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Great cities of Europe. 1989.
Copyright: International Video Network. PUB 1Sep89; PA665-624. Source used: copyright data sheet. Received: 12-2-93; veiwing copy; copyright deposit--no agreement; Copyright Collection.

VC 940.55 Eur

Touring the great festivals of Europe.

VC 941.02 Med

Medieval times : 1000 - 1450. ACG/United Learning.
Describes the period by taking a close look at the castle at Chepstow in South Wales. Examines the ruins of Tintern Abbey.

VC 941.06 Eng

The English revolution. Pergamon Press, Inc., 1979.

VC 941.085 Eli

Queen is crowned. Chicago, Illinois: International Historic Films, c1953.
The only full length record of the Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. Color.

VC 941.11 Bri

Fromer, Bob and Gladys Carter [writers]. Rise and Fall of the British Empire. Pleasantville, New York: Educational Audio Visual, Inc., 1986.
Narrator, Patrick Dennis. Junior high school through college students and adults. Part 1: the rise -- Part 2: the fall; covers the early voyages of discovery, the impact of industrialization, etc.

VC 941.17 Kni

Knights and armor. New York: A&E Television Network, c1994.
Clad in burnished metal upon a steed of superior might, William Marshal was an invincible force. In battles and tournaments throughout medieval Europe, he brought unprecedented glory to himself...

VC 941.4 Ire

Discovering Ireland. International Video Network, 1992.
Marvel at nature's gifts to Ireland: the sheer cliffs of Moher, the spectacular Iunarlike landscape of the Burren, the romantic Glenns of antrim and the.

VC 942 His

The history of English literature. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video.

VC 942 His

The History of English literature. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video.

VC 942 His

The history of English literature.

VC 942.03 RIC

Richard the Lionheart : Bonnie Prince Charlie. Bethesda, MD : Dist. by Acorn Media, 1997.
Tales of nobility and heroism about Richard the Lionheart, and the adventures of Charles Eward Steward, known as Bonnie Prince Charlie.

VC 943.086 Hit

Fatal attraction of Adolf Hitler. New York: BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc., c1995.

VC 944 Dis

Discovering France. San Ramon, Calif. : International Video Network, 1994.
This program provides an overview of the history, architecture, and art of France.

VC 945 Dis

Discovering Italy. San Ramon, Calif. : International Video Network, 1994.
This program presents an overview of the history, architecture, art, and music of Italy.

VC 945.09 Ren

Exploring the Renaissance 1350 - 1650. ACG/United Learning.
Historical review of the 1400 years that preceded the Renaissance. Life in ancient Rome is contrasted to life among the barbarians during the Dark Ages. Feudal and religious life during the last part of the Middle Ages is presented. Renaissance viewed.

VC 946 Spa

Spain : everything under the sun. San Ramon, Calif. : International Video Network, 1988.
Viewers will begin their visit in Madrid's Royal Palace, go to Avila, continue on to Toledo, Granada, and Barcelona.

VC 946.9 Por

Portugal : land of discoveries. San Ramon, Calif. : International Video Network, 1990.
Viewers will visit Algarve, Cascais, Bucaco and Sintra; attend a bull fight; explore the country's history, and more.

VC 947 Ris

The rise and fall of the Soviet Union. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, 1994.
In December 1991, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed. With its demise, one of the largest and most powerful nations in the world suddenly ceased to exist. The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union uses archival film footage to trace the history of the Soviet Union through its seven leaders - from Vladimir Lenin to Mikhail Gorbachev.

VC 947 Rus

Russia then & now. Bennu Productions, Inc., 1992.
Ancient monasteries and timeless villages are visited on a cruise along the rivers, canals and lakes of northern Russia.

VC 947 Rus

Russia : After the U.S.S.R. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c1994.
In December 1991, one of the most powerful nations in the world, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, collapsed. The 15 republics making up the Soviet Union became independent countries. As a map depicting the emerging countries reveals, the largest of these is Russia. Russia: After the U.S.S. R. rexamines the major issues - unemployment, crime, and pollution - facing Russians today.

VC 947 Sov

The rise & fall of the Soviet Union. Las Vegas, Nevada: Library Distributors of Americ.

VC 947.08 Jou

A journey across Russia. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video Network, c1999.
Russia is home to a diverse mixture of cultures, traditions, art, and architecture. This program takes you on a visual odyssey across Russia, from the palaces of St. Petersburg to the rugged wilderness of Kamchatka.

VC 947.08 Nic

Russia's last tsar. National Geographic, 1994.
It is a fairy tale and a horror story all at once, and remembering it wall but forbidden... until now. The fabled Romanovs, led by handsome Nicholas II and the devout Empress Alexandra, ruled imperial Russia in high splendor, despite the distintegration of their divided, war-torn country.

VC 949.5 Atl

Aegean : Legacy of Atlantic. Time - Life, 1995.
Lost Civilizations.Visit a candidate for the site of Atlantis on the Greek isle of There, where 3,000 years ago a highly advanced culture was destroyed by volcanic eruption.

VC 949.5 Gre

Greece : playground of the gods. San Ramon, Calif. : International Video Network, 1991.
This program explores Greece's history, tradition, natural beauty, and famous architecture.

VC 950 Far

Exotic Far East. Rand McNally.

VC 951 Tib

Tibet : The end of time. Time Life, 1995.
Lost Civilizations. Enter a kingdom so remote it was virtually unknown to outsiders until recent times. Experience an enigmatic way of life. Discover how, as the world's last surviving theocracy, Tibetans voluntarily abandoned their warlike past.

VC 951.19 Gre

In search of history. The great wall. United States : A&E Network, 1997.

VC 951.34 Chi

South West China. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
Traveler Justine Shapirpo visits just four of the twenty-one provinces of China - Guangxi, Yuman, and Sichuan. Quick quiz available.

VC 951.9 Kor

Korea : The forgotten war. Fox Hills, 1987.
Presents the events of the Korean War - from Pusan Perimeter conflict through the horrific battles to the final truce negotiations.

VC 952.04 Hir

Hiroshima. Hallmark, 1995.
Beginning in the frenzied final months of World War II, Hiroshima rockets back and forth between Truman, Churchill and Hirohito to reach behind the headlines and tell the story of the people whose lives and careers would be forever changed by this event.

VC 952.19 Ice

Iceland and Greenland. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
Ian Wright's Arctic journey takes him through the volcanic landscapes of Iceland and the frozen wilderness of Greenland, the most northerly country in the world. Quick quiz available.

VC 955 Ira

Iran. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 1999.
Iran's reputation in the west has kept travelers away from the erstwhile home of one of the greatest civilizations of all time. Ian Wright explores the cities, mountains and deserts at the heart of the Persian Empire.

VC 956 Mid

The Middle East: A unit of study. Niles, Illinois: United Learning.
A region of contrasts (16:26); Birthplace of religions (23:13).

VC 956.19 Mid

Middle East : Cradle of conflict. Bridgestone Production, 1991.
Known as the "Cradel of Civilization," the Middle East is the place of origin of the alphabet, mathematics, literature, science and the arts. Yet, it is also one of the most misunderstood regions to the Western mind, shrouded in mystery, controversy and confrontation. This documentary begins by exploring the 5,000 year-old Mesopotamia culture along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers - the traditional site of the Garden of Eden; the Great Flood; the ancient city of Ur; the Tower of Babel and Ninevah; and the kingdoms of Egypt, Assyria and ancient Babylonia - the region today known as Iraq. Hosted by James R. Wallis. Unique perspectives shed light on the birth and development of Islam, Judaism and early Christianity. Insight is given into the people of the Middle East formed by centuries of early instrusions, the displacement of the Palestinians and the creation of the modern state of Israel.

VC 956.94 Isr

The wonder of Israel. United States : Embassy of Israel, c1997.
This video is aimed at junior and senior high school students and covers such topics as the geography, history, government, people, lifestyles, and economy of Israel, and the search for peace. This version is updated through 1997.

VC 956.94 Jer

Jerusalem: Within these walls : National Geographic. USA : National Geographic Society, 1986.
Jerusalem's Old City is a tiny enclave where some of history's greatest dramas have been enacted. Bury and colorful, it is the fountainhead of three major religions, the site of amny of the world's most venerated shrines, and home to 26,000 people of profoundly different cultures who live side by sied in a fragile peace. Jerusalem: Within These Walls offers a kaleidoscopic view of the city and its people as they are today - the remarkable outcome of 3,000 years of history, hope, and faith.

VC 959 Vie

Lonely Planet -- the experience. The Vietnam experience. 1995.
Copyright: no reg. Copyright notice on cassette box: International Video Network: 1995. Descend into subterranean tunnels to ring in the new year, fire an AK-47 assault rifle, ...

VC 963 Eth

Ethiopia. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Ethiopia is a country of spectacular diversity. famine and war have kept travelers away, but for the adventurous athis is one of the most exciting destinations on the planet. Traveling from North to South, Ian Wright visits the stunning Blue Nile Falls and the capital, Addis Ababa, before ending the journey in the vast wilderness of the Mago National Park.

VC 967.4 Tex

Texas rangers : Manhunters of the Old West. Greystone Communications, Inc., c1993.
It's been said that a Texas Ranger could "ride like a Mexican, trail like an Indian, shoot like a Tennessean, and fight like the very devil.: Stephen F. Austin formed the Texas Rangers in 1826 to protect american settlers in the Texas territory. Later, the rangers turned to upholding the law. They tracked own murderers, smugglers, and bank and train robbers across the wide open spaces of the newly born Lone Star State. Join up with The Texas Rangers and get set for a manhunt through the Old West.

VC 967.62 Out

Out of Africa. United States : Universal Pictures, 1985.
Based on Out of Africa, Shadows on the grass, Letters from Africa by Isak Dinesen ; Isak Dinesen : The Life of a storyteller by Judith Thurman ; Silence will speak by Errol Trzebinski. Robert Redford, Sydney Pollack, Meryl Streep, and Klaus Maria Brandauer.

VC 970.004 Nat

A class of cultures : I will fight no more. Discovery, 1993.
How the West was Lost. The plight of five Native American nations; the Navajo, Nez Perce, Apache, Cheyenne and Lakota.

VC 970.2 Sit

Sitting Bull & the great Sioux nation. Greystone Communications, Inc., c1993.
Hosted by Kenny Rogers. The mighty Sioux Nation roamed the Great Plains led by their spiritual leader, Sitting Bull. A powerful medicine man who guided his people to numerous victories over the U.S. Cavalry. Sitting Bull foresaw the Battle of Little big Horn. A year before the massacre, he urged his followers to change their way of fighting. Their new tactics brought them glorious victory over Custer. In Sitting Bull & the Great Sioux Nation, the powerful leader's fierce charisma and brilliance stands tall.

VC 972.87 Pan

Modern marvels. Panama Canal. United States : Arts & Entertainment, 1994.
An exciting history of the formidable wonder known as the Panama Canal, inlcuding the ingenuity and enterprise behind its construction, and the admiration it still merits to this day.

VC 973 Hol

The Holocaust: In memory of millions. Maryland: The Discovery Channel, c1994.
From the halls of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Walter Cronkite chronicles the entire story of the Holocaust - from the rise of the Nazi party to tales of incredible bravery...

VC 973 Hol

Survivors of the Holocaust. Turner Original Productions, c1995.
Steven Spielberg presents an unprecedented and historic documentary which chronicles the events of the Holocaust as witnessed by those who survived.

VC 973 Nat

Native Americans. Educational Distributors of America, Inc.
Early civilizations of the Inuits, Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas. Christopher Columbus' voyage of 1492. Indians tribes of North America. Western expansion in the United States. Life on the Indian reservations.

VC 973.09 Pre

Presidents. United States : ABC News.
From the stately George Washington to the practical George Bush, this fascinating program uncovers amazing, little known facts about every American president.

VC 973.1 Pil

Pilgrims and Puritans : The struggle for religious freedom in England 1517 - 1692. United Learning.
The Struggle for Religious Freedom in England 1517-1692. Origin and history of the Puritans and their offshoot group, the Separatist Pilgrims. Starts with the Protestant Reformation. Birth of the Separatists. Follow Pilgrims on journey to America.

VC 973.2 Col

Colonial America. Mastervision, 1981.
Describes the customs and traditions established during the time when France, Spain and Great Britain were fighting for the riches of the New World.

VC 973.21 Dec

The Declaration of Independence. California : Full Circle Entertainment, Inc., c2000.
Learn why the Declaration of Independence is America's most revered document.

VC 973.5 Ala

Battle of the Alamo. Discovery, 1996.
Retraces the battle of the Alamo in the words of those who fought it.g.

VC 973.7 Blu

The blue and the gray. Burbank, California: Columbia Pictures Television, c1982.
Length 295 minutes; color.

VC 973.7 Civ

Civil War journal : Alexander Gardner -- War photographer. John Brown's War. United States : produced by Graystone Communications, Inc. in association with A&E Networks; a History TV network presentation, 1993.
Employing a new medium, Alexander Gardner brought the bitter memories of a war between countrymen to the home front. Like Matthew Brady, Gardner's evocative images, captured on primitive equipment under duress, chronicles the fierce struggle of a nation divided. John Brown's War: He was a radical abolitionist with the fanatical plan of freeing Southern slaves through armed insurrection. His raid on the U.S. arsenal at Harper's Ferry shattered any hope of unity in an already fragmented nation.

VC 973.7 Civ

Civil War journal : Days of darkness: The Gettysburg civilians. West Point classmates - Civil War enemies. United States : produced by Greystone Communications, Inc. in association with A&E Networks; a History TV Network presentation, 1993.
The batt;e pf Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was the turning point of the war, and a nightmare for its citizens. For three days the bloody conflict raged on until close to 50,000 soldiers lay dead. for the peaceful townspeople, life would never be the same. West Point Classmates -- Civil War Enemies: In a great irony, former West Point classmates faced one another on opposite sides of the conflict - Union gnerals Sherman, McClellan and Grant versus Confederate generals Beauregard, Lee and President Jefferson Davis.

VC 973.7 Civ

Civil War journal : Stonewall Jackson. Destiny at Fort Sumter. United States : produced by Greystone Communications, Inc. in association with A&E Networks; a History TV network presentation, 1993.
He eared his nickname at the first Battle of Bull run when he and his men "stood like a stone wall" against Union forces. "Stonewall" Jackson was the South's brilliant leader, cool under fire, and rumored to be indestructible. It took a Confederate bullet fired by mistake to brind him down. Destiny At Fort Sumter: No lives were lost in the very first military engagement of the Civil War. Yet, from the South's modest attack upon a tiny fort in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, came a conflict that would engulf the entire nation.

VC 973.7 Civ

The Civil War journal. : The 54th Massachusetts . McClellan's Way. United States : produced by Greystone Communication, Inc. in association with A&E Networks; a History TV network presentation producer, 1993.
Some were escaped slaves who wanted a chance at revenge. Others were educated black men who believed in the cause. Was the Fighting 54th an elite regiment called upon for their gallantry? Or were they considered cannon fodder. McClellan's Way: What was Lincoln to do with "Little Mac?" the brilliant Union General was removed from command twice for being overcautious, the second time at Antietam when he allowed Lee's forces to withdraw across the Potomac.

VC 973.7 Civ

Civil War journal : The battle of 1st Bull Run. Pickett's Charge. United States : produced by Graystone Communications, Inc. in association with A&E Networks; a History TV network presentation producer, 1993.
The first battle of the Civil War was a stunning victory for the Confederacy led by Stonewall Jackson and a humiliating loss for the Union. It also sent a clear message to a once overconfident North: The war was going to be long, costly, and ... bloody. Pickett's Charge: Did the vain Confederate general George Edward Pickett have something to prove? At Gettysburg, he led his troops on a slow, suicidal "charge" into the center of a Union line that virtually annilhilated his division.

VC 973.7 Civ

Civil War journal : The monitor vs. the CSS Virginia. The gray ghost -- John Singleton Mosby. United States : produced by Graystone Communications, Inc. in association with A&E Newtorks; a History TV network presentation, 1993.
In March of 1862, the South's CSS Virginia came face to face with the North's Monitor at Hampton Roads River, virginia. for over three hours, the two hulking "ironclads" lobbed shells at one another. Though the battle ended in a draw, it spelled the end of the era of wooden fighting ships. The Gray Ghost: John Singleton Mosby -- The 125-pound "Gray Ghost" of the confederacy was given full authority to operate his 800 men without interference from ranking officers. The result was the development of guerrilla warfare and an extension of the war for six months.

VC 973.73 Cat

Catton, Bruce, 1899-1978. Gettysburg: the final fury. Civil War Series. Newark, New Jersey: Peter Pan Industries, Inc., c1987.
The Battle of Gettysburg is accurately re-enacted in this historical documentary hosted by Stacy Keach and Bruce Catton. The three day battle is considered a major turning point in the Civil War...

VC 973.73 Fif

Fifer, Charles, director and producer. 
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