Bank Details and Notes for making usd remittance

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Bank Details and Notes for making USD remittance


Pay to (Intermediary Bank) JP Morgan (New York) Swift Address: CHASUS33

Account No: 927642470

For credit to (Beneficiary bank) Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd, Mumbai

Swift Address: ANZBINBX

Beneficiary Company Name and Account Number   : Wan Hai Lines India Pvt. Ltd.  ,

Account No. 804443USD00001

Beneficiary Address: A-102 & 103, The Qube, Near To International Airport, Marol Village, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 059.



1) Request you to please make the Remittance directly to the above Bank. Once your good side makes the remittance please inform us total USD remitted and related BL Nos. to below mentioned e-mails of our Finance on same day.

2) Payer Party = (payer party is actual payer whose bank account is used to make the payment, enable our Taipei office to track the transaction on the bank station system)

3) Our Finance dept will check and get the confirmation of the receipt of total USD

4) Once the confirmation is received it will be tallied with the Actual invoiced amount in our system.

5) Any short credits to this account have to be paid by shipper locally before BL release.

6) Other local charges like THC / Doc Charges / Container line detention locally settled.

7) IMPORTANT : charges involved transferring the funds with your Bankers and your good company will pay your Banker’s counterpart, those during applying for the overseas remittance kindly take care of this issue.

8) IMPORTANT : Any mismatch in the beneficiary bank details will attract bank charges will be deducted from the remittance based on actual.

So that net transfer to our BANK will be equal to our Debit Note amount of USD.

Finance e-mail contact details






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