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November 2012 -January 2013 “Something for Everyone”
18th Century “CONDER” TOKENS-------17TH Century tokens—19th Century tokens

Unofficial Farthings, Medals, medalets, unusual historical items----
By the time you receive this I will have been back from the UK for a couple of weeks. Before I left I made provision to view a small but select collection, and am happy to report I bought it. Thus I shall have a decent supply of very rare and nice items to share with you on future listings. You can look to this list for a couple of them at any rate.

The auction at DNW saw spirited bidding from many people. some of the rarities in this sale, which consisted of a nice group of English tokens, and the Wales and Scotland portion of the Griffiths sale, many pieces not seen in a good long time---went for high prices. The Renfrew 1 sold to a clapping audience at , with commissions, 6600 pounds. ($10,700). I did my best to keep up --but not with that one--- and bought some very nice tokens.

After the auction we were all standing around at the pub and discussing the sale, and the fact that the prices continue to rise. There seem a number of reasons why, the internet being a big part of it in my view. With the internet available to bidders, there are nearly never any unsold lots as there were in the past, and about the time a bidder in the room thinks they have won a lot, the internet starts back up and the piece sells for well more than it might have. During this sale, three times I was hammered down as the winner, and it was backed up when the internet started up. I did not wind up with any of those three lots. It was also noted that E-Bay, formerly known for selling the cheap pieces, has graduated a bit into the more expensive varieties as the sellers learn how to market them. Thus, there is just more competition for everything, and prices rise.
DALTON AND HAMER---I would like to know if there is anyone out there who would buy a new edition of D&H, with all errata put together in one place (through 2006, perhaps farther), if it were available in a hardbound volume for under $100. Am looking at the possibility of getting this done, but there have to be enough initial orders to make it work. Lots to look at, such as quality, before I commit to anything, and would like to have feedback from the collectors as well. Do we need it--? Thanks---Bill

18th Century Provincial Tokens-----------------------------------


CHESHAM 20 1795 Lion on tower/Arms. Nice surfaces, EF to AU, $45.

SLOUGH 22 1794 Lion Rampant/Wm Till &c. Some red, little handling AU $135.

SLOUGH 23 1794 Wm Till, family arms/Red Lion Inn. Full luster, Choice UNC $235

SLOUGH 24 1795 Lion Rampant/Red Lion Inn. Bronzed, pretty, net GEF $110.

PECKHAM'S 28. 1795 Peckham's Arms/A Phoenix. As struck surfaces and luster, this about

as made. A superior example of a RARE token. Old ticket for £188, $450.


COUNTY 12 1795 Druid/Beehive, bees. Mostly red, small metal flaw obv, UNC $75.

COUNTY 17 ND Beehive, bees/Plough and Shuttle. Scarce, full luster sharp UNC $95

HOOD 19a ND Wheat Sheaf/D. Hood, &c. Full luster, weak strike centers, UNC $110

COUNTY 36 1795 Druid/Beehive farthing. Choice--full strike, some red, luster UNC $110


BADMINTON 30 1796 George III/Scales, 6 1/2 Lbs. Small flan flaw, tad rub, AU $75

BADMINTON 43 1796 A Plough/Scales, 6 1/2 Lbs. Tiny flan void in field, UNC net EF+ $75.


GOSPORT 2 1798 The British Standard, flags and drums/T. Wood, &c. Penny. Here we

have a rare piece with full luster, and a shaved edge. Looks superb, but the edge is now plain,

possibly to try to create a rarity that does not exist. Choice UNC, a $550 token for $175.

EMSWORTH 20c 1794 Earl Howe/King and Constitution. R&B, RARE, AU-UNC $65

EMSWORTH 23 1794 Earl Howe/Rule Britannia. Much Luster, tad red UNC $95.

EMSWORTH 27 1797 Earl Howe/Britannia standing, (see Lincolnshire) RARE++,

Full blinding original luster, very choice, near gem UNC, ex Spingarn with envelope. $195.

PETERSFIELD 51 1793 Mounted Soldier/Britannia Seated. Net EF, dig, marks, just $45.

PORTSMOUTH 57b 1795 John Howard/Britannia. Die clash, UNC ex Ecklund, w envelope $85

PORTSEA 72 1794 Shield, Javelin/Ship. Choice UNC, luster, super surfaces, $155.

Southampton--- 85 1790 Bust L/Arms, a pattern by Westwood for the #89, for which he

failed to gain a contract. RR, Some red, nice surfaces, luster sharp strike, $375.

PORTSMOUTH 89 1791 Sir Bevois/Arms. Brown UNC $85. Tad red, thick flan UNC $95.

Naval FARTHING 107 ND Admiral Howe/Anchor. R&B , luster, tiny spot at rim UNC $95.


BENEDEN 4 1794 Wheat Sheaf/Arms. Scarce, most of these returned to manufacturer---

having seen Beneden, cannot imagine why they ordered any---RARE grade, Ch EF-AU $110.

CANTERBURY 7 1794 Canterbury Cathedral/Arms. Nice surfaces, luster UNC $135.

DEPTFORD 13 1795 Kentish Men, Wm III/The Royal George. tad red, this piece usually

comes weakly struck, this one as well but stronger than usual. Net AU, $85.

DIMCHURCH 15 1794 Justice/Lamb, cypher. Scarce, weakness on gown, rest AU+, $95.

HYTHE 31 new 1794 Cinque Port Arms/Ancient Sloop. AU, sharp---the edge reads

"Payable at Iohn C ????per Smith x . x---this edge unlisted. Token very nice, $145.

LAMBERHURST 34 1794 Hop Plants/Arms. Fading red, usual strike weakness, UNC/AU $95.

Another, net GVF , sharp brown $42. Superb R&B UNC, luster, tough to find thus, $165.

LAMBERHURST 35b 1794 Arms of Chichester/Arms of Canterbury. RR, edgy UNC, just $75.

TENTERDEN 42 1796 Horse and Dray/Arms. Not quite full strike but really close, this piece

famous for strike weakness, have seen very few better. Luster, cpl mks, AU+ $165.


LIVERPOOL 79c 1791 Ship/Arms, Liverbird. RR variety, EF or better, now $75.

MANCHESTER 127 1792 Grocer's Arms/India House. Tough to locate, GVF/EF $55.

MANCHESTER 138 1793 Duke of York/Bricklayer's Arms. Extremely strong example EF $75

ROCHDALE 150 1792 Man in Loom/Dove &c. AU $55. R&B nice UNC $95.


CHRIST'S Hospital 11 1800 "CH"/Penny, easily EF but with couple small edge bumps. Net VF $95.

HALL'S 26 1795 Deformed Dwarf/Halls. Good eye appeal, nice surfaces, VF net, $110.

YOUNG'S 39 1794 View of St. Paul's/garter in radiated star. EF, full date type, $45.

NATIONAL 199 (1788) William III/Lion Rampant, "Revolution Penny"----Choice color,

some red, and absolutely NO marks, great surfaces, very near GEM, $550.

NATIONAL 211 1789 Bust Pitt/Supporter of the Constitution. WM, RR, toned EF with

black flecking under luster, of which there is quite a bit. A glass tells you it is about as made. $125


ALLEN'S 246 1795 Arms of Canterbury/Allen family arms. Brown AU, sharp $55.

ANDERSON 248 1795 Arms of London/Anderson's Cypher. As struck, great toning and

just a superior look, easily one of the best I have handled. RR, private piece. This token has full

hazy luster, and not one mark or wipe. UNC of course, $650.

ASKIN'S 252 ND Man with a wooden leg/Celebrated Ventriloquist, &c. Lots of original

luster, especially on the reverse, obverse subdued, has some die polish lines as well as a few very minor hairlines, but a very sharp look on an all brown token. RARE, Guide price $880, this $575.


BEBBINGTON 254 ND Bust Bebbington/Umbrella, &c. light wiping, UNC, pretty, $85.

BLACKFRIAR'S 257a ND Figure of a Friar/Arms. dark tone, good eye, few hairlines UNC $85.

BURCHELL'S 272 ND Sugar Plums/Anodyne Necklace. no hole type, Choice UNC $120

CARTER'S 275 1795 A Slipper/Shoe Manufactory, &c. flan crack, tad red, UNC $95.

CLARK & HARRIS 283a 1795` Bust Washington/Register Stove. US Colonial, GVF $425.

Cooresp. SOCIETY 290 1796 Man Hanging, cap of liberty, &c/LCS Cypher. RARE, this piece

with some rub, minor metal flaws, and on the cypher side, cpl carbon spots. Net GVF, $395.

COVENTRY Street 292 1795 Filtering Stone/Legend. EF+, $65. nice EF $55.

DAVIDSON’S 296 ND Hands on triangle/Prince of Wales. Obv weak, net GVF/AU $45.

DODDS 300 ND Bust Handel/Harp. Large heavy flan, UNC, tiny rough spot $85.

EATON'S 301 1795 Bust Eaton/Cock & Swine. EF-AU $75. AU, small scratch $ 55.

Foundling Fields 304 1795 A Lamb/Cypher. Super surfaces, lustrous brown---this variety has

no die flaws, and is not only super, but a RR variety. Full UNC, only $265.

FOWLER'S 306 1794 Neptune/Whale fishing. 2 toning, but nearly full strike, AU $95.

GUESTS 308d 1795 Royal Arms/Boot, shoe &c. R&B UNC, minor weaknesses, $85.

HANCOCK'S 320 1796 Umbrella over a shop front/JH Cypher. Many of these seem to be on

flans with a bend in them, this not, super look, nice surfaces, nice lacquer job, Ch UNC $295.

HENDON 325 1794 A Church/David Garrick. Luster, a few minor tics obv, UNC, $95.

KELLY’S 345c ND Man & horse/Saddle, Spurs,&c. Full luster,, super UNC $120.

MEYMOTT'S 378a 1795 Britannia'Shield, Arms of London. RR variety, two, one Fine---as they

are usually seen, $55. Another, full luster, some red, a super UNC, seldom found thus $325.

NEETON'S 390 1795 A Saracen's Head/Barrel. Nearly full strike for a change, AU $95.

ORCHARD'S 413 1795 Hope leans on anchor/Orchard's Arms. bag marks here and there,

with no rub, just a rather handled AU, but only $85.

PIDCOCK'S 422 ND Elephant/Two headed Cow. weak strike on heads, AU/EF, $125,

another, great strike, super surfaces, and nice luster, $225.

PIDCOCK'S 434 1801 Lion/Cockatoo. only VF, just wear, $75.

PIDCOCK’S 456 ND Kangaroo/Cockatoo. Carbon spot in obv legend, EF/AU $185.

RICHARDSON'S 468 1795` Lady Luck, lottery wheels/Goodluck, &c. Tad weak in center UNC $75.

SHACKLETON’S 477a 1794 Royal Arms/Candle mould. RARE, much red, strong strike UNC $120.

SPENCE’S 686c 1794 Bust Spence/Heads of Man and Ass conjoined. On a large flan, with

striking cracks emanating from the center, the centers thus weak, Net EF, cool piece $175

SPENCE'S 734 1795 Sailor Seizing a landsman/Heads of man & Ass. Nice GEF, $255.

SPENCE'S 798 ND Pitt & Fox, "Odd Fellows"/3 Thomas's. Brown UNC NGC slab MS 63,

no real marks that I can see through the dreaded plastic, but probably are a few light ones, $195.

SPENCE 804c 1795 Conjoined busts of Pitt and Fox/Heart in hand. Lots of red in the

devices, this a nice piece in an NGC holder labeled AU58 Brown. $175. Looks very nice---

SPENCE'S 842c ND Pig Trampling the Crown/3 Thomas's. As made, much original luster,

the obverse brown, the reverse with much red, lists RR. UNC, With old ticket. $325.

STINTON’S 904 1795 A Grasshopper/legends. UNC, 2 tiny flan voids, luster $85.

SUMMER'S 905 1797 The Wildman/Summer's legend. The RARE variety of a rare token

this piece with a tiny dark spot in the obverse legend, otherwise both sides very sharp, fully UNC.

the reverse nearly all red. From my own collection, no disappointments, $1450.

WHITFIELD'S 911b 1795 Bust L/Cypher. minor stain, but also much red, rare thus, UNC $75.

WILLIAM'S 916 1795 Crest, Portcullis/Arms of London, RARE var, tad weak, net AU $85.

MISCELLANEOUS 923 ND May Peace & Plenty, &c/Marriage of Prince and Princess of Wales.

These tokens with legends only, this one a full luster Proof!! R&B, cpl tiny spots, just $75.

LONDON & WEST. 929 1792` Bust John Howard/ Cypher, Westminster &c. Scarce piece, EF $65.

NATIONAL 938 1789 William III/Revolution Jubilee. Scalloped, gilt 90%, AEF, $55.


NATIONAL 977 1795 Princess of Wales/Portcullis. Choice AU, $65. Luster, UNC $85

NATIONAL 981d 1795 Princess of Wales/Prince's Crest,. AU $45. Ch AU-UNC, gemmy $95.

NATIONAL 984 ND Duke of York/Female, pillar. Full strike, uncommon thus, AU $85.

ERSKINE 1010 ND Bust Erskine/A friend to Freedom, &c. AU and nice $75.

Erskine and GIBBS 1012 ND 2 Barristers, banner/names of Jury. R&B, very nice UNC $110.

POL-SOCIAL 1018a 1795 Sir Bevois/Arms. General circulation, nice AU or better $55.

HARDY 1024, 1025, 1026, 1027, and 1028. The entire run of these, last two RARE, ranging

in grade from EF+ to AU++, all nice, some have luster, All 5 for $250.

INDUSTRY 1029 1801 Beehive, Bees/Shield. RARE, usually fine as is this--- $45.

NEWTON 1033 ND Bust Newton/Caduceus, Snake. Choice AU, luster, $65. .

SLAVE 1038 ND Chained Male Slave/Clasped Hands. GVF, super nice $165.

STAG 1041e 1796 A Stag/A Plough. EF $45, nice AU, some luster, $75.

TOOKE 1045a 1794 Bust Tooke/Acquitted, &c. Nice AU $55, tad weak UNC $75

TOOKE 1046 1794 As the last, different rev die, luster, UNC net AU Just $65.


DENTON'S 1056 1795 Two Busts Facing "We three blockheads"/Sir Jeffery Dunstan. Brown,

with much luster, and very sharp. A put down on collectors, good satire. UNC $ 245.

PIDCOCK'S 1065 ND Elephant/2 headed cow, very nice tad red, UNC $155.

PIDCOC,'S 1067, OR 1067a, ND---- your choice, Elephant/Cockatoo, GVF $55.

SPENCE 1081 1794 Bust Spence/ Pig. Full luster, sharp UNC, a natural flan flaw obv $125.

NATIONAL 1127 1796 George III/May a flowing trade, &c, AU/GVF, rev weak, just $45.

NATIONAL 1133 ND George III, Charlotte/Palm branch, Lyre. Bit weak, net AU $95.

NATIONAL 1140 ND Prince of Wales/His feathers. AU $79. 1140a, weak, brn UNC $65

NATIONAL 1144 1795 Prince and Princess of Wales/Stork. Tad off ctr, strong UNC $65.

NEWTON 1151 1793 Bust Newton/Caduceus,& C. AU and very strong and nice $45.

SOCIAL SERIES 1168 1796 Bust, wreath, no legend/Shield, weak in center on rev.EF/VF+ $48.

SOCIAL SERIES 1172 "1757" Tea Canister/Cypher, "Farthing", EF or better for issue, $48.


MONMOUTH 3. 1795 A Cask/J. Powell &c. Scarce, With usual weak end of cask, but some

luster, easily AU, $125. Another, much stronger strike especially on the reverse in the lettering, this

dark brown and nearly full luster---AU (for the slightly weak cask) -UNC, very nice $145.

A third--this with strong strike and just a tad weak on cask. Super surfaces, UNC $185.


NORFOLK Penny 3 1797 Sentinel Standing/Arms. PL, R&B UNC, super Surf., V. Scarce $275.

AYLSHAM 5a 1795 Grocer's Arms/Prince of Wales Crest. 20% rec AU, $75.

NORWICH 22 1793 Muff & bTippitt/Umbrella. Luster, brown, very Choice UNC $125

NORWICH 24 ND Hope Standing/Bottle. stain in the copper, sharp UNC just $45.

NORWICH 28 1792 Arms of Norwich/Shop Front. Pretty fading red UNC $125.

NORWICH 31. 1792. Arms of Norwich/Eagle. Luster, tad weak, net AU $65.

NORWICH 39` 1792 Arms of Norwich/Man in loom. Luster, brown AU $75.

NORWICH 47a 1793 Mounted Dragoon/Barracks. AU, just $55.

YARMOUTH 52 1792 Ship sailing/Arms rose countermark, tiny spot, AU $65.

NORFOLK 53a 1796 Female, Scroll/Asia, Africa, and America presenting gifts to Britannia

Brown with full PL luster, no legend rev type, and RARE, very choice UNC $425.


ARNOLD 4 1791 Hanging Fleece, tree/Fasces &c. EF/GVF, superior example $120

DONALD 6 1792 Donald & Co/Beehive, bees. #6 is uncommon. Luster, AU $85.

DONALD 7 1792 As the last, different die, EF $45.


NORTHAMPTON 1 1794 Bust Jobson/Arms. Choice EF, $55.

Oxon, BANBURY 1 ND Bust Wm Rusher/The Sun. cpl small marks in field, UNC $95.

RUTLAND 1 ND Col. Noel, &c/Who's Example, &c. Nice surfaces, nets AU and is quite

RARE----$425. Each of these tokens above is the only example from the county named.


COALBROOK Dale 10 1792 The Ironbridge/Inclined Plane. marks, AU-EF $42.

SHREWSBURY 20 1793 Arms/.A Woolpack. AU, 20% red, $75.

SHREWSBURY 23a 1793 Arms/Bishop Blaze. Unlisted plain edge, RRR, GVF $125.

SHREWSBURY 25c 1794 Arms/ A Woolpack. very weak strike, centers, but VF+ RR, just $65.

SHREWSBURY 25f 1794 Arms/A Woolpack. Luster, some red, RARE, UNC $145. NICE!

SHREWSBURY 26 1794 Arms/Fame with trumpet. RARE, EF for issue, $65.


BATH 28 ND Glovers/Milsom Street. Red in all devices and super surfaces, this

is a superior example of this rather plain token. Luster, EF++, just $65

BATH 39 1794 Bust Blaudud/Tea Urn. Luster, die polish lines, luster net AU $85.

BATH 40 1794 Bust Blaudud/New Pump Room Scarce large flan AU $65.

Another, 50% red, some luster and fully UNC $95.

BATH 42 ND Bust Blaudud/Arms of Bath. RARE, nice surfaces, brn UNC $145.

BATH 50 1794 Camel/India house 10% red, a few minor mks, net AU $55. .

BATH 64 ND City Arms/"New Rooms". 50% RED, luster, little flan flaw UNC $135


BRISTOL 89b 1793 Church Spire/India Tea Warehouse. just a tad weak in the same area

on both sides, struck from rusty dies. RR, and the only one I have ever seen, nets AU, $150.

BRISTOL 102 1795 Two men talking/Bridge. Usual strike, probably AU, net GVF $55.

DUNKIRK 109 1795 Hanging Fleece/Factory building. EF $55. GEF net, luster $85


LEEK 13 1793 Bale of Goods/clasped hands--- large flan, tad weak, AU net, $75.

LEEK 16a 1793 Bale of Goods/Justice standing. EF, net GVF, scarce $45.


BUNGAY PENNY 1, 2 1794/ND Both pieces with Ancient Fortress obverse, #1 with Justice Standing,

#2 with Justice on a pedestal. #1 brown, #2 50% red. Both are GEF to AU, nice, choice $235 each.

BURY PENNY 5 ND Rackhams. Abbey Gate,/Book &c. Couple small marks in field, this

piece with nice luster, lists RR, have seen about three--- super UNC example $1495.

BECCLES 16 1795 A Church/Bridge &c. very nice AU, $65.

BLYTHING 19 1794 Mounted Yeoman/Castle in garter. 100% red, tiny stain, Luster $120.

BUNGAY 21a 1795 Justice Standing/hand and scroll. Red in devices, nice UNC $95.

BUNGAY 22 1794 Ancient Fortress/Justice Standing. Super surfaces, choice UNC $125

BUNGAY 24 1796 Ancient Fortress/Justice on a pedestal. Luster, very choice UNC $125. .

BURY 26 ND Arms/Monogram, crown. GEF $35. Sharp 50% red UNC/AU $75.

BURY 28 ND Arms of Bury/Tea Pot, &c. Choice UNC $105.

BURY 29 ND Abbey gate/Book, the Rackham's halfpenny. This piece with super

surfaces, and with a decent, not weak strike. Superior to most, UNC $175.

BURY 29d ND Abbey Gate/Book. Very RARE edge, usual center weakness and a

couple marks. Not a piece usually offered, nearly full luster---UNC $120

SURREY all but #9 are scarce to rare

GUILDFORD 9 ND Castle, Lion (Arms of Guildford)/Bishop with Woolpack. EF+ $55.

LAMBETH 1/4 d 16 ND Wheat Sheaf, birds/Denton's &c. 90% red, some luster UNC $275. .

LAMBETH 1/4 d 18 ND Prince of Wales Crest/Denton's &c. Would be a blazing gem UNC, but lacquered and a black spot on the Prince's center feather. $120.


BRIGHTON 2 1794 Prince of Wales/His Crest. Luster, brown, nice EF, better, $45.

BRIGHTON 6 ND Soldier with Sword/Siege of the Bastille. Brown, with nice luster,

small clip in the flan at 12:00, no rub, good eye, net for all AU+, quite Scarce, $185.

FRANT 23 1794 Cypher, Lamb/Arms. Flan clip, UNC, just $55.

HASTINGS 26 1794 Ship/Arms. Tad stain on reverse, so GVF+/VF, $45.

HORSHAM 27 1791 George III/Anchor. RARE, Super, nice surfaces, luster UNC $245

NORTHIAM 35 1794 Arms/Squirrel, Cypher. Nice strike, tad red, net AU $65,

WINCHELSEA 40 1794 Beehive, Bees/Arms. Elusive number, Choice AEF $48.


KEMPSON 6 1796 View of Castle/Cypher. Luster, lacquered, UNC, price AU $125.

GREATHEADS 9 1797 Three men in a cart, debating with crowd, nooses above/"As if from

Temple bar the head was cut" &c. WM, a classic in the series, this piece with great eye appeal and

a lot of original luster. Very nice EF, $1350.

WYON'S 25 1795 An Obelisk/PW Cypher. Some marks, but sharp strike, net AU $125.

UNION MILL 37 ND Fasces, cornucopia/ #1344. Bronzed, and fully UNC, this piece being

numbered (as are all) most likely a check of some sort. Luster, really a nice one, $245.


COUNTY 46 1791 Bust Shakespeare/Female, cornucopia. Lacquered, nice EF $45.

BIRMINGHAM 50 1793 Boy with Tools/Arms, hedgehogs. Fully GILT, handled, thus EF $145.

BIGGS` 70 1792 General Eliot/Fleur de Lis. Strong obv, usual wk rev, red in the devices,

which is unusual. Actually the best one I have found in a while. Net AU, $85. a GEF, brown $75.

Coining and Copper 74a 1794 Woman, Fasces/Stork. GVF, "S. Prentice" upside down on edge $75.

Coining and Copper 75c 1794 Woman, Fasces/Stork. Some red, super for a counterfeit, EF $55.

MINING & COPPER 82 1791 Woman, Fasces/Stork. Minor mks rev, full luster UNC $110

METAL & COPPER 118 1795 Woman, Fasces/Stork. RARE counterfeit,, choice F-VF, $45.

HALLAN'S 128 1792 Hallan's &c/Payable at &c. GF look--VF+ at least, all are weak, $120.


COVENTRY 231 1792 Lady Godiva/Elephant, Castle. GVF $38.

COVENTRY 238a 1792 Lady Godiva/Elephant, Castle. GVF-VF, but RRR, $85.

COVENTRY 238e 1792 Lady Godiva/Elephant and Castle, Scarce. Luster, AU+ $95.

I have in stock a large number of Godiva tokens, many die varieties. ASK-----


STRATFORD 329 ND Shakespeare/Ship. F-VF+, always weak strike, and RRR $85.

WILKINSON 390 1792` Bust Wilkinson/Man at forge. Small flan, bzd, EF, nice $55.

WILKINSON 395c 1793 Bust Wilkinson/Man at forge. Minor die rust, nice GEF $55.

WILKINSON 474 1794 Bust Wilkinson/Woman, mining tools. EASILY AU, $65.

BIRMINGHAM 475 ND Bust Johnson/3 lions. Full luster choice bzd. UNC $175,

BIRMINGHAM 481a 1792 John Howard/Cypher. glossy brown luster, AU $65.


COUNTY 1 1794 Horseman galloping/3 horsemen, flag. RARE, two--one with a

tad of flan porosity for a net EF price $150, and a full luster, cpl hairlines from gem UNC $345

COUNTY 1 1794 As the last---bought as a 1a, but the edge, which is plain, has been

shaved. Piece has luster, UNC, and is nice in all other regards, just $95.

SALISBURY 21 1796 View of Cathedral/Grocer's Arms. Luster, some red, UNC $125.


DUDLEY 3 ND Dudley Priory/ED Cypher. One carbon spot on rev a "l" of Nail, otherwise all surfaces super, Luster, some red, UNC $445.

DUDLEY 5 1797 Tower of Dudley Castle/ED Cypher. Unusual piece, some reverse stain,

olive color flan. Nice surfaces and no rub, but netting it EF, yours for $225.


MALTON 3 1798 Bust Edmund Burke/Fame, Trumpet. RR in copper, this piece is

in my view exceptional. Bronzed, as struck, tiny stain in arm of letter M on obverse. No D&H listing

of rarity, but one hardly ever sees one of these, Fully UNC, sharp, great eye appeal--$795.

COUNTY 8 1798 Bust George III, Ben Smith & Co/Cypher. This is one of a handful of

rare tokens in D&H where the issuer is phony, and the piece made to fool the public. Here we have

full luster, choice strike, and UNC---considered RARE, is rare +++----$395.

BEDALE 9c 1792 A street/IOM Cypher. Sharp strike, dark flan, UNC, price AU $110

BROWNBILL 41 1793 Bishop, woolcomb/Cloth Hall. Prooflike, couple marks, UNC $65.

SHEFFIELD 59 ND Crossed Arrows/Clasped Hands. tad off ctr, but UNC,, net AU $75.

YORK 63 1795 York Cathedral/Clifford's Tower. Obv with tad flatness, UNC $85,.


ANGLESEY 1d-- 168 1788 Druid/Cypher. Mint state, no marks, luster, super UNC $275.

ANGLESEY 1/2d 282 1788 Druid/Cypher, full luster 50% red, ex Dalton--UNC, gemmy $250.

ANGLESEY 391 1791 Druid/Cypher, bronzed Proof, flashy, 1 edge bump rev, just $115.

NORTH WALES 1c 1793` Druid/Cypher. RARE. GVF/VF $45.

NORTH WALES 8 1793 Bust R/Harp. Slightly flat strike as always, so UNC/AU $75,

SOUTH WALES 27a 1793 Farthing. Bust R/Arms. Very strong example, AU $45.


ANGUSSHIRE 13 ND Croom's Arms/Sells Woolens, &c. Bronzed PL UNC $120.

AYRSHIRE 3 1797 Bust Wallace/Scotia seated. Prooflike, minor handling, UNC/AU $225.

LANARKSHIRE 4 1791 Arms of Glasgow/River God. Super Surfaces, AU $55.

LANARKSHIRE 46 ND Tree, bird, Glasgow/Retailers. Lacquered, nice VF+, $32.

LOTHIAN 15a 1796 Turk with Pipe/Snuff Jar. Plain edge, listed in addenda, recent

discovery, RR at least, possibly rarer--- Bronzed, this one AEF, $295.

LOTHIAN 20 1796 Anchor/Cypher. Nice, AU+ just $65.

LOTHIAN 25 1790 St. Andrew, Cross/Arms. Nice GVF, $35.

LOTHIAN 57 ND A ram/Sells all sorts, &c. Toned brass, decent, this piece is

remarkable as it actually has wear, the piece is RR, no problems, and VF. $250. Book EF £400.


DROGHEDA 4 1792 Female, Harp/Cypher. VF or so, super flan, nice for issue $125.

DUBLIN Penny 4 1804 Hibernia, Harp/Cypher. Pawnbroker's Penny, RARE, always found

worn and this no exception. VG-Fine, all readable, $85.

DUBLIN 6 ND Bishop/Ship. Very nice example, good fabric, VF+ $75.

DUBLIN 42 1792 Female, Harp/Camac &c. AU, nice token, $45.

DUBLIN 308 1794 Fyan's--salt, brandy/Justice Standing. Brown EF, $45.

DUBLIN 309bis ND Geale & MacBride/Ironmonger. 1 small edge bump as seen from

the reverse. This token lists in Withers 19th C as RRR, and also in a newer addenda for D&H.

My rating, probably RR. luster and nice surfaces, way better than any other I have seen. AU $165.

DUBLIN 321 ND Female, Anchor/Wheat Sheaf, Doves. Super surfaces, nice UNC $235.

DUBLIN 352b 1795` Female, Anchor/A Stove. Parker's issue. rim flaw, some red, UNC $95.


The Standard References, current volumes. list available!! All prices are post paid!!

Dalton & Hamer—“Provincial Token Coinage of the Eighteenth Century”. One New!! $200.

Withers, Paul & Bente—“19th Century Copper Tokens 1811-1820”. Wonderful book--- $143.

Cobwright-----“A Walk in the Monkolokian Forest in search of the Spiny Fubbaduck”--- The book on

Evasion tokens, updated from Atkins with many new varieties. 1992. Card covered. $27.

Whittlestone and Ewing, --“Queen Victoria, medalets”, Volume 1. Yes, the Victorian medalets book, exclusive of the two Jubilee volumes, is now finished. Well accomplished, nice photos, invaluable if you collect these. Card covered, $56 post paid.

17th CENTURY BRITISH TOKENS PAGE EIGHT all farthings unless listed otherwise.

Buckinghamshire W101 ND Samvell Lambert/in Newport Pagnell, his half penny. (Scales)

Choice GVF, this a super token $88

Kent W-50 1663 James Cheever/in Canterbury. 1/2d. (Hand with shears). Fine, $55.

Kent W389 1658 Richard Walker/of Maidston, Grocer. (Grocer's Arms). GF $85.

Lincolnshire W135 1665 Evstace Hooker/of Kirton. 1/2d. AVF, nice piece $75

Norfolk W155 1657 Iohn Hvtton/in Norwich. (Triskeles) Isle of Man design, AVF $90.

Norfolk W254 1669 William Flanner/of Thetford. Luster!! EF or nearly so, nice $68.

Norfolk W294 ND William Batch/in Yarmouth. (Wheat Sheaf), VF, nice $88.

Oxon W-10 ND Beniamen Hibberdine/Apothecary in Banbury. (Arms). AVF, $58.

Oxon W-88 1666 Edward Gardner/in Finstock. (A Stag). AVF, $55.

Somersetshire W310 1664 Robert Warmall/in Welles. small crimp, but nice, Fine, $82.

Suffolk W-50 ND Matrie Cressener in/St Edmunds Bury (mortor & pestle). Fine $35.

Yorkshire W129 1668 Iohn.Wighton.of.Houldon/His Half Penny. (3 moles). GF, super $120.

19th CENTURY PENNY & HALFPENNY TOKENS Penny tokens unless otherwise listed

Withers book, with wonderful history of the times and the tokens, is available at $143 ppd.

W-185 1812 Birmingham & S. Wales. Prince of Wales feathers, /A horse. EF $75. Ch AU $145.

W 262 1811 Rose Copper Co/Value (Halfpenny)---faded red--well, rose!! EF+ nice $50.

W 418 1811 George III/Arms of Bristol, much red, full luster, couple minor tics, so AU-UNC $145.

W 436 ` 1811 Bristol Brass and Copper Co/Arms and crest. Super surfaces, hazy luster, UNC $75.

W-471 1811 Sailing Ship/Value. Patent Sheathing halfpenny. GEF-AU, nice one $65/

W-560 1812 Lion Guardant/British Copper Co. penny. minor marks, EF $45. Luster, Ch EF+ $95

W-601 1811 Bust R/Britannia Seated, halfpenny. Scarce. Die cracks, minor mks, GVF $28.

W-610 1813 Lion Guardant/Britannia Seated--(British Copper Co) halfpenny, nice GVF $28.;

W-618 ND Brutus facing Left/Britannia Seated. (BCC issue) 1/2d. Super surfaces, EF $45.

W-835 1814 Crossed Stockings/A Loom. Romanis, London. Full luster, AU+, rare such, $135.

W-851 1811 L. Chaston, Lowestoft/Hope seated on bales. Good eye appeal, VF+, $35

W-855 1811 Worcs, Lye. J. Forrest. George III/Wreath. Obv 50% red, much luster, nice GEF $150.

W-905 1811 Norfolk, Norwich. Lion and Lamb/Norwich castle. nice AEF, no marks, $95.

W-1101 1811 Geo. III/to facilitate trade &c. Faded red under brown, GEF or better, $140.

W-1141 1812 Tunstead and Happing halfpenny/Wheat Sheaf. Obv stronger than plate token EF $55

W-1175 1811 Druid L/Parker's, Walsall. Weak rev, very strong, nice obverse, RR var, net VF $65. W-1216 1813 Staffordshire, Withymore. View inside Scythe Works/Scythe &c. EF, super $175.

W-1392 1812 George III/Justice seated. RARE, about Fine, $32.

W-1641 1813 Female Seated/"Pure Copper preferable" &c. EF, very nearly AU, $95.

W-1813`RRR ND` Geale & MacBride. SEE listing under Dublin in 18th C for description, price!!

W-1815 1813 Hillies, Dublin. Halfpenny.2 men rolling metal/Shamrocks. nice VF $35.

W-1820 1813 Hillies, Dublin Halfpenny. 2 men rolling metal/Shamrocks. GVF $35.

W-1850 1813 Stephens, Dublin --Bust Wellington/Harp. GF, nice for grade, $35.

EVASION TOKENS------ the numbers are Atkins, followed by the later Cobwright numbers

A-unlisted, Cobwright unlisted ---or, Shropshire 26 in D&H. Arms of Shrewsbury/Fame, Trumpet,

as noted on Lackington tokens. Fine, on undersized thin flan. $35.

A-21 Cob B0030/M0040. Brutus Sextus/Harp, Music Charms. Late die state, $45.

A-(156) Cob G0210/B0260. George Rules/Britain's Isles. Britannia. VG, $35.

A-416 Cob P0010/M0040 Payable at W. Williams/Music Charms. Harp. This piece more than interesting

to Conder token collectors, as the bust on the obverse is obviously Wilkinson!! In fact, a die break

at his mouth makes it look like he is smoking. Neat piece, and VF for issue. $85.

A-438 Cob S0100/N0210 Sir Bevois/North Wales. Harp. Choice VF+, better than usual, $52.

A-444 Cob T0040/H0020 Bust Left, Tvrcvpellerivs/ Hispanniola (Harp). Evasive all the way, this piece

with a bit of American connection, Hispanniola is Haiti today. Legends bit weak, net AVF $95.


As catalogued by Dalton, 1922. If no denomination listed, it is a shilling.

Dorset, Shaftsbury D-21.1811. Arms/Legends. underlying luster, no marks, GVF $80.

Kent, Folkstone 6d D-14 1811 Bust Right/JB Cypher, design. Fine to VF, small "x" in reverse

field, this token was in Non-Local, has been moved to Kent. $75. Considered RARE.

Norfolk, Yarmouth D-17 1811 City Arms, FR Reynolds/ Castle &c--VF lists RR, $75.

Somerset, Bristol, D-49 1811 Arms/ "12" in a wreath, &c. Small dark deposits, net VF $45.

Not Local 6d D-15 1811 A Hanging Fleece/ Six Pence. Ch VF/AVF, $32

Not Local 6d D-17 1811 Beehive, Bees/Woman with wheel seated. GF/GVF $32

Not Local 6d D-18 1811 Seated Female/"6". nice VF $32. Choice GVF $42.

Not Local 6d D-20 1811 Crescent, stars/"G", all seeing eye, hand, baton. Ch VF, $35.
UNOFFICIAL FARTHINGS------ listed by Bell, Whitmore Sweeny numbers, priced by the guide in Whitmore's Companion. Bell books are in stock, one each.

England------ these are the remaining tokens from a 550 token collection.

I am in need of these pieces, if you have a collection for sale, please contact me. -

UF 480 Birmingham Chas. Hadduck Tea. (Chinese Man) (Tea Canister). GVF, rev EF, $28.

UF 1090 Bolton John Carrie, Tea. (Crown). Lancashire, nice GVF $22

UF 1630 Gateshead J. Harrop, Tea- 1814.-Also lists as Withers 742. (Tea Canister). VF+/Fine. $25.

UF 2150 Liverpool F. L. Hausberg, Jewelry. Gilt VF, pretty nice, $15.

UF 2890 London Isaac Sparrow/Leather Sauce, &c. (Balloon) nice EF $28.

UF 2990 London Wm Webster coins, 7 Great Russell St. RARE, . EF+ $48.

UF 3360 Manchester J. Humble, Tea. (Victoria). GEF $38.

UF 3490D Manchester John Nuttall, Grocer. (tea canister). AEF, soft in center, $32.

UF 3530 Manchester William Scott & Co, Tea. Luster, EF/AU, $40.

UF 4790 Stafford T. Hill, Gen. Dealer. 1836. Staffordshire. (Beehive)(man at bench) GVF $78.

UF 5240 Worcester Worcester Co-Op. (3 figures, and Beehive). RARE, GVF $54.

UF 5260 Norfolk S. Lessey, Yarmouth, Groceries and tea. (Arms of Yarmouth) VF-EF $30.


UF 5380` Belfast John Arnott, silk mercer. (farthing denomination), GF $12.

UF 5400 Belfast Ferrar & Co silk mercer. Scarce. AF $22.

UF 5430 Belfast Wm. Foster, Draper. Scarce. VF $25.

UF 5460 Belfast Hughes, Railway Bakery. (Wheat Sheaf),. AVF $22.

UF 5490 Belfast B. McGlade Liquor. Scarce, 2 tiny punches, 1 spot, net VF $12

UF 5520B Belfast C&P McGlade, Wine &c. Scarce, one rev scratch--no comma, VF $32.

UF 5560 Belfast Mackenzie & Mc Mullan (rose, thistle, shamrocks), AEF $25. EF, $40.

UF 5690 Cork Geo. Beales, 14 Patrick St (Unicorn( Ship) 1842. Ch Fine, $22.

UF 6000B Dublin Cannock & White, Draper. (Victoria). EF, $35.

UF 6220B Dublin Scott, Bell & Co, Drapers. EF, about new, luster $68

UF 6290 Dublin Thompson's Porter Barn Bakery. VF, some rev scratches, $15.

UF 6310 Dublin Todd Burns & Co Draper. Ch VF, $16.

UF 6320 Dublin Todd Burns & Co Draper. (Victoria) super choice EF, small flaw, $72.

UF 6350 Dublin Webb & Co, Drapers. (Victoria). Nice VF, $28.

UF 6390 Galway Fortune, & Co. Scarce, (Victoria). holed, net VG, just $5..

UF 6500 Kingston Harrison & Co. (Rose, thistle, shamrocks), GVF $28.

UF 6990 Aberdeen Equitable Loan Co, (Building), AEF/EF $32.

UF 7280 Glasgow Arnott, Cannock & Co, drapers. (Victoria)

UF 7430 Glasgow Dr. Stuart--Scarce. (Doctor and patient seated) (Woman nursing). VF+ $42.

UF 7480 Glasgow J. White. (Symbol of Glasgow, Tree &c) RARE, luster fading red AU $125.


Cartwheel twopence----George III/Britannia seated. 1797. Super surfaces, no nicks on the edge or scratches, GEF at least, book says $840, yours $650.

Boulton Family Holdings----a NGC slab, Boulton Holdings on the holder--- Peck 1309 Copper Restrike halfpenny, Proof 64 Brown. Very nice coin, George III/Britannia, the legend reading "Britanniarum", the date 1805. No coinage was struck for England in 1805, this was strictly a pattern. I sold most of my coins in the Stack sale this last January, but they accidentally left this one out of the sale. Very rare, very nice, $1150.

Medals--- The next two offerings were sold some years ago, and were repurchased during the turn down

in the economy. They are as new-----and offered at the original cost.

Boulton Family holdings----Medal. Death of Matthew Boulton, with lettered edge, 63mm BZ, with copper shells, gilt on the interior surfaces. The gilt interior surfaces were only on medals presented to a member of the family, this one was family owned, the medal itself is as new and rare. It has been estimated that around 75 were struck for presentation, some were for the family as was this. This medal struck by Matthew Robinson Boulton in 1819, from the family, and extremely rare thus. $3500

Boulton Family holdings----Medal, Death of Matthew Boulton, with lettered edge, 63mm BZ, with copper shells---silvered on the interior surfaces. This medal, with the silvered interior on the shells, was made to present to one of Boulton's friends. This one apparently was kept by Matthew Robinson Boulton as an example of the silvered shells. It is in superior condition, the medal as new, and family owned. $2500.

Medal---Matthew Boulton's Obsequies----AE, 51mm---In Memory of Matthew Boultons Obsequies, 1809. These medals were passed out at his funeral at Handsworth. 500 were struck. EF, $225.

Medal----Prince of Wales recovery from typhoid. Allegorical Scene/Interior of St. Paul's Cathedral. For a service held in February, 1872 to celebrate the Prince's recovery. AE, 77mm,. Choice EF $285.

Medal---Opening of Tower Bridge. AE, 76mm. Queen Victoria, flanked by the Prince and Princess of Wales/View of Tower Bridge 1894. High relief, superb surfaces, EF and very nice $335.

Medal---Prince of Wales gains the Freedom of the City of London. Bz, 72mm. Bust of the Prince, the Prince being presented to the Lord Mayor of London. June 29 1885. a few small marks, nice EF $225.

Medal---Opening of the New Coal Exchange---Bz, 89mm. Busts of Victoria, Prince Albert, and their two children in circles/ Interior of the Coal Exchange. BZ 89mm, 1849. Very choice EF, $345.

Medal---Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887. AE, 56mm (6 mm thick!). Bust Victoria/ Queen seated on the throne surrounded by attendants. Superb condition, Ch EF, $325.

Other offerings----

France---Polar Expedition---BZ 68mm. Bust J. B. Charcot/ A Ship, the "Porqui Pas?" --named by Charcot with a bit of humor. He headed expeditions from 1908-1936, finally being stuck in the ice in that year, he perished. This medal struck around 1930 by the information with it. EF, rare, $380.

America----Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. Female with shield presiding over industry / Awarded by the Centennial Commission, &c. In the original box. The medal, 76mm and 8mm thick, is as new, the box in VF condition. The Centennial Commission medals are not easy to find nice, this one is exceptional and I simply had to get it. The new owner will have a very hard time trying to upgrade. As new, basically, $235.

Britain----Box Medal----Bronze Tube, 38mm long, 18mm across, on the tube "British Victories". The tube contains 13 medals with winged victory on one side, the other side with the names and dates of victories during the war with Napoleon. These often have one or two missing, but this one complete even to the rather hard to get Waterloo victory. Made by Thomasson after the war, thus 1815-1816. Choice EF, $675.

Australia----Queensland Airmail Society Rocket Mail. At one point, thoughts were to possibly send mail via rockets over water. Trials were done from Fraser Island to the SS Maheno. Not terribly successful, but it leave us with some delivered mail that actually went by rocket. All explained on this cover, sent August 11 1935, and delivered to the destination. Stamps, and all intact. Yours for $125. Everyone needs one of these.

AND---a cover, signed by the man that fired the rocket, "1st Rocket Dispatch 1934", from Saugor Island, Calcutta, the flight 946 yards!! It was recovered and delivered as promised. The cover attached to a sheet explaining the flight and who sent it, with names. Stamped and delivered. Superb piece, $240.


STAMP SAFES--- We all had such many years back when letters were the way we all had to communicate .Popular until WW II---- Some boxes were pretty plain, some very ornate, all made to hold stamps. Here are some for you to contemplate as an addition to your collections: 22x32mm, with stamps pictured on the cover, the interior like an album with pages---VF $35. Larger, with petal motif, and a swing out compartment--33x27mm, VF $55. 35x27mm made to look like an old mailbag, such as the carriers used to have, with a ring for suspension, very nice condition, $85. 32x43mm, with lots ornamentation and a Lion motif, loop for suspension, $85. And--35x48mm large case, made to look like a book, with covers, nice binding, all metal though--- spring hinged lids front and back, a super neat item $125.

Blatz Beer---a miniature flat metal "bottle" 1951 made to look like a bottle opener, ads front and back $12.

IRELAND---- An original Republic of Ireland bond certificate, from 1920, issued by Eamon De Valera, who helped bring about Irish independence--- with a summary of De Valera's life and the use of the money raised by the sale of the bonds. A difficult issue to find as it seems most of these bonds were eventually redeemed. The bond, for $10, in GVF condition, one center fold, no tears. Printed signature, as are all. $365.

British Museum---a 48mm copper gilt proof issued by the International Council of Museums. as new, $28.

Sentimental Magazine---in 1773-4 Kirk did a series of 13 copper tokens for the magazine, one inserted in each issue. Collecting the set fun---Wm Beckford, EF $38. Marquis of Granby, AEF $38. Olivar Cromwell, EF+ $48, and George III. EF $55. Locating high grade examples not all that easy.

Christ's Hospital. ----collectors of 18th C tokens see these (Middlesex 1,2, 279,280, etc, as they were used in the building, which was not a hospital but a children's home. Here for sale a silver award medal, Bust of Edward VI/Book, 35mm, issued to William Carruthers in 1827. Few wipe lines, but easily AEF, $120.

Suffolk, Haverhill---Bronze reproduction proof of Suffolk D&H 31, 1984. AU, nice $25.

Prince of Wales, Marriage, 1863----a 28mm WM medal, Prince's Feathers/ "to Princess Alexandra" &c---this piece with super original luster, HFS as made, and lists RR in this metal. About new!! $42.

Edward VII Coronation--The King and Queen/Arms, issued by the borough of Battersea.. As new, with ribbon and pin, a aluminum medal, 37mm---- no wipe lines, cannot be a better one, $42.

Edward VII Coronation, Isle of Jersey, 1902. WM, 32mm, GEF. Edward VII/Arms. Nice $32.

George V, visit to Shrewsbury 3 July 1914. WM 39mm. Bust L/ Royal Agricultural Show &c. EF $38.

Service at a wreck. I know I have had these on my lists before, but find them fascinating. A Crown/ Ship.

Given to the man that fired a rocket with rescue line to a wrecked ship on the rocks below a Cornwall cliff, allowing him to collect pay for being the rocket man. Copper, 36mm, this piece GVF, just $95.

Taylor and Challen--(1889), a ad ticket with a view of the company's coining press. Super nice AU $35.

Earl Howe----seen often on tokens from the late 18th C, this is a death medal---Bust L/Column, naval trophies. 38mm AE, dated 1799. Rev about perfect, obv with a couple small spots, luster, nice EF $145.

James Watt---44mm silver medal, with brilliant fields and a few wipe lines---Bust Watt/ First Class Award, this to C. Mitchell for a working model of a steamship. Mitchell, when not building models, was a builder of full size steamships, and it is only appropriate he won the Watt named award, 1871. GEF, $225.

USA--Continental Dollar---restrike by Robt. Bashlow, 1961. This is the tag end of a group of them I got from a friend of Bashlow perhaps 20 years back. Each one is as new, with good luster and no handling.

Have a very few, couple of each. No dissapointments. Copper $75. Goldine, $75. WM $55.

Admiral Nelson----32mm AE medal, hfs, made to celebrate Portsmouth Naval Week. No rub, red in the devices here and there, the hole enlarged. No date. Bust Nelson/Ship "Victory". EF, nice, $75.

Admiral Vernon----Three, each different- but all with 6 ships in the harbor on the reverse---all 1739. Obverses, Vernon and Brown, VG $65. Vernon full front view F/VF $135, Vernon, canon, pebbly surfaces but otherwise EF, $135. Very reasonable Admiral Vernon medals. All made from pinchback metal. .

Mining Stock----1886, Ouray, Colorado, 1000 shares, #53. Fully issued, signed off on the reverse, in what is essentially EF condition. This is for the Mount Sneffles Terrible Mining Company. You read it right, I bought it for the name, you will too. One of the more unusual names for a business.$150.

Goetz medals---K238---1914/1919---Kaiser on hobby horse, / suffering family.AE 58mm, EF $335.

Have many more, please ask for list. The Goetz German satirical medals are super interesting!


The English grading system is used on all tokens, but the grading abbreviations are USA. A plus or a minus next to a grade indicates that the piece is in the grade indicated, but look, surfaces, or marks may be a bit better or worse than the grade given. Scr= scratch. Hfs, =holed for suspension. Rm=rim nick.

UNC—no wear. AU—Tad rub. EF— light circulation. VF-Very fine. F-Fine. VG Very good. G-Good.


All tokens guaranteed genuine, and descriptions correct. Tokens may be returned within 30 days of receipt for any reason, and refunds will be prompt. All coins and tokens guaranteed genuine for life. No discounts will be given for the first 30 days of the sale. Your satisfaction is far more important than a sale.

All orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment to Bill McKivor in US funds. Please do not mail cash. Shipment will be held until funds clear if you are unknown to me.

As most items are one of a kind, alternate selections are appreciated. Shipping prices:

Shipping charges-- $5.00 for orders up to $200. Orders $200-$400 $7.50. $300-$600 are $9. Over $600 sent registered mail, $15 & up. BOOKS—most are priced with postage to the USA via Media Mail.

Foreign minimum registered £10 . Foreign orders must be pre-paid before shipping. Insurance is available but at customer’s cost. Uninsured sent at customer’s risk. Ask for details.


Please give the List #, MAJOR HEADING, MINOR HEADING, D&H number, and price when ordering.

By Phone---(206) 244-8345 9 AM to 10 PM Pacific time only.

By E-mail---A great way to order or ask about tokens---

By mail to: Bill McKivor, PO Box 46135, Seattle, WA 98146.


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