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Grammy nomination: Américas: was nominated for a Grammy for "Best World Music Album" of the year. It was also #2 on the Billboard World Music chart for months.

Billboard's "World Music Album of the Year": Primal Magic was chosen by Billboard for this honor; it spent 3 months at the top of the World Music chart, also making the Billboard top 200.

Heat of the Sun spent 4 months on Billboard’s World Music chart, mostly in the top 10. Billboard recognized it as among the top 5 World Music Indie records, and Strunz & Farah as among the top 10 World Music artists overall, and .Selva as among the top 5 World Music Indie labels.

Presidential awards: The President of Costa Rica and the Minister of Culture have given Jorge Strunz two awards including the "Premio a la Superación" (award for extraordinary achievement) in special recognition of his cultural contributions.

Performance Profile: Among many performances in many countries, a few stand out:

U.S. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute: S&F were featured at the CHCI annual Gala event, attended by the U.S. President, VP, members of the Cabinet & Congress in 1997.

Salon de Bellas Artes: S&F have played Puerto Rico’s top theater to full houses and rave reviews on three occasions.

Montreal Jazz Festival: S&F played this festival three times. On the last visit, they played in the premier spot on the biggest night for 85,000 people.

Meyerson Symphony Hall: the Dallas Classical Guitar Society had two of their best-attended concerts of the season with Strunz & Farah at this prestigious fine arts venue, most recently in April, 2000.

Greek Theater: S&F have played the Greek Theater, one of L.A.'s premier venues, twice.

Festival Internacional Cervantino: S&F played this world-renowned fine arts festival in Mexico to an enthusiastic 8000 people.

Teatro Melico Salazar: S&F have played at Costa Rica's largest theater over 6 times, usually to packed houses.

Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland. Swiss press named them the “revelation” of the festival.

Festival Internacional de Guitarra in Havana, Cuba: they were given the premier spot in the Teatro Nacional, and they played to a full and enthusiastic house.

Fiestas Quiteñas in Quito, Ecuador: they have played these festivals a number of times.

Balboa Theater in Panama City, Panama: their first visit in 1998 drew a capacity (1100) audience, with the promoter saying he could have filled it twice.

Martinique International Guitar Festival: they performed at this prestigious festival in 1998.

Teatro Nacional, Costa Rica: S&F have played this magnificent historic theater twice to capacity crowds.

Concord Pavilion: S&F have played this prestigious venue 3 times, once with Miles Davis, once with Kenny Loggins, and once with George Benson and David Sanborn.

Heineken Jazz Festival, Puerto Rico: S&F played this festival with to an enthusiastic crowd of over 5000 people.

Royce Hall, L.A., Herbst Theater, S.F. & Beacon Theater, NYC: S&F has played all these important venues.

They have also performed at many benefits for entities such as Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, Rainforest Action Network, Mountains Restoration Trust, CISPES, El Rescate, Children's Hospital of San Jose, Costa Rica, and others.

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