Automatic lawnmower made by Husqvarna shines with basf’s darkgreen Luran® S

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Automatic lawnmower made by Husqvarna shines with BASF’s darkgreen Luran® S

The first automatic lawnmower made by the Swedish outdoor equipment manufacturer Husqvarna is designed for continuous operation. Once it has been programmed, the battery-powered Automower™ can mow lawns of up to 1800 square meters, needing about one hour for an area of 75 square meters. A housing made of Luran® S, a highly weather resistant material made by BASF on the basis of Acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer (ASA), protects the robotic garden helper against heat and rain.

Photo: Husqvarna, 2006

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