Bankruptcy List Vehicles, Restaurant Equipment, Tools, Machinery & Coins January 12, 2014 at 1: 00 p m. Vehicles

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Bankruptcy List

Vehicles, Restaurant Equipment, Tools, Machinery & Coins

January 12, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.

1. 2006 Ford Focus with 119,781mi VIN: 1FAFP34N66W213592 Waiting on Title

2. 2007 Ford Escape with 110,799mi VIN: 1FMYU02Z47KB78975 With Title

3. 2010 Ford Escape with 71,503mi VIN: 1FMCU0C76AKB65725 Waiting on Title

4. 2005 Ford Focus with 229,858mi VIN: 3FAFP31N45R127980 With Title

5. 1990 Chevrolet Suburban with 170,422mi VIN: 1GNER16K1LF118965 With Title

6. 2006 Ford E350 Van with 64,427mi VIN: 1FBNE31L16DA99404 With Title

7. 1995 Wells Cargo Trailer VIN: 1WC200D10S2027764 With Title

8. 2009 Infiniti G37S with 67,425mi VIN: JNKCV61E19M303353 Waiting on Title

9. 2009 Ford Escape with 156,569mi VIN: 1FMCU03G09KA29442 Waiting on Title

10. 2010 Mercedes GLK3 with 35,000mi VIN: WDCGG8HB1AF472165 With Title

11. 2005 Mercedes E320 with 130,000mi VIN: WDBUF65JX5A621640 With Title

12. 2005 Georgie Boy Maverick E-450 Super Duty with 84,000 miles With Title
Machinery, Generators & Tools:

B-1 2008 Caterpillar Mod. No. C6.6 VIN: CAT00C66VN6000470, Frame: LC3024H,

SN: F3A02681, 200KW 3 Phase Generator 208/120volts with 319hrs

B-2 2008 Ameritrail GN24-202 Gooseneck Trailer Dual Axle & Dual Wheels GVWR 24,000lbs VIN: 17YGN24278B038648

B-3 2006 Caterpillar Olympian Model No. D200P3 VIN: OLY00000JNN502138,

SN: 193887/04, 200KW 3 Phase Generator 208/120volts with 315hrs

B-4 2008 Ameritrail GN24-202 Gooseneck Trailer Dual Axle & Dual Wheels GVWR 24,000lbs VIN: 17YGN24228B038654

B-5 6ft 22 Drawer Craftsman Rolling Toolbox

B-6 Miller 300 AC/DC Welder with Miller HF-251D High Frequency Arc Starter with Foot Controls

B-7 Spraytech Apex Series No. 2 Airless Paint Sprayer

B-8 Baldor Buffer Mo. 410B with Stand

B-9 5’6 Craftsman Double Door Metal Cabinet

B-10 3pc Metal Storage Cabinet with Double Nut & Bolt Bins

B-11 2pc X-acto knife set

B-12 2pc 24 Drawer Craftsman Rolling Toolbox

B-13 Lathe Chucks, Vises, Collets & Work Table

B-14 6x4ft Steel Storage Cabinet

B-15 6x3ftSteel Storage Cabinet

B-16 8” Palmgren Bench Grinder

B-17 Work Bench with 5” Vise

B-18 Work Table

B-19 Milling Machine Bits

B-20 Work Bench with 5” Vise

B-21 Die Hard Battery Charger

B-22 Birmingham Band Saw

B-23 Craftsman Professional 12 Drawer Tool Box

B-24 2 Pedestals

B-25 Work Bench with 5” Vise

B-26 96 Drawer Parts Bins with MachineTooling

B-27 Webber BBQ Grill

B-28 Stage Ape Fogger

B-29 Baldor Buffer

B-30 Jet Drill Press

B-31 Baldor Buffer

B-32 Set of 4 Mercedes Wheels and Tires

B-33 Wilton 2” Belt Sander

B-34 Misc. Motorcycle Gear & Equipment

B-35 35 Griot’s Micro Fiber Wash Pads

B-36 30 Gallons of Griot’s Car Care Cleaners

B-37 24 Spray Bottles of Griot’s Car Care Cleaners

B-38 6 Lexol Spray Bottles, Detailer’s Handbooks, 6 Gal. Plastic Containers

B-39 Micro Fiber Cloths & Towels

B-40 Water Hoses, Scrub Brushes & Spray Heads

B-41 Polishing Bonnets & Cloths

B-42 Griot’s Car Care Caring Bags

B-43 25 Gallons of Griot’s Car Care Cleaners

B-44 Polishing Cloths, Brushes & Metal Polishes

B-45 95 Bottles of Cleaners Polishes

B-46 10 Cases of Griot’s Machine Wax Kits

B-47 2 Door Metal Storage Cabinet

B-48 2 Drawer File Cabinet

B-49 Craftsman Professional 12 Drawer Rolling Toolbox

B-50 Baldor Buffer

B-51 Craftsman 2 Door Storage Cabinet

B-52 4 Wilson roll Around Carts

B-53 5 Roll Around Work Stools

B-54 6x4ft Steel Storage Cabinet

B-55 6x4ft Steel Storage Cabinet

B-56 3x3ft Steel Storage Cabinet

B-57 Wilton 2” Belt Sander

B-58 Geneva Toolbox

B-59 craftsman 16” Scroll Saw

B-60 Kobalt 7 Drawer Bottom Toolbox

B-61 Baldor Buffer

B-62 Craftsman Professional Metal Storage Cabinet

B-63 Birmingham Band Saw

B-64 Workmate 2 Portable Work Table

B-65 Dayton Machinist Vise

B-66 Scissors & Nippers

B-67 Pliers

B-68 Hacksaw, Files, Punches & Drill Bits

B-69 Screw & Nut Drivers

B-70 Combination Wrenches

B-71 Conair Steamer

B-72 Griot’s Vacuum Cleaners

B-73 Griot’s Wash Buckets

B-74 Griot’s Orbital Polishers

B-75 Allen Wrench Sets

B-76 Sanding Drums & Mandrill

B-77 Hand Painted Welding Helmet

B-78 Clamps

B-79 Nut & Bolt Bins

B-80 Rolls Royce Car Care Kit

B-81 Craftsman 154pc Tool Kit

B-82 Dremel Tool & Polishing Kit

B-83 Dewalt Angle Grinder

B-84 Wilton Hobby Vise

B-85 Milwaukee Heat Gun

B-86 Western Safety Rolling Knee Pad

B-87 Tap & Die Sets

B-88 Dumore Polishers

B-89 Acid Etch Kit

B-90 Dewalt Drill & Charger

B-91 Misc. Automotive Equipment

B-92 Files, Drill Bits & Punches

B-93 Die Grinders

B-94 Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers

B-95 Pliers

B-96 Rulers, Levels & Squares

B-97 Combination Wrenches

B-98 Allen Wrenches

B-99 Pliers & Adjustable Wrenches

B-100 Clamps

B-101 Hammers

B-102 Brown Auto Museum Neon Sign

B-103 Lincoln Vertical Mill

B-104 DSL 1340GH Lathe

B-105 Famot TUM-35D1Lathe

B-106 Sand Blaster Cabinet

B-107 Hammond Dust Collector

B-108 Lincoln BPV-3949 Mill

B-109 Tool & Cutter Grinder Model No. BM-450A

B-110 Sanborn 3.5HP Compressor

B-111 Lincoln 7x12 Metal Cutting Band Saw

B-112 Rack with Stainless Steel Bars & Tubing
Restaurant Equipment

R-1 True Double Door Freezer Mo. T-49F

R-2 Manitowoc Ice Machine Mo. B400

R-3 Haier Mini Fridge

R-4 GE Wine Cooler

R-5 CrathCo Margarita Machine

R-6 Roll Around Cart

R-7 Manitowoc Ice Machine

R-8 15 48x72” Stainless Steel Racks

R-9 True Single Door Freezer

R-10 Manitowoc Ice Machine

R-11 True 2 Door Refrigerator

R-12 Rubbermaid Food Transport Bags

R-13 Taylor Slushy Machine

R-14 Juice Dispenser with Extra Tanks

1. 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin

2. Box of 50pc AU Morgan Silver Dollars each in case

3. U.S. Type Book 75pcs 1800 Draped Bust – 2001 Silver American Eagle, Classic Head Half Cents, Draped Bust Large Cents, Flying Eagle Small Cents, Indian Head Cents, 2 Cent Piece, 3 Cent Pieces, Wheat Cents, Half Dimes, Shield Nickels, Buffalo Dimes, Capped Bust Dimes, Mercury Dimes, 20 Piece, Liberty Seated Quarters, Half Dollars, Commemorative Half Dollars, Trade Dollars, Liberty Seated Dollar, Bicentennial ½ Dollars, Dollar, Modern Coinage

4. Box of 3pc Australian First Strike Gold Coins 2008 NGC 1/10 oz. Gold $15 Dolphin, 2008 1/25 oz. $5 Gold & 2008 ½ oz. Gold $50

5. 1861-O NGC SS Republic Half Dollar w/ case & book

6. 1934 $500 Note

7. 1934 $500 Note

8. 1881-S NGC MS-66 Silver Dollar

9. 1883-CC NGC MS-64 Silver Dollar

10. 1884-O NGC MS-66 Silver Dollar

11. 1899 NGC MS-64 Silver Dollar

12. 1903-O NGC MS-64 Silver Dollar

13. 1934-D NGC MS-64 Walking Half Dollar

14. 1935-D NGC MS-63 Walking Half Dollar

15. 8pc 5 oz. Silver Assorted American the Beautiful Medallions (40 oz. Silver)

16. 100pc Assorted Peace and Morgan Silver Dollars

17. 100pc Assorted Peace and Morgan Silver Dollars

18. 1934 $1,000 Note

19. 1922 Large $50 Gold Note G-V6

20. 1881-CC PCGS MS-66 Silver Dollar

21. 1908 PCGS MS-67 $20 Gold Coin

22. 1893 PCGS MS-61 $10 Gold Coin

23. 1888-S PCGS AU-53 $10 Gold Coin

24. 1910-D PCGS MS-62 $10 Indian Gold

25. 1910-S NGC AU-53 $20 Gold

26. 1915 PCGS AU-58 $20 Gold

27. 1904 PCGS MS-63 $20 Gold Coin

28. 1874-S PCGS AU-55 $20 Gold Coin

29. 1908 PCGS MS-66 $20 Gold Coin

30. 1878-CC NGC MS-63 GSA Silver Dollar

31. 1882-CC NGC MS-63 GSA Silver Dollar

32. 1882-CC NGC MS-63 GSA Silver Dollar

33. 1883-CC GSA Silver Dollar

34. 1883-CC GSA Silver Dollar

35. 1884-CC GSA Silver Dollar

36. 1884-CC GSA Silver Dollar

37. 2014 1 kilo (2.5 lbs) of Silver “Year of Horse” Medallion

38. 1598-1621 8 Silver Reales Shipwreck Coin “Nuestra Senora De Atocha” in Custom Sterling Silver & 14kt Gold Mounting w/ Certificate

39. Sheet of 30pc 2014 Silver 10z each Panda Coins

40. 5pc Silver Reales of “The Princess Louisa” Shipwreck Coins in Plaque – 8 Reales, 4 Reales, 2 Reales, 1 Real and ½ Real

41. Box of 27pc 1oz. Silver MS-69 Eagles

42. 2 Rolls of Early BU Morgan Silver Dollars 20pc – 1904-O & 20pc 1881-S

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