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Planets. DK Vision and BBC Worldwide Americas, 1997.
Planets journeys through space and time, witnessing the birth of the sun traveling to the outer limits of the solar system. This "journey" includes visits to Earth's close neighbors in space. Narrator, Andrew Sachs.

VC 523.43 Mar

Windows on Mars.

VC 523.45 Jup

On Jupiter. Discovery Communications, Inc., c1996.
Explore the unique terrain of each of Jupiter's moons; watch as teh Shoemaker-Levy comet explodes in a fiery death; discover why a storm three times the size of Earth has raged on Jupiter for more than 300 years; travel with Voyager and Galileo as they penetrate Jupiter's atmosphere and send back the first-ever reports on the planet's chemistry.

VC 523.51 Met

Meteorites : Menace from the sky/Witness from beyond the times. Acorn Media, 1993.
Welcome to the world of meteorites, messengers from outer space that tell us about the birth of the solar system and the formation of the stars.

VC 523.6 Met

Meteorites : Menace from the sky / Witnesses from beyond the times. Atlas Video, c1994.
Filled with amazing computer graphics, pictures from Voyager II, and footage of ancient meteor craters and specimens from around the world, Meteorites tells a fascinating story of science, legend, myth, and wonder.

VC 527.2 LOS

Lost at sea : the search for longitude. Boston, MA : WGBH Boston Video, 1998.
Navigation in the 1700s was both unpredictable and deadly until a humble, ingenious country carpenter named John Harrison made longitude as predictable as the sunrise. Expert insights and fascinating details.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe... and beyond : Moving in circles/Fundamental forces. Annenberg, 1987.
(Moving in Circles) The Platonic theory of uniform circular motion. (Fundamental Forces) Explains all physical phenomena of nature are explained in two nuclear forces, gravity and electricity.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Angular momentum/Torques and gyroscopes. Annenberg, 1987.
(Angular Momemtum) Discusses angular motion as a twist on momentum. (Torques and Gyroscopes) Explains that when a torque acts on a spinning object, the angular momentum changes, but the object only processes.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Beyond the mechanical universe/Static electricity. Annenber, 1987.
(Beyond the Mechanical Universe) Looks at electricity, magnetism and the twentieth century discovers of relativity and quantum mechanics. (Static Electricity) Looks at Coulomb's law and the principles of static electricity.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Conservation of energy/Potential energy. Annenberg, 1987.
(Conservation of Energy ) The law of physics which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. (Potential Energy) Potential energy and the powerful model that this concept has become for understanding why the world has worked the same way since the beginning of time.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Conservation of momentum/Harmonic motion. Annenberg, 1987.
(Conservation of Momentum) Likens the universe to a perpetual clock and applies the principle of conservation of momentum to explain why the universe continues to operate. (Harmonic Motion) Explains that the restoring force and inertia of any stable mechanical system causes objects to excel.

VC 530.11Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Derivatives/Inertia. Annenberg, 1987.
3. (Derivative)The function of mathematics in physical science and the derivative as a practical tool. 4. (Inertia) Galileo answers the questions of the universe with his law of inertia.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Energy and eccentricity/Navigating in space. Annenberg, 1987.
(Energy and Eccentricity) Describes the orbit of all heavenly bodies in terms of the laws of conservation of energy and angular momentum. (Navigating in Space) Discusses how the amount of energy needed to voyage to other planets can be minimized by using the same principles that guide planets.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Gravity, electricity, and magnetism/The Millikan Experiment. Annenberg, 1987.
(Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism) The Mathematical form of gravitational, electric, and magnetic forces (The Millikan Experiment) A re-creation of Robert Millikan's classical oil-drop experiment to determine the charge of a single electron.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Integration/The apple and the moon. Annenberg, 1987.
(Integration) Newton and Leibniz arrive at the conclusion that differentiation and integration are inverse processes. (The Apple and the Moon) The first real steps toward space travl as Newton discovers that gravity describes the force between any two particles in the universe.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Introduction to the mechanical universe/the law of falling bodies. Annenberg, 1987.
(Introduction to the Mechanical Universe) Revolutionary ideas and heroes from Copernicus to Newton; links between the physics of the heavens and the earth. (The Law of Falling Bodies) Galileo's imaginative experiments prove that all bodies fall with the same constant acceleration.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Kepler to Einstein/Harmony of the spheres. Annenberg, 1987.
(Kepler to Einstein) Explains why natural occurrences such as the ebb and flow of tides are a consequence of the law of gravity and this explanation leads to Einstein's general theory of relativity and black holes. (Harmony of the Spheres) Looks back at material covered in earlier programs.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Kepler's three laws/The Kepler problem. Annenberg, 1987.
(Kepler's Three Laws ) Deals with Kepler's three laws which described the motion of heavenly bodies with unprecedented accuracy. Discusses the relationship between these laws and conic sections first identified by ancient Greek mathematicians. (The Kepler Problem) Deals with what is known about the Kepler problem.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Resonance/Waves. Annenberg, 1987.
(Resonance) Explores the phenomenon of resonance and discusses how this phenomenon can be used to explain why a swaying bridge can collapse in a mild wind or a wine glass be shattered by a human voice. (Waves) Discusses Newton's application of the simple harmonic motion.

VC 530.11 Mec

The mechanical universe...and beyond : Vectors/Newton's laws. Annenberg, 1987.
(Vectors) Physics must explain not only why and how much, but also where and which way. (Newton's Laws) Newton's laws of force, mass, and acceleration.

VC 531.14 Thr

Thrill ride: the science of fun. Sony Pictures Entertainment, c1997, 1998.
Thrill ride puts the audience in the front seat of some of the wildest rides ever created and shows how technology for motion simulatores, originally developed by the military and NASA for flight...

VC 532.4 Out

The outer planets. The Assistant Professor. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Allied Video Corporation, c1992.
Experience the outer worlds of our solar system: great gas giants with no solid surfaces, orbited by frozen moons and shimmering rings. Visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

VC 538.19 Mag

Understanding: Magnetism. Bethesda, Maryland: Discovery Communications, Inc., c1997.
The earth is a giant magnet, creating a powerful force that humans can use in many ways from storing informatio on computer disks to converting electricity into sound in television. Teacher's Guide.

VC 538.7 Aur

The aurora explained. c1992.
Tells what northern lights are, how they work, and why and when they appear where they do.

VC 539.1 Boh

Bohr's model of the atom. New York : Video Education America, c2006.
This program focuses on Niels Bohr, who worked with some of the best physicists of the 20th century to devise his atomic model. Students will gain an understanding of the historical developments in atomic theories up to Bohr, a brief outline of Bohr's life, Bohr's first and second postulates and his influence on contemporary society.

VC 541.11 Mol

The world of chemisty : The mole/water. Annenberg, 1990.
11. Explains that a mole of any substance contains a constant number of molecules. Examines the use of this important quantitative chemistry term. 12. Explains why water is unique and necessary for life and explores the special chemical properties of water.

VC 550 Ear

Science in the news : Earth science connections. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, c2000.
Asteroid Answer - - Why Time Zones? - - Satellite Farming - -Seattle Quake - - Earthquake Seekers - - LA Quake House - - Earth's Core - - Mercury Disposal - - Egypt's Pyramids - - Olmstead Project - - Yellowstone Hot Water - - Antarctic Meltdown - - Beach Erosion Tools - - Birds from Dinosaurs? - - Dinosaur Heart - - Asteroid Extinction - - Side Scan Sonar - - Salty Water - - Message in a Bottle - - Acid Rain - - Twister Mysteries - - Hurricane Double Whammy - - Hottest Years - - Age of the Universe - - "S" Marks the Spot - - Looking for Life - - Europa Pics.

VC 551 Sav

Savage skies : The winter's tale. MPI Home Video, c1996.
Explains the manner in which humans have come to adapt their lifestyles to the rigorous demands of winter - - looks back on some of history's biggest blizzards, and used state-of-the-art 3D sequences to journey inside the crystalline structure of the snowflake. Narrated by Al Roker.

VC 551.09 Won

Wonders of nature. Reader's Digest.
Grand Canyon, The Serengeti, The Sahara Desert, Iguazu Falls, Amazon Rivers, Ayers Rock, and The Himalays.

VC 551.1 Ear

Earth Revealed : Earth's interior/ the sea floor. Annenberg, 1992.
3. (Earth's Interior) Seismic waves, measuring gravity, heat flow and earth magnetism. 4. (The Sea Floor) The mid-oceanic ridge, oceanic trenches, and fracture zones, evidence of the mobile crust of the earth.

VC 551.2 Ear

Earth revealed : Earthquakes / Geologic time. Annenberg, 1992.
9. (Earthquakes)The nature and consequences of earthquakes, factors that cause them, location and characteristics. 10. (Geologic Time) Immensity of the geologic time scale, the world-wide basis for correlation of geologic events, rock formation and fossils.

VC 551.2 Ear

Killer quake ! Nova - WGBH, 1994.
Travel to the metropolitan Los Angeles area, a region that sits on a network of potentially deadly faults that could trigger the nation's most devastating earthquake in search of clues to where nature will strike next.

VC 551.2 Ear

Predictable disaster. WGBH Educational, 1988.
Discusses the techniques used by scientists to establish the size, time and force of earthquakes.

VC 551.2 Vol

The story of America's great volcanoes. Questar, 1992.
Reveals the fascinating story of America's volcanoes, most of which are only quiet, not dead.

VC 551.2 Vol

Volcano. National Geographic, 1989.
See the birth of an active volcano, presented with a up-close look at the awesome power of the earth.

VC 551.3 Gla

Earth revealed : Glaciers/ Waves, beaches, and coasts. Annenberg, 1992.
23. (Glaciers) Glaciers as an important sculptor of Earth's surface. 24. (Waves, Beaches, and Coasts) The beach as a dynamic zone, sensitive to variations in waves, winds, tides, currents and human intervention.

VC 551.4 Oce

Finite oceans. Discovery, 1995.
Takes a political, economic, and environmental journey through the earth's seas presenting a view of oceans as finite bodies of water, not the limitless seas into which we discard vast quantities of toxic, industrial wastes.

VC 551.46 FIN

Finite oceans. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Enterprises, 1995, c1990.
Hosted by Roger Payne. Shows the political, economic and environmental aspects of the oceans, which must be preserved and protected from pollution.

VC 551.46 SEC v.1

Secrets of the ocean realm. Burbank, CA : Time Warner Entertainment Company, 1998.
Cathedral in the sea -- Survival in the sea. The first episode explores the submarine forests of giant kelp of the Northeastern Pacific Ocean. The second episode examines the reproduction and predation techniques used by marine animals.

VC 551.46 Tsu

Killer wave : Power of the tsunami. National Geographic, 1997.
Dare to confront oneof the sea's most deadly mosters - the tsunami. Its freak waves can race undetected across an ocean at 600 miles per hour, crashing ashore like a bomb. . . and pushing massive walls of water that swallow cities whole.

VC 551.48 See

See how they grow : Pond animals. Sony Wonder, 1994.
See how the world in and around a pond delights a dragonfly, frog, duck and salamander as they celebrate their passage to young adulthood.

VC 551.5 Tor

Tornadoes : The entity. Beerger, 1993.
46 tornadoes revealed over the past 40 years. Features 9 incredible minutes with the Killer, Andover, Kansas tornado of 1991.

VC 551.55

Tornado chasers. A&E Home Video, 1995.
Travel with a group of thrill seekers known as the "Storm Chasers" who travel a desolate stretch of Oklahoma known as "Tornado Alley" risking their lives to capture astonishing, up-close video footage of these incredible storms.

VC 551.55

Faidley, Warren. Storm chaser: in pursuit of untamed skies. Weather Channel Tornadoes. Atlanta: Weather Channel, c1966.

VC 551.55 Hur

Hurricanes. The Weather Channel.

VC 551.55 Lig

Nova Production. Lightning! Nova. Boston, MA: WGBH Educational Foundation, c1995........
VHS; Dolby surround. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Narrated by Al Roker. Scientists dare to get close enough to lightning to study this natural phenomenon.

VC 551.55 Nat

Nature's fury. United States : 1995.
Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods - these colossal powers of nature have had dramatic consequences for human kind. Now in dramatic scenes of cataclysmic destruction and human courage, you'll journey with National Geographic as we learn how earthquakes create and shape our landscapes, even as they destroy cities like San Francisco and Tokyo. Discover how rotating updrafts can build into the towering tornadoes that sweep the Midwest's "Tornado Alley," or how cloud disturbances can grow into the awesome hurricanes that ravage coastal areas of Bangladesh and Florida. Witness the devastation of flooding in France and China, and learn, as today's scientists have, that the mighty Mississippi cannot be tamed. You'll meet heroes , but see victims too. Join scientists as they study the elemental killers. Their work is critical as they prepare and protect us as well as better predict.

VC 551.55 Sav

Savage skies : Monsters of the deep. MPI Home Video, 1991.
Visit with survivors of Hurricane Andrew, the United States' costliest natural disaster, and examine the ocean effects that create hurricanes. Al Roker, NBC.

VC 551.55 Tor

Tornadoes. Weather Channel.

VC 551.55 Tor

Tornadoes 1995. The Weather Channel Enterprise, c1996.
Tornadoes 1995 contains video of eight Texas tornadoes that hit the cities of Allison, Pampa, McLean, Friona, Dimmitt, Lazbuddie, Dougherty and Vernon durning one stormy week in June.

VC 551.6 Nov

Nova. Chasing El Nino. WGBH Educational Foundation, 1998.
Chasing El Nino is an exploration that goes far beyond the three-minute feature story you've seen on the evening news. Through spectacular film footage, ground-breaking research, expert interviews and colorful diagrams, NOVA explores El Nino's myths, reveals its devastation and explains its fascinating origins.

VC 551.6 Wea

Wonders of weather. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Communication, Inc., 1996.
Terrifying tornadoes, horrifying hurricanes, hailstones as big as basketballs. The weather is a constant source of amazement, amusement, and wonder. From the jet stream to the Gulf Stream, discover where the weather comes from and why.

VC 557 Cyc

Cyclone! : Nature at it's most terrifying. California : Columbia TriStar Home Video, c1995.
National Geographic chronicles come of the world's most shocking storms with gripping footage and scenes of heart-thumping, real - life drama. Narrated by Peter Coyote.

VC 557 Nat

Nature's fury. California : Columbia TriStar Home Video, c1996.
Witness the destructive power of tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

VC 557 Rai

Rain Forest. National Geographic, c1983.
Journey to the dense rain forests of Costa Rica and whatch as leaf-cutting ants carry sections of leaves many times their weight to underground fungus gardens; a basilisk lizard walks on water; and howler monkeys bask in the sun. Narrated by Richard Kiley.

VC 571.6 MAG

The magic of cells. Tulsa, OK : Allied Video Corporation, c1994.
Explains what cells are, explores the parts of an animal cell, & finally looks at the amazing diversity of cells.

VC 572.86 Cra

Nova . Cracking the code of life. 2001.

VC 574 Fen

Fenati, Danielle. The dissected world of Biology : Video Course Review presents. Cerebellum Corporation, c1996.

VC 574 Pon

Eyewitness. Pond and river. New York: DK Publishing, c1996.
Pond and river takes you on a twisting journey down the great rivers of the world pausing to visit the thriving realm of the freshwater pond. Travel upstream to find civilization's source...

VC 574.5 Rai

Rain forest : Heroes of the high frontier. National Geographic, 1998.
Heroes of the High Frontier. Braving dizzying heights and jungle parasites, courageous canopy researchers uncover a complex web of life among the treetops. Journey to some of the world's most spectacular rain forests.

VC 574.5 Sav

Survival on the savannah. Questar, 1995.
The short-grass plains of the south are the wildebeest's favorite feeding grounds and the place where they give birth. The story of survival in the great African wilderness.

VC 574.8 DNA

DNA : Secret of photo 51. United States : WGBH Boston Video, c2003.
Narrated by Sigourney Weaver. On April 25, 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published their groundbreaking discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. Their crucial breakthrough depended on the pioneering work of another biologist - Rosalind Franklin. 50 years later, NOVA investigates the shocking trugh behind one of the greatest scientific discoveries and presents a moving protrait of a brilliant woman in an era of male-dominated science.

VC 574.87 Cel

The Cell. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1966.
This program explains the structure and funtion of the cell -- the basic unit of life -- and how it is studied using the compound and electron microscopes. An expert on the electron microscope is intervied.

VC 574.87 Cel

Cell Division. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1996.
The stages of normal cell division and its function are presented in this program as well as the causes and harmful effects of abnormal cell division.

VC 574.87 Cel

Cell Organelles and Transport. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1996.
This program describes how substances are moved into, out of, and inside body cells, and how important cellular transportation is to good health. A dialysis patient and a hemodialysis technician are interviewed.

VC 574.87 Cel

Cells and Energy. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1996.
This program explains the concept of energy -- how it is stored and released in cells, and what the source of all energy is. An example, the program looks at how greenhouses trap the energy of the sun.

VC 574.87 Cel

The magic of cells. The Assistant Professor. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Allied Video Corporation, c1994.
Using live action video and sensational computer animation, this video introduces the viewer to the amazing world of the cell. What is a cell--the parts of a cell--the diversity of cells.

VC 574.87 Dis

Discovering the cell. Washington, D. C. : National Geographic Society, c1992.
All life begins in a single cell, and most creatures on earth consist of nothing more. Yet this video reminds us, other organisms, such as human beings, are composed of billions of cells performing myriad fuctions.

VC 574.87 Wor

The world of chemistry : Proteins : structure and function / The genetic code. Annenberg, 1990.
23. (Proteins : Structure and Function) Proteins - polymers built from only twenty basic amino acids. 24. (The Genetic Code) The structure and role of the nucleric acids DNA and RNA.

VC 574.92 Cor

City of Coral. Nova. Peace River Films, c1983.
Intended audience: Junior high school through adults. Studies the ecosystems of a coral reef with special emphasis on the means used by various animals to survive in this complex environment.

VC 575 PLA v.1

The birth of Earth : Ancient oceans. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Enterprises, c1995.
A series that explores the evolutionary development of life on Earth. These segments explore the emergence of life from the primordial planet's toxic beginnings and the explosion of sea life that is preserved as fossils in the Burgess Shale.

VC 575 PLA v.2

When dinosaurs ruled : Creatures of the skies. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Enterprises, c1995.
A series that explores the evolutionary development of life on Earth. These segments explore the time of the dinosaurs and the ancestors of the birds.

VC 575 PLA v.3

The insect world : Apes to man. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Enterprises, c1995.
A series that explores the evolutionary development of life on Earth. These segments explore the survival strategies and adaptations of Earth's insect species and the evolutionary forces that shaped primates and the first hominids.

VC 575 PLA v.4

Evolution's next step. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Enterprises, c1995.
A series that explores the evolutionary development of life on Earth. This segment explores man's impact on Earth and our survival as a species.

VC 575 Pow

Understanding : The power of genes. Maryland : Discovery Communications, Inc., c1997.
Are you ready for biotech revolution? The possibilities are startling. Learn how we've already utilized the power of genes for cloning and crime solving, and glimpse what's on the horizon: gene-based drugs, genetically engineered farm animals, a cure for baldness. Should science be shuffling the genetic deck after 4 billion years of evolution?.

VC 575.1 Gen

Understanding genetics. SVE, 1995.
Examines Classical or Mendelian Genetics and examines Mendel's genetic work in the light of the insights provided by Molecular Genetics.

VC 575.2 For

Forensics/genes. Disney.
1. Would more than one person have the same fingerprints, what does the word "forensics" mean? 2. What are the bundles of chemicals in our body called. What are the four main chemicals that make up DNA? What makes up your body and brain ?. Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

VC 576 Vir

Viruses. Discover, 1995.
Editor, host, Paul Hoffman.

VC 576.5 Gen

Discover magazine : Genetics. Maryland : Discovery Communications, Inc., c1997.
Humans and flies may be more closely related than you ever imagined. Twins can reveal that our genetics may be as important as upbringing in determining who we are. It's all part of the secret code of life - genetics - locked within the familiar double helix structure of DNA.

VC 577.27/6 AIR

Air pollution, smog & acid rain. Huntsville, TX : Educational Video Network, c1995.
Narrator, Thomas F. Soare. Studies the chemical by-products that threaten our quality of life (as well as the lives of other organisms), the interaction of atmospheric gasses, and the effects and sources of air pollution.

VC 580 ITS

It's a jungle out there. Atlanta, GA : Turner Home Entertainment, c1995.
Hosted by Sir David Attenborough. "Attenborough journeys to the four corners of the Earth and encounters plant life from the coldest Arctic wastes to the driest deserts; where plants endure in a harsh and changing world in environments where humans often cannot exist"--container.

VC 580 Pla

The plant kingdom. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video Network, c2001.
Earth's abundant plant life probably evolved from ancient aquatic plants that lived in primordial seas. Learn about the characteristics of plants and see how groups of plants differ from one another. Understand the important role of plant life in any ecosystem.

VC 580 Pla

Plant or animal? National Geographic, 1986.
Distinguishes plants from animals, how each reproduce.

VC 581 Pho

Photosynthesis : Life energy. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c1983.
Although much has been learned about the way in which green plants manufacture food and release oxygen, the process is not yeat completely understood. Scientists explore this process in this video.

VC 581 Pla

The Life Cycle of Plants. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1989.
Beginnins with the oldest film known to have been made about plants which shows through accelerated images what the naked eye cannot see, this program shows how and why plants move.

VC 581.1 Att

Attenborough, David. The private life of plants : Branching out. Turner, 1995.
Plant seeds are seasoned travelers using animals, insects and wind in their journey for roots.

VC 581.1 Att

Attenborough, David. The private life of plants : It's a jungle out there. Turner, 1995.
Journeys to the four corners of the Earth encountering plant life from the coldest Arctic wastes to the driest deserts.

VC 581.1 Att

Attenborough, David. The private life of plants : Living together. Turner, 1995.
This profile of how plants form remarkable partnerships, co-habitating with and within animals, fungi and other plants in order to survive.

VC 581.1 Att

Attenborough, David. The private life of plants : Plant politics. Turner, 1995.
Struggling for survival, plants use some hair-raising strategies, such as arson, to engineer catastrophes.

VC 581.1 Att

Attenborough, David. The private life of plants : The birds & the bees. Turner, 1995.
Ingenious plants help insects and birds discover their hidden pollen with intricate, brilliantly colored flowers.

VC 581.1 Pho

Photosynthesis : Life energy. National Geographic, 1983.
Explores the way in which green plants manufacture food and release oxygen.

VC 581.1 Pri

Attenborough, David. The private life of plants : Putting down roots. Turner, 1995.
Plants cultivate myriad survival techniques. Infant plants race across the forest floor to climb a tree.

VC 581.498 PUT

Putting down roots. Atlanta, GA : Turner Home Entertainment, c1995.
Hosted by Sir David Attenborough. "Plants cultivate myriad survival techniques. Infant plants race across the forest floor to climb a tree. Tropical leaves strain to catch shafts of life-giving sunlight. Others use a poisonous sap and crafty disguises as defense mechanisms"--container.

VC 582 Ang

Angiosperms. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video Network, c1990.
Flowers are the outward manifestation of a complicated reproductive system that ensures the plant's survival.

VC 582.01 BIR

The birds and the bees. Atlanta, GA : Turner Home Entertainment, c1995.
Hosted by Sir David Attenborough.

VC 582.13 BRA

Branching out. Atlanta, GA : Turner Home Entertainment, c1995.
Hosted by Sir David Attenborough. "Plant seeds are seasoned travelers using animals, insects and wind in their journey for roots. Some employ aeronautical technology like the squirting cucumbers' jet propulsion and the Himalayan balsam's violent explosions to propel their seeds"--container.

VC 585 Gym

Gymnosperms. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video Network, c1990.
Once the dominant plants on the planet, the non-flowering gymnosperms, through less abundant now, are still essential to the delicate balance of the earth's ecosystem.

VC 587 LIV

Living together. Atlanta, GA : Turner Home Entertainment, c1995.
Hosted by Sir David Attenborough. "This profile of how plants form remarkable partnerships, co-habiting with and within animals, fungi and other plants in order to survive ... also reveals their symbiotic relationship with jellyfish, the Great Barrier Reef, fierce biting ants and predatory dodder"--container.

VC 589.9 Bac

Bacteria. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, 1985.
Beyond the edge of vision lies a world teeming with bacteria. These organisms, called "animalcules" by Anton van Leeuwenhoek, the Dutch scientist who discovered them, occur in three basic shapes. The film shows microscopic views of these primary shapes and their various arrangements. The basic structurees of a typical bacterial cell are illustrated in animated sequence.

VC 591 Aqu

Aquatic habitats. Maryland : Discovery Communications, Inc., c1997.
The program explores the worlds of four different aquatic habitats. Students will discover what grows and flourishes in their depths and how microclimates determine an animal's biological destiny. Explored are: Ocean Habitat/Sharks, Lake Habitats/Loch Nexx, Wetland Habitat/The Everglades, and Bay Habitat/The Chesapeake.

VC 591 Cor

Coral reefs. Maryland : Discovery Communications, Inc., c1997.
Sharks, eels, turtles. Caves, lagoons, water gardens. It's all under the Red Sea for students to discover. The Red Sea is one of the world's most colorful ecosystems. It's home to hundreds of invertebrates and species of fish, and spectacular coral reefs. Get your students below the survace and let them swim through the Red Sea's more than 800 awesome miles of coral architecture and marine life.

VC 591.5 Bod

Body by design : Form & function. Maryland : Discovery Communications, Inc., c1997.
The brightest minds at M.I.T. can't hold a candle to Mother Nature in the engineering department. Her designs for animal bodies and how they function - how they eat, see, fly, run, and more - reflect an unparalleled mastery of physics, biomechanics, materials and construction. Follow along as this wondrous film explores the complex and diverse creatures that emerge ( and brilliantly evolve) from her ever-changing laboratory.

VC 591.52 Ame

America's endangered species : Don't say good-bye. National Geographic, 1998.
Photographers Susan Middleton and David Littschwager are in a race against the clock to capture powerful portraits of America's most threated creatures. Their every picture tells a story ... and makes a plea : DON'T SAY GOOD-BYE to America's natural treasures.

VC 591.92 Car

Jewels of the Caribbean Sea. National Geographic, 1994.
Tour the depths of the Caribbean where, in waters famed for hidden treasures, another kind of wealth lies in abundance. From the coral reefs, across the plains, and through the grasses, stunning underwater photography allows you to get close up to creatures rare and fantastic.

VC 591.92 LIF

Life in the sea. Chicago : Questar Video, c1995.
v.1. [Great sea mammals] -- v.2. [Great sea predators]. Shows marine mammals including whales, manatees, dolphins, sea lines and predators such as a variety of sharks, the barracuda, the manta ray, the giant octopus, and the sting ray.

VC 591.98 Arc

Eyewitness. Arctic & Antarctic. New York: DK Publishing, c1996.
Explore the life and legends of these harshly polar kingdoms. Journey to the ends of the earth where climate presents its greatest challenges to survival, and meet the remarkable animals ...

VC 593 Pro

In the eye of a needle: Protozoans II. Encinitas, California: Insights Visual Productions, I, c1992.

VC 593 Pro

Water circus: Protozoans I. Encinitas, California: Insights Visual Productions, I, c1992.

VC 593 Pro

Wonder down under: Protozoans III. Encinitas, California: Insights Visual Productions, c1992.

VC 595 Ody

Nova . Odyssey of life : part 2, "the unknown world" 1996.

VC 595.5 Ins

Insects. Tell Me Why.
This volume answers questions about insects. Included are questions covering the following subjects : How many kinds of insects are there? Do insects have blood? How does a caterpillar spin a cocoon? What does a butterfly eat? Why do mosquito bites itch? How can a fly walk on the ceiling? Can a grasshopper hear? What makes a queen be a "Queen"? What does a wasp look like? Do ants always live in colonies?.

VC 595.7 Cre

Little creatures who run the world. Nova: Adventures in science. Boston: WGBH, c1995.
VHS format. Unselfishness is the rule. Everything ants do is for their colony's good. This film explores the world of ant colonies.

VC 595.7 Ins

Insects -- the little things that run the world. New York: Smithsonian Institute, 1995.
Narrated by James Earl Jones, ... is a comprehensive look at the life, habits and environments of these adaptive and most complex life forms that now make up over 80% of all animal life on Earth.

VC 595.7 See

See how they grow : Insects & spiders. Sony Wonder, 1993.
Features ladybugs, spiders, butterflies, and grasshoppers. Narrated from each creature's point of view, live action photography charts their growth from infancy to young adulthood,.

VC 595.709 Ali

Alien empire : Battlezone/Metropolis. Time Life, 1995.
Alien Empire. Travel to an alien place where death lurks, existence depends on instincts of attack and quickness to defend, on the ability to eat before being eaten. Welcome to the Empire of the Insect.

VC 595.709 Ali

Alien empire : Hardware/replicators. Time Life, 1995.
Alien Empire. Discover a race of invincible robots, perfect-in-design. They are metamorphs, capable of molding their armored skeletons to any form necessary for survival.

VC 595.709 Ali

Alien empire : Voyager war of the worlds. Time Life, 1995.
Alien Empire. Humankind vs the alien empire of the insects. Honeybee, silkworm.

VC 597 KIN

Kingdom of the seahorse. South Burlington, VT : WGBH Boston Video, 1997.
Explores the unique mating rituals and survival techniques of the sea horse, plus efforts to conserve the species.

VC 597.31 Sha

Sharks : The true story. Vestron, 1984.
Provides a revealing look at the truth behind the legend of te terrifying great white shark, including why it is the most feared creature in the sea, and what makes it attack.

VC 597.96 Cob

King cobra. National Geographic, 1997.
Tread softly into the jungle realm of a legendary monarch - the King Cobra. Swift, stron, and surprisingly deadly, it delivers enough venom in one bite to kill a hundred people, yet preys solely on other snakes. Its intriguing life has been a mystery ...until now.

VC 599 Jun

Eyewitness. Jungle. New York: DK Publishing, c1996.
Change your perception of this invaluable resource and recognize its significance as a refuge for the richest variety of plant and animal life on earth-and fully comprehend why this mysterious world...

VC 599 Nat

Nature's assassins : Lethal weapons. Time Life, 1993.
Cross the fine line between man and beast. A survival course on the art of attack where stealth, camouflage, and ambush form the crucial links in the chain of life. Featuring previously unseen footabe from some of the world's premiere wildlife filmmakers, discover an animal kingdom in which raw power rules - and sheer strategy separates the hunter from the hunted.

VC 599.74 MYT

Mythical cats. New York, NY: DK Publishing Inc., 1998.
An investigative exploration into the origins, myths and legends surrounding the cat. Explore our complex relationship with them from the Egyptian worship of the cat and the majesty of lions and the Sphinx. Features dramatic rare footage and special effects.

VC 610.6 Car

Careers in health care. Indiana: Career & Education Network.

VC 612 Bra

The brain : Evolution. Bethesda, Maryland : Discovery Communications, Inc., c1997.
Learn how our three-pound supercomputer works, how brains evolve, and why kids can learn languages much more easily than adults.

VC 612 See

Seeing the light. Maryland : Discovery Communications, Inc., 1997.
Why does sunlight appear to travel in straight lines? How do we perceive the glorious spectrum of colors? It's all in your head! Learn how the eyes and brain work together to make sense of what we see, and what happens when there's a kink in the process. You'll get insight into why some of us are nearsighted or farsighted, and how eyeglasses help correct these conditions.

VC 616.9 Ebo

Ebola : The plague fighters. Associated Producers, Inc., c1996.

VC 616.97 DiS

DiSpezio, Michael. The science of HIV. Arlington, Virginia: National Science Teachers, 1997.
Integrates the science of HIV with prevention education, expands upon a biology or health curriculum, includes reproducible student activity pages, gives teachers background information; video - 30 min.

VC 617.15 Bro

An inside look : Broken bones. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Communications, Inc., c2000.
Meet 11-year-old Lisa Mason. After she accidentally crashes her bike and breaks an arm, we travel inside her bones and see how these tough honeycombed structures of calcium, phosphate, and flexible collagen withstand pressure and heal themselves when necessary. This is not for funny bones. This is a serious matter!.

VC 627 HOO

Hoover Dam. New York, NY : A & E Television Networks ;, [1999].
NARRATOR: Harlan Saperstein. Footage that documents every step of the engineering achievement of the building of Hoover Dam.

VC 629.1 Spa

The space shuttle. Discovery Communications, Inc., 1996.
Space Shuttle : Learn about the shuttle's three main parts - - the orbiter, external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters. Countdown : Follow the shuttle as it heads towards countdown at the Kennedy Space Center - from assembly to launch. Astronaut : Discover how astronauts train for space flight in simulated zero gravity and prepare for emergencies in space. Payload : Watch what happens onboard and outside, when shuttle astronauts go to work.

VC 629.4 Men

Men in space : From Goddard to Armstrong. CEL Communications, Inc., 1991.
Takes a look at the extraordinary lives of the men who conquered space - - Coverage spans from the father of modern rocketry, Robert Goddard. . . to Neil Armstrong and the pioneer astronauts, who rished their lives while establishing America's space program.

VC 629.4 Mil

Voyage to the Milky Way. PBS Home Video, c1999.
Discusses how scientific advances can overcome the difficulties of long distance space flight. Also shows how rockets have evolved, and how research in alternative fuels allows new visions of intergalactic travel and colonization. Narrated by Stacy Keach.

VC 629.4 Moo

Moon shot : the inside story of the Apollo Project. TBS Productions, Inc., c1994.
Re-live moments that will go down in history : John Glenn's breathtaking orbit, Apollo 11's 1969 moon landing, and the tragic Apollo I fire. Share the magic all over again in this inspiring creation of mankind's greatest achievement.

VC 629.4 Spa

Space age : Celestial Sentinels. QED Communications, Inc., 1992.
Persian Gulf communications instantly...these are the work of the satellites that fill the skies above us. Find out haow satellites have actually kept the peace and how new, nonmilitary uses may help developing nations move into the 21st century. Hosted by Patrick Stewart.

VC 629.4 Spa

Space Age : Mission to planet Earth. QED Communications, Inc., 1992.
On the way to the moon, we discovered another world ; our own. Join scientists as they chart a course for a healthy planet and reveal our world in ways that were never possible before the Space Age. Hosted by Patrick Stewart.

VC 629.4 Spa

Space Age : Quest for planet Mars. QED Communications, Inc., 1992.
Explore the Red Planet on a fascinating voyage to Earth's haunting neighbor. Discover the unexpected dangers we could face on an extended journey to Mars, and see researchers at work right now on the nuclear propulsion system that may power the first expeditions. Hosted by Patrick Stewart.

VC 629.4 Spa

Space Age : The unexplained universe. QED Communications, 1992.
For years, telescopes offered up one very serene view of the heavens, but when scientists began using rockets to rise above Earth's atmosphere, our perceptions were shattered. What we saw was astonishing-colliding galaxies, exploding stars, and a universe that was inimaginably violent and chaotic. Hosted by Patrick Stewart.

VC 629.4 Spa

Space Age : To the moon and beyond. QED Communications, Inc., 1992.
Our first trip to the moon was as a Cold War competitor in the space race. Now we are considering it as place to colonize in peace, our minds captured by the potential of another world. Will we go back and reclaim it - - developing outposts, and then whole cities? Blast off where the Apollo missions ended, and explore where mankind's "one giant leap" could take us next. Hosted by Patrick Stewart.

VC 629.4 Spa

Space Age : What's a heaven for? QED Communications, Inc., 1992.
What is space really for? Delve into this fascinating question and learn where the Space Age is taking us. Hosted by Patrick Stewart.

VC 629.47 Apo

The Apollo movies. Encinitas, California: Insights Visual Productions.
Apollo 13, 28 minutes; Apollo 11, 28 minutes.

VC 630.2 Sav

Save the Earth : Feed the world. Annenberg, 1990.
The rediscovery of traditional farming techniques in Australia, Indonesia, West Africa, and the American Midwest.

VC 634.9 Bro

Brown, Roger. Forest wars. Gypsum, Colorado: Earth Vision Institute, 1996.

VC 635 Por

Portrait of gardener, Elsa Bakalar. 1993.

VC 650.1 Tak

Take this job and love it! : The keys to surviving your new job. Charleston, West Virginia : Cambridge Educational, c1993.
This program prepares entry level employees for the realities of the workplace. Focusing on skills it takes to be successful on any job, this program includes interviews with employers and workers in different fields and answers commonly asked questions. The program emphasizes that when starting a new job, people skills and attitude are as important as learned skills; often making the difference between a smooth take-off or a crash landing.

VC 650.14 Car

Career evaluation : The complete job search system. Charleston, West Virginia : Cambridge Educational Inc., c1997.
This comprehensive series is ideal for introducing job seekers to the latest information and techniques in selecting a career and getting a job. Designed to be used by a wide variety of viewers, these programs are entertaining yet loaded with solid content, informative interviews, helpful tips, and colorful graphics. Career Evaluation shows viewers how to relate their interests, skills, education, training, values, and lifestyle to specific occupations in the world of work. This program discusses how to research the numerous sources of career information available today.

VC 650.14 Fin

Finding a job : The complete job search system. Charleston, West Virginia : Cambridge Educational Inc., c1997.
This comprehensive series is ideal for introducing job seekers to the latest information and techniques in selecting a career and getting a job. Designed to be used by a wide variety of viewers, these programs are entertaining yet loaded with solid content, informative interviews, helpful tips, and colorful graphics. Series includes: Planning a Career; Career Evaluation; Finding a Job; Interviewing for a Job; Succeeding on the Job. Discusses the many ways to find job opening using both conventional job search methods (want ads, resumes, job applications, state & private employment services, etc.) and unconventional job search methods (networking, informational interviews, the internet, yellow pages, etc.). A terrific overview of the best and quickets ways to get a job!.

VC 658.04 Adv

Advertising tactics. Scottdale, AZ : Teacher's Video Company.

VC 662.1 Kab

Kaboom! Nova. Windfall Films, 1997.
With stunning violence, a supersonic shock wave ripples across the sand, blasting debris for a mile. This time it's only a test, rigged to help scientists explore the nature of explosions....

VC 690.2 WHY

Why the towers fell. [South Burlington, VT] : WGBH Boston Video ;, [2002].
Narrated by Will Lyman. Follows a team of forensic engineers as they investigate the precise causes of the Twin Towers' collapse on September 11, 2001. Also presents the stories of several of the buildings' survivors, who relate their harrowing journeys to safety.

VC 709.2 Leo

Leonardo Da Vinci--Renaissance master. New York: A&E Entertainment, 1997.
Biography proudly presents the incredible story of Leonardo da Vinci -- the original Renaissance man.

VC 709.2 Mic

Michelangelo: artist and man. A&E Home Video, 1994.
VHS format. Biography examines the broad canvas of Michelangelo's life and legacy to probe the very soul of the artitst who in his own lifetime was called genius.

VC 720.9 Won

Wonders of man's creation. Readers' Digest, 1993.
The Colosseum, Machu Piechu, Great Wall, The Kremlin, Versailles, Statte of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and Mount Rushmore and Chief Crazy Horse Monument.

VC 720.93 Won

Wonders : Sacred & mysterious. Reader's Digest, 1993.
Supreme examples of the human need to try to explain some of the mysteries of life. Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, Hagia Sophia, Borobudur, St. Peter's Basilica, and The Taj Mahal.

VC 739.7 Met

Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the Met : The tournament. ABC Video Enterprises, Inc., 1982.
One of the world's largest collections of arms and armor from the age of chivalry is collected in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. With the aid of the collection's curator, the museum's holdings are displayed and a number of myths about the period are dispelled.

VC 759.13 Roc

Jackson, Sammy, producer. Norman Rockwell. Biography. New York: A&E Network, 1994.
With over 300 Saturday Evening Post covers to his credit, Norman rockwell is unquestionably America's most popular and famous illustrator. Biography presents a portrait... of Norman Rockwell.

VC 778.99 Cha

The chase. The Weather Channel Enterprise, c1996.
Meet and chase with several storm chasers, each with a unique story to tell about his or her own adventures and motivation.

VC 791.4372 GOD

Godspell. U.S. : Columbia Pictures, 1973.
Victor Garber, David Haskell, Jerry Sroka, Lynne Thigpen, Katie Hanley, Robin Lamont. Film adaptation of a Broadway musical which tells the story of Jesus as a flower child, living and dying in New York City.

VC 791.4372 IVA

Ivanhoe. Burbank, CA : RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, 1986.
James Mason, Anthony Andrews, Olivia Hussey, Lysette Anthony. Set in 12th century England, the film tells the story of valiant warriors, fighting kings and misplaced love.

VC 791.4372 MAC

RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video,. Macbeth. Burbank, CA : RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, 1986.
Jon Finch, Francesca Annis, Martin Shaw, Nicholas Selby, John Stride. Film version of the Shakespeare tragedy about the ambitious king and his eventual downfall.

VC 791.4372 MOB

Moby Dick. [United States] : Live Entertainment :, c1998.
Patrick Stewart, Henry Thomas, Ted Levine, Gregory Peck, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Norman Golden II, Kee Chan. A skipper of a 19th century whaling boat is obsessed with the idea of harpooning the whale that is responsible for the loss of his leg.

VC 791.4572 CHR

Truman Capote's a Christmas memory. Sandy Hook, CT : Video Yesteryear, c1991.
Geraldine Page, Donnie Melvin, Lavinia Cassels, Christine Marler, Josip Elic. Based on Capote's memories of Christmas in his rural southern childhood during the depression, a boy and his aunt prepare fruitcakes for relatives and get into the Christmas spirit.

VC 796.09 Cen

A century of sports bloopers. Newark, New Jersey : Peter Pan Industries, Inc./Parade Video, c1998.
Featuring Wade Boggs, Charles Barkley, Troy Aikman, Reggie White, Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, and Eric Lindross.

VC 796.09 Sup

Super duper sports bloopers. Chicago, Illinois : Questar, Inc., 2002.
It's wild! It's wacky! It's the funniest collection of sports goofs and gaffes ever assembled. It's SUPER DUPER SPORTS BLOOPERS.

VC 796.32 Bar

Sir Charles. NBA Entertainment, Inc., c1994.
Basketball fans everywhere can't seem to get enough of Charles Barkley. An up-close and personal look at Charles as you've never seen him before.

VC 796.32 Erv

Dr. J's basketball stuff. NBA Entertainment, Inc., c1987.
Lots of spectacular career highlights; the doctor's special secrets; interactive basketball; some of the most amazing moments as shown on the ABA and NBA game footage.

VC 796.32 Hil

Grant Hill: NBA sensation. NBA Superstars Series. NBA Entertainment, Inc., c1996.
Spectacular NBA highlights, behind the scenes, off the court, and family and friends of Grant Hill.

VC 796.32 Kar

Kareem: reflections from inside. Los Angeles, CA: Fox Video, Inc., c1989.
Kareem: Reflections from Inside is a career retrospective told by Abdul-Jabar himself. Features: Kareem's 3 decades of basketball, appearances by many of his teammates, coaches, and the personal...

VC 796.32 Mag

Magic Johnson: always showtime. NBA Classic Series. NBA Entertainment, Inc., c1991, 1996.
Earvin "Magic" Johnson is more than just a player -he's a wizard on the basketball court and one of the NBA's ultimate winners. See Earvin's transformation as he earns the nickname "Magic,"...

VC 796.32 Mag

Magic Johnson: put magic in your game. Los Angeles, CA: Fox Video, Inc., c1991.
Who said that magicians never reveal their tricks? Here comes the NBA's incredible two-time MVP, Magic Johnson, to show you his tricks of the trade: dribbleing, passing, rebounding, defense, ...

VC 796.33 Foo

Football America. New York: PolyGram Video, c1996.
Here is a definitive portrait of football as a mirror of America itself, a melting pot of stories which range far and wide--from a pee-wee league to a penitentiary-from Texas to Alaska.

VC 808 Cor

Correct citations & works cited page. Scottsdale, Arizon : Teacher's Video Company.

VC 808 Cre

Creating an outline. Scottsdale, Arizona : Teacher's Video Company.

VC 808 Wri

The wrinkle-free world of English Composition. 1997.

VC 808.02 How

How to study : Reading, writing, & library. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video Network, Inc.
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