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YUPPICIDE – “Revenge Regret Repeat”

Artist: Yuppicide

Title: Revenge Regret Repeat

Release Date: December 4, 2015

Record Label: Dead City

Catalog Number: Dead City 022

Formats: Compact Disc, Vinyl LP, Digital Download

The three core members of Yuppicide: Joe Keefe (bass), Steve Karp (guitar), and Jesse Jones (vocals) met while attending school in Brooklyn, NY. In 1988, Yuppicide came together and quickly recorded a nine-song demo tape and began gigging in venues like CBGB's, Abc-No-Rio, along with basements, backyards, squats, living rooms- anywhere and everywhere that they could play.

In 1990 they recorded a 7" EP with world-famous Don Fury; initially released on 'Evac Records,’ the band soon forged an alliance with New York's 'Wreck-Age Records', who repressed and re-released the 7", making it available to eager hardcore punk fans the world over.

The band then went on to release 3 full length records on Wreck-Age: "Fear Love" (1991), "Shinebox" (1993) and "Dead Man Walking" (1995). Through the years they also released a few 7” EPs, a live LP and appeared on numerous punk/hardcore compilations- even a bootlegged “Yuppicide Demo’s” LP.

In 2010 Yuppicide collaborated with Dead City Records to release a double CD titled “Anthology ’88 – ‘98” containing all previously recorded studio songs. The 3 full length LPs were also re-released on vinyl at the same time with brand new artwork by the band. The band then hit the road with the permanent addition of Jay Rogan as their drummer. In 2012 Dead City then went on to release Yuppicide’s first studio recordings in 14 years titled the 'American Oblivion' EP. This critically acclaimed EP and their aggressive music brought them once again to the forefront of the hardcore punk scene.

Throughout all these releases Yuppicide has carved out a niche all their own, with song writing combining the raw immediacy of punkrock with the power of hardcore, but in a style that was solely Yuppicide.

REVENGE REGRET REPEAT” Release Information:

Revenge Regret Repeat is Yuppicide's first full-length since 1995's 'Deadman Walking'. Their new album is a logical extension and progression of 2012's "American Oblivion" EP and finds the band firing on all cylinders, musically and lyrically raging at the world around them, pulling no punches. Recorded by NYHC fixture Glen Lorieo, the album features 11 furious blasts of hardcore punk rock played in their own distinctive style. Trends come and go but the band once again sticks to their musical roots of "loud, hard, fast"; their words are biting, intelligent and humorous.

This album sets the standard for bringing together an emotionally charged blend of blistering hardcore punk and intense metal that appeals to a wide array of Punk, Metal, Oi and hardcore fans. Dead City is proud to present this new material by one of New York’s greatest bands!
Track Listing:

1. Spread The Infection
2. Sabotage
3. You’re Gonna Get It
4. Hurts To Know
5. Bad Blood
6. Political Game
7. Obsolete
8. Insolence
9. Ghosts
10. King Of The Dicks
11. Destroyer

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