Big car innovation, versatility & enjoyment packed into an economical small car

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Big car innovation, versatility & enjoyment packed into an economical small car

The all new 2009 Honda Jazz is a small car that acts like a big one, delivering drivers the best of both worlds when it comes to driving experience, economy, innovation and versatility.

The second-generation Jazz combines new levels of styling, driving dynamics and ride quality, with the packaging, functionality and safety features that have already made the Jazz famous world-wide and contributed to sales of more than 2.5 million vehicles since its debut in 2001.
A host of new features mean owning and driving the new Jazz is even more fun. From the racing inspired steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, high engine output, and USB audio for full iPOD and MP3 player integration, to Honda’s unique and inspired Magic Seats the Jazz lets you live your life without compromise.

Superior driving experience and safety

Driving advancements in the new Jazz start with the move to iVTEC engines in both the 1.3S and 1.5S Jazz models, delivering more power and more torque than ever before, and are coupled with a move from CVT to 5-Speed automatic transmission for a more sporty drive.
Hondas i-VTEC differs from most in the market in that it controls valve lift as well as timing and is able to deliver more power and better fuel economy than other engines. With the change to the i-VTEC engine the 1.3l Jazz now achieves 73Kw of power/127 Nm Torque, and the 1.5l engine, 88Kw of power/145 Nm Torque.
Both the 1.3S and 1.5S boast a first in class 5-Speed automatic transmission (proven in the from the popular Civic) providing for a much more sporty drive. Racing inspired paddle shifters on the steering wheel also enhance the sporty drivability of the new Jazz allowing gear shifts in automatic mode or full manual operation in ‘Sport’ mode enabling the driver total control. A 5-Speed manual transmission is also available on the Jazz 1.3S.
Jazz 1.3S comes with a host of standard features, including power windows and mirrors, central locking, and a stereo compatible with MP3, WMA & CD plus USB connectivity for full ipod or MP3 player integration.
The Jazz 1.5 Sport gets the larger, more powerful 1.5 litre engine, cruise control, a security alarm system, sports body, rear spoiler, and fog lights, together with 16” Alloy wheels.
Safety comes standard right from the entry level 1.3S Jazz with a comprehensive array of safety equipment and technology including ABS brakes with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist for more controlled stopping ability. Fitment of curtain airbags and front seatbelt pre-tensioners are standard, with 6 airbags in total - front, side & curtain - curtain airbags also deploy in a frontal offset collision to prevent head injuries.
The introduction of Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) structure also provides better restraint of intrusion from invading vehicles over a wider range of impact heights – providing better passenger protection in the case of an accident.
The suspension design is also modified to bring a new and sporty dynamic to the driving ability.
Visibility has been enhanced both front and rear

Dramatic improvements in driver visibility mean the Jazz provides amazing visibility in both the front and rear and enhance the safety and drivability of the Jazz. The front quarter windows are now 3 times larger offering better panoramic visibility, and at the same time the strengthened “A” pillars are also narrower, providing better frontal visibility also. Driver seating positioning now offers height adjustment across the range. The windscreen is further forward at the base, and further back at the top – creating class leading forward visibility.

Rear visibility is improved with the application of low profile drop down rear headrests allowing 100% visibility through the rear window, while 30% larger wing mirrors means the Jazz boasts impressive rear visibility. Such is the visibility improvement overall that a driver’s first impressions will be of the airy spacious feel of the cabin.

Innovative design delivers space and versatility

Big car performance doesn’t stop with the driving experience as Jazz continues to employ the very best design, technology, and styling to ensure not a millimetre of available space is wasted.
Jazz’s Magic Seats open up a huge range of loading possibilities in seconds. From tall parcels like shrubs or mountain bikes, or even a safe place to transport the dog, just flip up the rear seat cushion and there’s all the room needed behind the front seats. Conversely to transport large suitcases or bulky items of furniture, one or both of the rear seats can be folded flat to create the space required.
The 2009 Honda Jazz continues to boast the amazing Magic Seat system that has helped make Jazz so popular here and around the world, while a new design in operation means the Magic Seat system is even easier to use.
Converting the rear seats to a completely flat wagon configuration now only requires one simple lever action, and the rear seats will drop flat to the floor.
Additionally, the Jazz now offers a revolutionary 3-step door opening and 3 hold positions, which means there is easy control over how far the doors open – open them slightly in tight parking spaces, wide when loading groceries, or in between for everyday entry and exit. The best part of the new 3-step system though is the opening space of the rear door. The rear doors will open up to a wide 80 degrees, making it easy to stow items and cargo throught the rear doors. With the magic seats in operation the Jazz can easily swallow a 42”Plasma TV straight from the store – safely stowed in it’s box standing up.
Consumers can reward themselves with luxury models

For customers wanting to reward themselves with a little more luxury, the entire Jazz range is available with leather interior. Careful detailing of red stitching on black leather makes a real statement combined with perforated squabs and an embossed Jazz logo.

The ultimate in personality shines through in the Jazz Tempo, with the 1.5 litre engine and specification of the Jazz Sport, the Tempo model adds special front and rear sports bumpers, sport grille, sport grille, red leather shift knob and distinctive 16” alloy wheels.
Enhanced economy and environmental responsibility

Despite the improvements in drivability, power, design and style, the 2009 Honda Jazz still does not compromise on fuel economy and its environmental responsibility.

Continuing to save drivers money at the pump the 2009 Honda Jazz provides impressive fuel economy with ADR figures of 5.8, 6.6, and 6.7 litres per 100 kilometers respectively for the Jazz 1.3S manual, automatic, and Jazz 1.5 Sport.
The new Jazz sees Honda’s commitment to the environment continued, with emissions of the new Jazz not only meeting the Euro IV standard, they also fall within the even more stringent LEV II (Low Emission Vehicle) standards in other markets. Additionally, attention to the environment has been achieved through the materials used to produce the Jazz, with production using greener materials to make Jazz an environmentally friendly (88 percent recyclable) product.
Like all new Hondas, the Jazz is E10 fuel ready. This means it can use the ethanol petrol blend that produces less fossil fuel CO2 and so, when the fuel is sustainably made, as it currently is in New Zealand, it is better for the environment. Additionally, each Jazz sold sees Honda New Zealand contribute funding for the planting of 10 native trees to its TreeFund programme.
By combining the kinds of economic and environmental benefits usually associated with small cars, with innovative design and technology to create space, and a host of features to enhance drivability, the new 2009 Honda Jazz brings together the best of all worlds at a very affordable price.


1.3 litre Manual


1.3 litre Automatic


Jazz Sport

1.5 litre Automatic


Jazz Tempo

1.5 litre Automatic


Leather package options

+ $2,800

Pricing does not include on road costs and is valid from 5 November until further notice.

For Further information:

Graeme Meyer

Honda New Zealand


Phone: 09 262 3141

Mobile: 0274 943165

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