade.

LOVE TOKEN--- or an advertising piece----hfs, struck on a silver blank, most likely a planed off half dollar---“Ellie Hanson, Pharmacist, Canton, SD, 1889”. Fine engraving, no ornamentation. Unique---$75.

ELECTION PIN---Nazi Germany, a copper pin, “ja” showing, election of 1933. RARE, $49.

S. H. HAMER---Of Dalton and Hamer fame, one of his private tokens—this his “success” token, with a

shield and the sun. UNC, two of them, one in White metal-- $75, the other copper, --$120.

Winston Churchill---Bust Churchill/Blenheim Palace. Birth centenary medal, 1974. AE, 46mm Ch BU $32.

Winston Churchill--Bust Churchill/Chartwell Manor. Birth centenary medal, 1974. Silver, 46mm, BU $39.

Gifford’s Balloon---In 1878 Henri Gifford flew his balloon above the streets of Paris, and offered “rides”, with a souvenir being available. 51mm gilt copper, much gilt remaining, with ribbon and hanger---and a nice

view of the balloon floating over the streets of a 1878 Paris. GVF, $135.

Admiral Duncan, Battle of Camperdown, 1797. Bust of Duncan/Britannia seated, with flag on standard, “Britannia Triumphant”. Copper, 38mm, by Wyon. BHM 428. GEF, really a nice one, very scarce thus $185.

Isle of Lundy---1929. Two “coins”, produced privately by the island’s owner---he was told to cease and desist!! Bust of a Puffin (one Puffin coin), and half Puffin on the smaller piece. Mint red with Empire Coin company envelopes. A bit more than usual, but unusual condition---Puffin, $60, ½ Puffin $50, Pair $100.

Karl Goetz---Opus 300. 36mm Silver medal. Obv.--bust of Albert Leo Schlageter. Reverse, his execution!

The legend reading, “Murdered by the French”, &c. Mai 26, 1925. AU, and a rare Goetz piece--$175.

French Military award----1821. Bust of Napoleon/Legends. Medal of St. Helena, awarded to veterans of the Napoleonic wars. No ribbon. In a heavy bezel with a hanger. Really nice----$89.

Meissen Porcelain medal---White, 40mm gilt edges--Rowers/star, 40th anniv. of rowing club, 1962. $25.

Encased Coin---1937 Lincoln penny, aluminum ring--“Good for 2 miles in an American Bantam”--GVF $35

IOOF--California 1898---Mule, mining tools/Eagle. Gold Strike 50th Anniv., AE 31mm. Neat!! EF $45.

Belgian Seal----a 22mm impression seal, with a 3 inch wooden handle, dating from the 1850’s---the seal has the arms of Belgium. In excellent condition, quite a conversation piece $125.

Belgian seals, 34 and 35mm---the former with a wonderful Rampant Lion, the latter with a smaller lion within a shield. Both are Notaire (Notary) stamps, and must have fit in a press. The pair, $75.

Belgian Seal--- a 36mm impression seal, no handle. Malines Tribunal, wonderful shield with an eagle in the center. Larger item than the above, but no handle is present. $95. Thanks for looking-----Bill.

The Conder Token Collector’s Club invites you to join. Quarterly Journal, professionally produced, and many articles & ads to enjoy. $25 per year. Contact me if interested---its well worth belonging!


The English grading system is used on all tokens, but the grading abbreviations are USA. A plus or a minus next to a grade indicates that the piece is in the grade indicated, but look, surfaces, or marks may be a bit better or worse than the grade given. Scr= scratch. Hfs, =holed for suspension. Rm=rim nick.

UNC—no wear. AU—Tad rub. EF— light circulation. VF-Very fine. F-Fine. VG Very good. G-Good.


All tokens guaranteed genuine, and descriptions correct. Tokens may be returned within 30 days of receipt for any reason, and refunds will be prompt. All coins and tokens guaranteed genuine for life. No discounts will be given for the first 30 days of the sale. Your satisfaction is far more important than a sale.

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