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AGENCY NAME: United Partners

CAMPAIGN TITLE: Smirnoff Experience - Silent Disco

CATEGORY: Innovative campaign of the year


ADDRESS: 120 Kiril i Metodii Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

MOBILE:00359 888 381 856



Objectives of the project

  1. To raise the awareness on the Smirnoff Experience brand – SE parties are back!

  2. To position Smirnoff as “party vodka” more than the older campaign – Smirnoff is heritage vodka.

  3. To motivate 18-29: urban, affluent, modern, smart and socially active male/female to prefer Smirnoff when looking for Release (party).

  4. To explain that Smirnoff is original vodka that makes the most original party promotions. It’s my brand for party and I like it because it’s trendy. To promote Smirnoff Experience brand as brand that gives you unique experience and great fun

  5. To show that SE parties worldwide are unique – with special attention to the audience, special venues and artists. SE parties are like no other

  6. To create expectation about SE parties /as long-term effect as the result of the campaign/ - as parties that you have to attend! Smirnoff, the world's #1 vodka invites you to be restless, to be inventive, to be extraordinary, to be able to say 'I was There'.

  7. Drink responsibly!

Target audience

  1. Consumers: 18-29: urban, affluent, modern, smart and socially active male/female

  2. Media communicating to the above consumers, including Social Networcs, Bloggers, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines.

  3. Key opinion formers: Party organisers


The concept of the campaign is designed to remind people that Smirnoff is original vodka that makes the most original party promotions. It’s my brand for party and I like it because it’s trendy. To make a really original party that will remain in people’s minds and hearts we organized a Silent Disco party for the first time in Bulgaria. It was in two major cities – Sofia and Plovdiv in 2 consecutive nights.

Why Silent Disco? Silent Disco can be performed in interesting new venues, because there is almost no noise. A lot of people already know what Silent Disco is, but it is for the first time in Bulgaria, so they will be particularly happy to attend and experience something new – this way we promoted the messages of the “original experience” that Smirnoff brings.

The idea was to provoke people to experience new kind of party – a party where everyone wears headphones and listens the music straight in the headphones, separately from the others and in the same time dancing together with them. A party to remember!


Timing of the campaign: November 2008 – March 2009

    • Nov 2008 – Feb 2009 Preparation period: organizing the event

    • 26.02.2009 Official press conference: The media experienced themselves who to use the headphones before everyone else

    • 27.02.2009 – 1st party – Plovdiv: “Geo Milev” Cinema Theatre became the extraordinary venue for the party

    • 28.02.2009 – 2nd partySofia – “Iztok Hall (Univesiada Hallcontest) became more than a party venue – it was a real trendy location, with nice carpet on the floor

    • November 2008 – March 2009 – Advertising and media relations; PR support from all media partners

Implementation Activities:

      1. Press conference – The pressconference was performed almost like a party. It was at 6.30 p.m. in Chervilo Club (Sofia). All the journalists were given headphones, and the pressconference was held like this – the journalists could hear sounds only the headphones. They asked their questions on the microphone and listen to the answer in the headphones. Also a demo of the Silent Disco concept & Smirnoff Experience concept were implemented.

      2. Party – The silent disco is a party concept where dancers are provided with personal wireless headphones, which can be tuned in to listen to a DJ, or sometimes switch between different DJ channels (different music styles). The concept of a silent disco earns its name because any outsider walking into the event would see a venue full of people dancing, yet hear no music, hence silent disco. People were provided with special headphones with 2 channels, so they could listen different kind of music. Everyone could chose who of the 2 DJs who were playng in front of him or her, could listen to. In result everyone was cheering and having great fun, even when dancing on different music!

      3. Co-partnership: BTC 4fun website – in order to promote BTC as the company that brings the music to you, we’ve installed special SMS wall where everyone could send SMSes and read all that the others were sent! It’s Silent Disco after all, we can not talk.

      4. Co-partnership: Duracell – In order to promote the Duracell messages about the good quality of the batteryes (It stands longer. Much longer), weve provided all the headphones with Duracell batteries in front of the people’s eyes.

      5. Advertising and promotional support – All media partners were publishing and broadcasting specially designed print ad, radio and TV spot during the whole period. Promo teams were distributing leaflets.

Promotional materials used in the campaign:

      1. Advertising materials: Promotional leaflets Sofia & Plovdiv; Posters Sofia & Plovdiv; Outdoor Sofia; TV spot; Radio spot; Internet banners; Print promotional materials / advertorials ; Leaflets for discount: If you come with this leaflet before 12.00 p.m., you receive 25% dicount of the entrance

      2. PR: Media partners: DJ Mag Bulgaria, Go guide, MAX, FM+ (Sofia & Plovdiv), MAD TV,; Social Media: Facebook fanpage; Facebook event (3 000 attendance confirmations for 1 day), Vbox & YouTube – a special video from the parties was uploaded (people singing Upsut song & having fun); 5 pressinformation distributed to the media


The implementation of the project has resulted in raising the general awareness of target groups on what kind of experience they could expect from the original parties of SE. The short research showed that the special Silent Disco party is preferable by consumers, and they expect the next one. Consumers are now aware of the Smirnoff policy – it is party vodka, not an old fashion brand. The media coverage of the events from the flow of the campaign was extremely good. The partnerships with the main media partners and some smaller editions had great effect on the communicational and educational process for informing people about the campaign, its purposes and objectives, as well as on the events happening. Overall, the campaign was extremely successful and accomplished every one of its aims.

The results: (Opportunities to see)

    • Flyers –20 000

    • Posters –8 000

    • Print media coverage– 62 publications (52 publications & 11 print ads)

    • Radio Stations coverage– 201 airings (150 spots & 51 announcements)

    • TV Stations coverage– 263 (60 spots & 200 announcements)

    • Online covergae – 167 publications

Total: 693 publications & airings

Total media impressions: 25 107 415

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