Bat survey at hamilton marsh, blackrock

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Bat Conservation Ireland, Deerpark House,

Maio, Kells, Co. Meath.
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June 2010

The seriousness of the decline of bat population across Europe has led to the establishment of conservation programmes and appropriate legislation to stablise population numbers. E.U. Member States must achieve a favourable conservation status for bat species. This involves measures that will stabilize the population dynamics of the species, so that it maintains itself on a long-term basis as a viable component of the natural habitat. Therefore, each Member State must prevent the natural range of the species from reducing and thus takes measures to ensure suitable habitat remain in the long-term. There are total of ten species of bat known to roost in the Republic of Ireland: soprano pipistrelle, common pipistrelle, Nathusius’ pipistrelle, Natterer’s bat, Daubenton’s bat, whiskered bat, Brandt’s bat, lesser horseshoe bat, Leisler’s bat and brown long-eared bat. Each bat species have particular ecological requirements in relation to roosting, commuting and foraging habitats.

Blackrock Tidy Towns understands the need to include the conservation of bats within their town environs. Consequently, BCIreland was invited to provide training for members of the general public in June 2010. BCIreland provide an evening seminar on the Irish Bats Species and All Ireland Daubenton’s Bat Waterway Survey followed by a practical session using bat detectors at Hamilton Marsh in Blackrock, County Louth. Two bat species were recorded on that evening, commuting and foraging in the vicinity of this wetland: common pipistrelle Pipistrellus pipistrellus and Leisler’s bat Nyctalus leisleri.
BCIreland looks forward to continuing to work with Blackrock Tidy Towns on future projects.

Leisler’s bat (Photo: Austin Hopkirk)
Attendance at the workshop and survey

Bat Conservation Ireland officially came into existence in 2004 and now acts as the national umbrella group for all county bat groups. Bat Conservation Ireland is affiliated with the Irish Wildlife Trust and works closely with many NGOs, The Heritage Council and NPWS Conservation Rangers. Bat Conservation Ireland manages the All Ireland Bat Monitoring Programme in conjunction with Bat Conservation Trust UK and under the funding and assistance of the Heritage Council, NPWS (Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government), EHS (Department of Environment Northern Ireland) and Waterways Ireland. We provide information on the conservation of bats to all public enquires and will assist the general public in their needs in relation to bats. The group is also involved in providing training in the use of bat detectors through organising bat detector workshops. The erection of bat boxes, field surveys and the collection of data on bat distribution in the country are on-going group projects.

Dr Tina Aughney

Bat Conservation Ireland

30 August 2010
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