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Title: "The first step of study on propagation of Pseudotsuga brevifolia (Pseudotsuga brevifolia WC Cheng & LKFu, 1975) by the method of cutting propagation at the University of Agriculture and Forestry, Thai Nguyen".

- Code number: SV2014 – 01

- Author: Hoang Van Dien

- Tell: 0984.082.113

- Email:

- Name of address of instituation: Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

- Durration: From 15/02/2014 to 15/03/2015.

1. Objective

- To identify the factors affecting rooting ability of cuttings Pseudotsuga brevifolia.

- To Identify some scientific base of propagation methods, contribute to the conservation of Pseudotsuga brevifolia.

2. Main Content

- Monitoring, collecting the rate of suvival cuttings periodically the day of 60th and 180th in the experimental formula.

- Research rooting percentage of Pseudotsuga brevifolia cuttings at the end of each period of medicines testing.

- Identify the most suitable concentration, medicines that affect to the formation of plant cuttings.

- Evaluate the effectiveness of the medicines to plant cutting propagation of Pseudotsuga brevifolia.

3. Results obtained

- The growth rate or root stimulant medication such as NAA, IBA and IAA, had affected the rooting ability of Pseudotsuga brevifolia. The experimental with medicines stimulates root IAA at concentration of 500 ppm showed more affected roots, longer roots, and heighter compare to the NAA and IBA test.

- At the concentrations of 500 ppm in the 3 medicines (α- NAA, IAA, IBA), the survival rate, rooting percentage of IAA was highest.

Survival rate at 500 ppm of concentration: α- NAA is: 12.38%, IBA is 10.48%, IAA is: 21.90%.

Rooting percentage at 500ppm of concentration: α- NAA is: 2.85%, IBA is: 1.90%, IAA is 3.80%.

IAA medicines dominant affected over α- NAA, IBA in the ability of formulation of Pseudotsuga brevifolia.

All three experiments gave better results than the cuttings which were without medicines

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