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AGENCY NAME: APRA Porter Novelli

CAMPAIGN TITLE: NESCAFÉ® Frappé Summer Flair 2009

CATEGORY: Special Event

CONTACT PERSON: Gergana Georgieva

ADDRESS: 111, G. S. Rakovski Str., Sofia 1000

MOBILE: +359 898 60 94 04



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Bank: DSK Bank

IBAN: BG13STSA93000001434292 BIC: STSABGSF


Entries should be received by Sunday 4th of April 2010 23:59. We will accept entries uploaded to not later than midnight on the stated above date. Entries will not be accepted after Sunday 4th of April 2010. Please, upload this form in the section “Upload your entry” on for successful entry submission.


NESCAFÉ® Frappé is a drink relatively new to the Bulgarian market and therefore needs attractive presentation among the target audiences. Subject of this entry is the organized as competition NESCAFÉ® Frappé Summer Flair 2009. Flair bartending is extremely popular worldwide but relatively unknown in Bulgaria. Flair bartending generally includes manipulation of bar tools, while mixing drinks – juggling, flipping, manipulating flammable liquors, even using magic tricks, and entertains guests, clientele and audience.


The competition addresses young people, bar and café owners, bartenders creating opportunity for better exposure and deeper penetration of the brand through provocative events. The competition took place during the active summer season in 4 Bulgarian cities – the capital Sofia, as well as Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and the biggest seaside Bulgarian city – Varna. It aimed at high attendance of the events presenting attractive programme for the audience and competitive challenge for the best flair bartenders in Bulgaria.

Additionally, the competition aimed to popularize the first professional Barista Academy in Bulgaria, launched by Nestle Professional.

NESCAFÉ® Frappé is mostly consumed out-of-home, therefore it is crucial for the bartenders throughout the country to be well familiar with the original recipe of the drink and hence be able to prepare the drink as it is originally served. Thus Nestlé can ensure that the consumers of NESCAFÉ® Frappé will enjoy constant excellent quality of the product and brand popularity will grow. Besides holding regular trainings and demonstrations to the bartenders and owners solely, Nestlé decided to walk an extra mile and organize a series of competitive events, which to raise awareness among the general public, create interest towards the drink and the respective venue, and present the recipe in an unconventional and attractive way.

  • Each year NESCAFÉ® Frappé becomes more and more popular as the best cold beverage for the summer.

  • Original recipe of NESCAFÉ® Frappé changes and not all bartenders are familiar with the correct preparation of the drink.

  • As NESCAFÉ® Frappé is consumed mostly out-of-home, not all customers are aware that they can easily prepare the drink themselves.


  • Objectives/Target audience:

    • Present NESCAFÉ® Frappé as the best beverage for the hot summer days to a wide range of young people and attract more NESCAFÉ® Frappé fans;

    • Organize provocative and unconventional events in order to create public and media awareness;

    • Further strengthen close and long-term relations with selected bar owners and NESCAFÉ® partners;

    • Give a chance for self-expression to young and talented bartenders.

  • Execution

    • The championship was executed in four regional qualifications — Fruit Bar -Sky City, Sofia, Olymp club, Plovdiv, Royal club, Veliko Tarnovo and Rappongi bar Varna. The grand finale was implemented in Odessos Cafe in Varna.

    • Each venue was carefully selected among venues that already work with NESCAFÉ® Frappé and have long-term, beneficial relations with Nestlé.

    • Each qualification was implemented in two rounds "Showtending NESCAFÉ® Frappé" – attractive preparation and serving of the classic drink NESCAFÉ® Frappé, and "Exhibition flair NESCAFÉ® Frappé" – mixing an original coctails based on NESCAFÉ® Classic while demonstrating flair bartending. During the course of the competition the audience was also entertained with attractive dancers, a specially designed DJ set, coctails mixing and different games.

    • All bartenders, who quialified in the competition, received the right to partricipate in the first professional Barista Academy in Bulgaria, launched by Nestle Professional in the beginning of 2009.

    • Communication:

      • 15000 fliers distributed in Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna;

      • 5000 glass pads distributed in cafes and bars in Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna;

      • branded mobile flair bar, which was given as the big prize in the finale of the compeitition;

      • advertisement in Radio N-Joy — one of the most popular pop music radiostations in Bulgaria with national coverage;

      • media partnership with N-Joy radio, — popular Bulgarian Internet portal for party pictures and events' announcements, and Go Guide magazine — monthly magazine highliting the most interesting and important cultural events in Bulgaria;

      • announcing press releases distributed prior to each event;

      • press releases announcing the qualification results after each event;

      • one announcing press release prior the entire campaign and one closing press release announcing the winners of the entire championship;

      • Facebook group with news, pictures and videos from the competition;

      • Special promo page:

      • Internet banners on,,, and most popular Internet portals and search engines in Bulgaria.


  • Hundreds of people attended each event of the NESCAFÉ® Frappé Summer Flair 2009 championship

  • Over 250 fans in the official NESCAFÉ® Frappé Summer Flair 2009 Facebook group

  • Winners and qualified bartenders were invited to participate in most popular TV shows in Bulgaria

  • Appr. 100 000 unique visits of the photo albums of each event uploaded on

  • Appr. 30 flair bartenders participating in each event

  • Increased consumption of NESCAFÉ® Frappé during each event

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