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Jericho conducts internal studies on an at least annual basis of the Voc/Ed Program. Data enables us to track successful services and build on these successes, as well as make necessary changes when program elements are ineffective. We are pleased to share with the Clear Fund the following data from our most recently completed fiscal year, (unless otherwise noted).

  • Over 70% of residents were engaged in vocational and educational activities

  • 99% of job placements were in competitive jobs on the open market

  • The average starting salary was $10.34 per hour.

  • 68% of placements were full-time

  • More than 90% of our residents were on Public Assistance before securing a job.

  • Job retention rates for residents placed in jobs over the past two years were 87% for three months, 76% for six months, and 56% for one year.

In addition, several years ago, Jericho participated in an external nationwide study conducted by the Corporation for Supportive Housing. “The Next Step: Jobs” initiative analyzed the impact of on-site vocational services on the income levels of supportive housing residents. Jericho’s Vocational and Educational Program was found to be highly effective, with a correlation between resident incomes and the Voc/Ed services they were receiving. I have included a link to publications related to the initiative:

We are also sharing anecdotal outcomes, which provide a more detailed account of the lives of Jericho’s residents. The stories we have chosen provide a snapshot of how our residents achieve success.

Yolanda S. had struggled with drug addiction for over 25 years. She started with marijuana and alcohol when she was just 13 years old. By her 18th birthday, Yolanda had graduated to IV drug use. Over the years, Yolanda completed a number of detox programs, which were followed by long periods of sobriety. But something always seemed to trigger a relapse. Finally in 2001, Yolanda entered The Partnership Program, a drug treatment program. While at the Partnership, Yolanda identified many of the triggers that had precipitated previous relapses. Once she had successfully completed her drug treatment, Yolanda was referred to the Jericho Project. She arrived at Jericho motivated and ready to turn her life around. She enrolled in a Columbia University Pre-GED Program. She worked closely with our Voc/Ed department, which assisted Yolanda in securing a full-time job with a major Midtown law firm. In fact, Yolanda has been employed at the law firm for almost five years, where she has received several promotions. In addition to all the wonderful professional goals that Yolanda has achieved, she has also reunited with her son who visits her regularly.
Anthony R. had used drugs for a number of years, but was able to routinely go about his life. At some point the drugs began to take over his life. Anthony lost his job and apartment. Once homeless, he hit rock bottom. He began to look for a way out of his addiction, first going through a drug treatment program and then coming to Jericho in 1994. Once at Jericho, Anthony availed himself of the many programs and services that we offer. While at Jericho he earned his BA from the College of New Rochelle and completed training and course work toward his CASAC. Anthony also worked full-time driving for a commercial van service. Anthony graduated from Jericho and moved into his own apartment. Since graduating, Anthony has purchased a home and got married. He recently said how much he is enjoying his new life. Anthony is a wonderful example of the end-result that is being achieved by so many Jericho’s residents.

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